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Wildfire Worlds
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Apr 26, 2013 @ 11:57am
Oct 2, 2013 @ 10:41am
Release date: Late 2013 - Early 2014

Did you watch the London riots on the TV, and think “I want to play that” ?

If so, then Wildfire is just the thing for you!

Play The Alpha Now!
Wildfire is still under development, at an early alpha stage. If you want to check out our current alpha - On PC & Mac ( Linux on the way! ) - pop over to and grab a Pre Order. This will also gain access to our development Forum and include a Steam key if we make it to the Steam Store.


Watch our cute paper toy society go about its daily business... then chuck a large spanner in there and cause chaos. We’ll give you a near endless supply of angry disgruntled lunatics and you can have a go at bringing down the status quo. Inspire/infect the population with your riotous ideas and keep the revolution going!


Controlling your little lunatics couldn't be simpler. Simply select and move using your mouse. Touch other people to infect them. Heavy strategy and tactics are not the name of the game. Juvenile fun and gratuitous destruction are.

We want our little town environment to be like a little pet, that you can poke, torment and laugh at. Our thoughts are not with making dozens of increasingly difficult levels. But making few environments that are as deep, dynamic and reactive as possible. On the surface, it may look very simple. But we have implemented overlaying systems that affect each other, with many more to come. Here we’ll outline some of the systems in the current Alpha build, with some ideas of what’s to come:-
  • Runs Like Clockwork
    Wildfire Alpha comes with a ready made slice of paper-craft London, ready for you to torment. Population 1100. All working to your typical London sheep-like rhythm. Everybody wake up at the morning. Rush hour. Work. Lunch. Work. Home. Perfectly ripe for some disruptive influences!

  • Light and Dark
    The world features a day night cycle. The populous – including your mob - are affected by the light conditions. People are frightened by the dark making them more erratic and easier to catch. The flipside being your lunatics love the darkness! Street lights keep the place well illuminated at night, but there’s nothing stopping you from kicking them down freaking out the locals.

  • Electricity
    The city has a power station which feeds into sub-stations. Each sub-station feeds a district with power, keeping the streetlights and building lights alive – which in turn keep the people happy and sane. Take out the sub-station and the district will lose it’s power. Take out the main power station and the whole city loses power. Electricity will feed into mechanics we may add in the future. For example, an area protected by an electric fence needs the power to be cut off.

  • The Police
    Your nemesis. The riot ruin-ers. The Police force. These guys come in various flavours and are deployed from the Police station depending on the situation – or sometimes from a magical Police phonebox. When all is peaceful, you get some regular police on patrol. These guys will beat you over the head with a stick but that’s about it. A little bit of trouble and you can expect a police van to come screeching into view. If your mob becomes large expect lunatic armed police. These guys come down hard... Ammunition and explosives are involved! So, taking down the station before your hoard becomes huge is key to no being blown to smithereens. We’re planning a whole range of armed coppers in the very near future. CCTV cameras improve police efficiency so kick them down whenever you see one.

  • Engineers
    These guys are spawned from the Power station. They potter about fixing up any damage you’ve caused. Put streetlights back up. Rebuild buildings. Especially police stations! They are very inconspicuous so you have to keep your eyes open for their orange jump suits and shifty walk. If they don’t have much else to do, they’ll chop down trees and replace them with CCTV cameras. It’s difficult getting a proper riot going with these fools undoing all your glorious damage.

  • Fire & the Fire Service
    As it currently stands, fire is an element you can play with. You can earn fuel by causing damage and then use this fuel to lay down some flames. The environment reacts to fire as you would expect form a paper craft world. Buildings and trees will burn if too close to flames. People will keep away. Burning people will run screaming into water fountains! We hope to integrate fire a bit more in the coming weeks. The plan is to have it occur naturally, for example a car steers of the road, hits a building and explodes, setting the building alight.

    Then there’s the Fire service. These guys have only just gone into the build. They are rather efficient right now! Any sniff of a fire and they are in their truck and extinguishing all your fun in no time at all!

  • Communications
    The people of Wildfire World love their mobile phones. They will cal in crimes and other emergencies. Police communicate via radios. It’s wireless heaven. We also have a coms tower, which will silence the airwaves. This makes response times slower for the services such as fire and police. Communications is an area that needs some expanding. It has some potential we think.

  • Gridlock
    The cutest little road system you’ll ever see. Cars, buses, taxis and Minis. London through and through. With working traffic lights and crossings. It’s a little quirky at times. Sometimes it breaks... just like the real thing. We’re planning on expanding on the vehicles. Having a full range of cars, trucks and buses... and if I have my way, an Ice Cream van.

  • Nature Returns
    And when stuff has been smashed to bits, then what? Nature reclaims the remains. Vines bring down the largest ruins in a few days, with nothing left but a few bits of cardboard. Creatures populate the area. It’s a beautiful thing! There has been much discussion as to where we take the environment from this point. Allowing the city to grow back again is something we’re really keen on!


That’s why we've submitted to Greenlight. We want to hear what the gaming community think of Wildfire. The topic. The art style. The gameplay. We're all ears! We hope to get the game Greenlit and accepted into the Steam Early Access program.

What matters to us most is making something people will enjoy. Steam is the place where games people hang. So, here we are. :)
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