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[ENGLISH] Map Based Guide: How/Where to get Key Items and Loot
By Gyatt4Nerizzler
An English guide on where to all chests, key items, and map levers are located to help YOU with the backtracking in games like these!
About Me + Guide Details
(This guide is no longer updated)

As with all guides, you the player would most likely want to know who is making the guide to assure yourself that you're following a quality guide! As such, I am a no life dirt eater who has a maxxed out character and also has made a second save playthrough file for this game during the making of this guide. This guide is a simple map based guide to help you find key items, chests or rooms you may have missed and don't want to spend time on backtracking.

I do plan on playing this game when its updates come in, and will consider updating this guide when they come out. If you find anything that I have missed you are free to tell me about it or make a guide on it yourself I do not mind either.

[CTRL + F] is your friend in any guide you read!

Final Area has been added:

This is currently a general guide and not a completionist guide. I will need to fact check the guide with the new update but that'll come at a later date. These maps do not complete the exploration achievement, I may scrounge around the maps to find hidden rooms eventually.
Area 1: Brocleyshire

C = [Chest] Loot
R = [Rift]
C1 = [Chest] Stone Tablet: Spiral
C2 = [Chest] Holy Water

The positions of my markers are as close to where you can find the objects in the game as you can!
Area 2: Mid Mythrilia

/ = Blocked off!
C = [Chest] Loot
R = [Rift]
F = Farming Area
Crk = [Chest] Rusty Key

USK = Use Skeleton Key (acquired from C3)
Urk = Use Rusty Key
L1 = First Lever opening up First Blockade
L2 = Second Lever opening up Second Blockade

C1 = [Chest] Book of Runes
C2 = [Chest] Turtle Statue
C3 = [Chest] Skeleton Key
C4 = [Chest] Stone Plate: Rising
C5 = [Chest] Stone Plate: Overflow

The farming area in this zone should be enough until you get to one of the later rifts. This farming area has two shielded enemies that spawn which rewards decent amounts of gold. The map to the right contains a warpstone allowing you to warp right where you are, resetting the spawns. Next to the Warp Stone are statues that are guarenteed to contain a Full Heal for both Health and Mana.

If you're ever struggling with a boss, farm here and then buy some healing potions from Brocley or Wheatawn.
Area 3: Wesandyth Kingdom

/ = Blocked off
c = [Chest] Loot
R = [Rift]
L = Lever to remove certain Blockades
Kc = [Golden Key Chest] Loot
Self Drawn Box = Secret Room (Contains C1 for this area!)

C1 = Stone Plate: Aegis Fragment
C2 = Stone Plate: Assault
C3 = Ice Essence
C4 = Stone Plate: Aerial

AGFS = Axe/Gloves/Fish/Scale

If you have trouble reaching C4 [Stone Plate: Aerial]:

You will need to unlock the ability [Double Jump] and [Air Dodging]. [Double Jump] can be found within the Meditation pathway of the ability tree and [Air Dodging] within the Toughness pathway.

You then will need the Key Item [Stone Plate: Rising] to use the skill [Power Upper].

Go to the highest platform you can then use these actions in this order:

1. Jump
2. Double Jump
3. Power Upper
4. Air Dodging

That will give you enough height to reach the platform.
Area 4: Northern Border

/ = Blocked off!
C = [Chest] Loot
R = [Rift]

O's = Orbs (Same effect as a Lever)
O# opens the barricade that pertains to it's O#

C1 = Stone Plate: Mirage
C2 = Holy Statue
C3 = Flaming Stone

This area possesses one of the better rifts to farm. If you've ever done a rift, you will know that they are expensive, difficult and some of them are a massive net loss in profit. The rift in the bottom left corner is a very easy to access rift (costs 15,000 gold) and drops two very expensive items to make up for the gold cost, and even net gold gain in many runs. Rifts are also great sources for Mana. You can also farm golden keys from rifts if you missed any Golden Key Chests.

Drops to look out for:

-Crystal Ball (sold for 20,000g)
-Gold Golbet (sold for 10,000g)
-Tier 4 Runes
-Golden Keys
-Crafting Mats

~Thanks goes to a fellow player for correcting one of the Rs in this map.
Area 5: Glizzian Area

\ = Blocked off
c = [Chest] Loot
R = Rift
Kc = [Golden Key Chest] Loot

C1 = Thunder Heart
C2 = Forbidden Rune Scroll
C3 = Stone Plate: Tornado
C4 = Magical Flame

The upper left Rift of this map will allow you to fight the boss [Master Shroom]. Upon winning, you will recieve a chest that drops very valuable items. The center head of [Master Shroom] will sometimes summon a very tall red mushroom [Spikey Shroom] into the the battle that can drop [Black Iron Armor] which when enhanced can sometimes produce tier 5 runes that can be disposed of to collect the runes... sometimes...!

Drops to look out for from the chest:

-Tier 5 Runes!!!!!
-Silver Moon w/random base damage stats (might roll higher than the shops' 200 damage silver moon... or lower....!)
-The Ring (Sells for 50,000g)
-Crystal Ball (Sells for 20,00g)
-Crafting mats
Area 6: The Void

\ = Blocked off
c = [Chest] Loot
K = [Golden Key Chest] Loot

C1 = Philosopher's Stone
C2 = Stone Plate: Strength
FIN = Final Boss

/ Key = Requires keys from bosses in other maps to unlock

King of flames: Throneroom - run east of the waypoint and talk to the little brat standing there.

Lord of judgement: Seudor's Church - run west 2 screens and keep running til you find the brat.

Frozen queen: Bluereel village - run east 2 screens and keep running til you find the last brat.

Alters Ending.
Thank You!
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spyke624 Jan 23, 2023 @ 1:51pm 
I found a rift in the Wesandyth Kingdom 2 rooms above the C1 chest where you have C.
Lord Killian Warstand Nov 18, 2022 @ 10:13pm 
i'm trying to find the mirage skill
Kyata Aug 8, 2021 @ 8:05pm 
OK I have a another farming area in Mid Mythrilla.

Its the area beside C2.

The man may be a little less but the time you finish the mob is faster and they respawn consistently than the one suggested. I find that those battle that blocks you from escaping don't always respawn so I suggest the other farming area.
Mamiko Mar 6, 2021 @ 8:23pm 
HEXALA May 14, 2019 @ 7:29am 
There is also a chest in Mid Mythrillia to the west of the witches house near the beginning of the area
Silk Mar 10, 2019 @ 3:05am 
Hello, I found a hidden room that do not appear on your map in the nothern border.
Here is a screenshot
Inside is a golden chest
Unstopable40 Nov 28, 2018 @ 3:06am 
sdshadow Nov 24, 2018 @ 6:18am 
You need a key to open the JK gate. You will find it later at a chest. The one with "jump kick it" is only a troll post.
jaredxiii Nov 21, 2018 @ 7:43am 
I don't get the JK gate in the Void. I read the other comment that you need to jump kick it, but that is not working for me, it just constantly says "the door is locked". Help?
CortiWins Nov 7, 2018 @ 2:03pm 
Pretty helpful. Thanks for writing this guide!