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Kreedz Climbing Workshop Guide
By Raptor
This guide will attempt to help you understand the Workshop and how to contribute to it!
What is the Workshop?
Before you contribute to the workshop, please read the Workshop Rules here. This will make sure there's no misunderstandings later!

The Workshop is where players of Kreedz Climbing can share their custom-made content (currently levels) with others quickly and easily!

Subscribing to a Workshop item allows a user to always stay up to date with the latest version of the level, as well as contributing comments and votes to let a creator know how well their item is being received.

Creators have the ability to release updates whenever they want, as well as viewing detailed stats about their item!

Game servers can choose to play Workshop maps - if so, new players joining will download from the Workshop instead of the server, meaning FastDLs are no longer needed!

Please note the Workshop is in a very alpha state and issues are to be expected, as well changes to the various user interfaces. Please be patient with us, thank you!
How do I use the Workshop as a player?
The Workshop easy to use as a player! To download Workshop maps, please do the following:

  • Visit the Workshop portal from the Community Hub.
  • Find an item you like, and then choose Subscribe.
  • Allow Steam to download your desired items, then launch Kreedz Climbing.
  • The items can now be found in the map list under Create Server, or in the console map list. Workshop maps have a ".ugc[numbers]" extension, and will always be at the bottom of the list.

    The Create Server dialog is very out of date and it's improvement is a high priority for us. Please be patient!

You cannot currently manage your Workshop subscriptions from within the game. This is intended to be improved in the future. Additionally, you must restart Kreedz Climbing for your subscription changes to take effect.

You can join a server running a Workshop map without needing to subscribe! The map will be downloaded temporarily. A temporary download will not cause the item to become subscribed - you'll have to do that manually from the Workshop.

Can I record / play demos on Workshop maps?
You can! You must however be subscribed to the map for the demo to be playable.

If you receive a missing map error when playing the demo, note the numbers after the ".ugc" part - this is the Item ID number, which you can use to find the map on the workshop! The ID number is placed in the address bar in the workshop.

Please note that demos rely on maps not changing function correctly. We cannot guarantee that demos will still be playable if you update your Workshop map. Therefore, if you intend for other players to be able to record demos for your map, please mark your item as "final" and do not update it further.
How do I use Workshop maps on my server / dedicated server?
Maps downloaded due to a workshop subscription will show up on the server ending with .ugc, you can change to these maps as normal with the "map" or "changelevel" command.

Dedicated servers cannot have subscriptions however, and thus do things slightly differently:

Workshop maps are identified by their ID number (this number can be found at the top of a Workshop item's file page). You can add Workshop maps to your maplist in the following formats:

Assuming the ID number of the workshop item is 123456...






You must specify only one Workshop map per line, otherwise it won't work!

This also applies to the "map" and "changelevel" commands:

changelevel kz_a_workshop_map.ugc123456


changelevel 123456

The game will attempt to resolve pure numbers, or map names containing ".ugc" to workshop maps first. Therefore you should not create a map who's name is entirely numbers or contains ".ugc", or you may confuse the game!
How do I create a Workshop item?
To start, you need to download the Kreedz Climbing Development Tools from your Steam Tools page.

Please note that during the alpha period, these tools may not be available to all users. This is to test the Workshop under controlled conditions before a full release is made - please be patient! During this time, the interface for these tools is subject to change, and thus no screenshots are available at this time. It's hoped that the interface is simple enough to be used - please report any issues you encounter on the forums!

Once you have downloaded the tools, choose the Workshop option. The tool will display any items you have already created, allowing you to edit it, and also allows you to create a new one:

When creating an item, you need to do the following:

  • Give your item a title.
  • Select the .bsp file for your level. You can only upload .bsp files - please see the later sections for instructions on how to embed resources (such as models) into the level itself.
  • Select a preview image for your item.
  • Write a description for the item.
  • Select at least 1 tag.
  • You can also write a change reason for this upload, and this will be shown in the changelog on your item's Workshop page, but this is not required.

With this done, you can upload! Please note you only need to use the Workshop tool to change your item's .bsp file and tags - all other settings, including adding additional images, can be done from the Steam page.

Your item will initially be hidden. To make it visible, please do so from it's Steam page.

We strongly recommend you add the name of the .bsp file to either the title or the description - Otherwise users may have difficulty finding your item ingame!

How do I embed resources (materials, models, sounds) into my map?
You can only upload a .bsp file to the Workshop - this means that if you want to have custom content in your map that doesn't come with the game, you'll have to embed it.

It's intended for the Development Tools to provide it's own method of embedding resources, but until this is complete, you'll have to use alternative programs:


or BSPZip, which comes with Kreedz Climbing and can be found in the KreedzClimbing/bin folder. We strongly recommend using either of the above programs, however.
Thanks for reading!
As mentioned before, the Workshop is currently in a very alpha state. Your testing and use of it helps us make it better! Please remember to report any issues you have on the forums. Thank you!