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Patoken Locations [Cleanup Process]
By Jesusxd96
This is the perfect guide for any Pato Box enthusiast who wants to find every Patoken in the game.

In this first level of the game we have the easiest Patokens to find in the game.

1.- The first one is just behind the pillar of the receptionist's counter. You can't miss it.

Upon entering the restaurant, you can get the next 2 patokens:

2.- Go to the rooms in the left to reach the restrooms, it's in the woman's one.

3.- The third one is to the room in the right of the restaurant
In the kitchen, just entering there are some open refrigerators, it's next to them.

4.- Next to the elevator there is a door without the "Flock off, We're closed" sign.
To enter you're going to need a password that you find in the men's restroom which is the following:


Opening the door will grant you an Achivement!

5.- In the archives when you reach the 3 security cameras in the center of the room
It's going to be betwen some shelfs and in front of the middle camera.

1.- Punch 6 rats to get them trapped.
After talking with Vorutki, go right and turn left to a destructible barricade.

You're going to see two blackboards, one in which there is a Math ecuation:

  • Rat 1: Front of the black boards
  • Rat 2: After activating the first 2 switches, this rat is gonna be in the room with all the deadly neurotoxin that was just removed, behind some mini barricade.
  • Rat 3: Go to the left and then right into a little room with a toxin switch, you can't miss it.

  • Rat 4: In the room with all the wheelchairs.
  • Rat 5: Continue through the right path until reaching a new switch, the rat is behind a some water coming out of a Pipe.
  • Rat 6: Go all the way left in the second intersection until reaching a toilet, it will be ontop of it.

Now go back to the room where the first rat was and collect your Prize!

2.- From where you first talked with Vorutki, go left until you reach another barricade.

Inside there are going to be some ducks with axes in their heads, interact with them in the correct order to get the Token!

I don't know if the order is fixed or randomized for each player, but for me, it was:

4 1 3 2

3.- Once you reach the next toxin blockache, go right
Go right and then left into a little room full of wheelchairs, just make your way to the token by punching them away!

3.- In the second part, covered by a little mini barricade
In the room to the left where there is a switch.


5.- Behind last thingamajig/switch for the fog/deadly neurotoxin.
1.- Behind the elevator upon arriving to this floor.

2.- After entering to the casino, turn left to the slot machines
You have to punch the one without a chair and it will explode, letting reach the back of the machines and grab the Token!

Thanks to "the clusman" for the location this one!

3.- Punch the four duck statues in the second part of the casino in order:

1 3
4 2


3 4
1 2

4.- Find 3 stacks of dices and roll a six on all three at the top of the stacks.
There are 2 stacks in the first area:

After that there is one last stack close to the duck statues from last Patoken:

5.- In the concert chairs

1.- It's in the first room, the Autopsy Room, it's behind some capsules with modified ducks in them!

2.- In the Genetics Room, just entering and there are 2 rooms, one to the right and one to the left, go right.
Behind three things there is a Patoken

3.- On the Robotics Room, in front of you there are some things. Touch them to start a memory mini game to get the token. The minigame itself is quite easy :)

4.- Physics Lab Room, behind a board with Kilpatrick in it.

5.- After exiting the main lab through the Exit door, turn right and continue along the "Science Fair Sort of" lobby until reaching the stairs. Go down and there it is on next to the staircase.

I don't have to come back here again :')
I really hate THAT!
Food Factory
1.- Follow the conveyor belt until reaching a triturator
Jump to the transporter belt below and turn 180 degrees to see the token.

2.- Continue following the new Conveyor belt until reaching yet another dead end

When you do reach the new end of the belt, the only thing you can do is jump to the next one below. BUT there is a Token in this other belt.

My Advice, before jumping, try to land on the thing that pushes you off the belts, and then reach for the token.

3.- Continue along the belts until reaching 2 overlaping ones
Then go to... that one, yeah, that one...

4.- More Saws!

If you don't think you can handle the next part, just jump off and continue through the part without so many Saws.

5.- Room where Pizzinatra is.
Go to the left, it's in front of the exit door:

1.- After talking with Aruhitato, go left until you reach a pair of vending machines like in the pic

Interact with it until the Token comes out!

2.- In the storage room!
Simply make your way through the things laying around to reach the Token.

3.- In the woman's restroom

4.- Behind a destructible vending machine in an aisle where the men's restroom is.

5.- In the meeting room behind the door on the right

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Nils Aug 9, 2022 @ 12:48am 
During the sewers, with the ducks with axes in their heads. The right sequence will make a different sound when you hit them.
Find the first by hitting them until you get the sound, then guess the second. until you hit all 4 with the same sound.
Jesusxd96  [author] Apr 22, 2018 @ 11:19am 
Actually right now I forgot I had to start the laboratory so yeah... I knew of the memory game one, thanks anyway!
Von Apr 22, 2018 @ 10:57am 
Not a problem. Another one that I don't think you have is one in the laboratory. In one of the rooms in that maze area there are some electric pylon type things. You have to play a small little memory game and then one of the tokens will appear. Hope this helps.
Jesusxd96  [author] Apr 22, 2018 @ 10:51am 
Thank you, I will investigate right now and add the necessary screenshots :lev:
Von Apr 21, 2018 @ 8:42pm 
The last one in the casino is behind some of the slot machines. Some of them break when you roll. There's a row of them along one of the doors and one of them will explode upon use. I don't remember which one and I already have the token so I can't send a screenshot, but maybe you can find it and get some pictures with this knowledge.