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Rogue Legacy
Apr 16, 2013 @ 10:34am
Jan 26, 2016 @ 7:48pm

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Rogue Legacy Release Date June 27th
Release date: June 27, 2013
Do you like games? We make games! Match made in heaven!

Why not check out Rogue Legacy? We're a (very) small team that's been working on this game for the last year and a half.

Here's what Rogue Legacy IS:

  • A procedurally generated adventure. Explore new castles with every life.
  • Rogue-lite. Your character dies, but with each passing your lineage grows and becomes stronger.
  • Tons of unique traits that makes each playthrough special. Ever wanted to be dyslexic? Now you can!
  • More than 8 classes to choose from (9)! Each class has unique abilities that change the way you play the game.
  • Over 60 different enemies to test your skills against. Hope you like palette-swaps!
  • Massive, expandable skill tree. Rack in the loot to upgrade your manor and give your successors a cutting edge.
  • Oh yeah, there's a Blacksmith and an Enchantress shop but we forgot to show them in the trailer...
  • Equip your heroes with powerful weaponry and armor. Or gain new abilities like flight, dash, and air jumping.
  • Tons of secrets and easter eggs to uncover... or are there? Yes there are.
  • Got a controller? Play with a controller. Big Picture ready.
  • No waiting time. The game is virtually done, so we'll get it out as soon as it's Greenlit.
  • Clowns.

Here's what Rogue Legacy ISN'T:
  • Hitler

Please help us get this out there with a vote on Greenlight!
Or Hitler wins.


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хорошее обновления много чего интересного!
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super jeu:steamhappy:
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nice job man
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Nice game!
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best game ever!!
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great game!
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epic game !!!
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Great Game