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AVALANCHE ARISEN battle field retexture
By UpRisen
100% Retexture of FF7 battle fields.
This is the result of over 200 hours of editing.
Higher quality version available for 7th Heaven users can be found HERE []


I made a naming error for one of the files. in the \AVALANCHE ARISEN STEAM\Battle_Add folder rename the file oqah to oqag before running lgp_edit.

To install
  • 1. open the 7z file and place the folder inside on your desktop
    2. locate your battle.lgp in your ff7/data/battle folder and make a backup of it and store it somewhere safe.
    3. place your original battle.lgp inside the 0_LGP_Out folder. (its inside the folder you downloaded)
    ***3.5. the oqah file located in AVALANCHE ARISEN STEAM\Battle_Add is named incorrectly. Please rename that file to oqag before running the lgp_edit.
    4. run the lgp_edit batch file
    5. type a then hit enter and wait for the program to finish
    6. place the battle.lgp file inside the 0_LGP_Out folder and place it back in your ff7/data/battle folder
    7. launch game and get into an encounter to verify it works.
Thanks to:
Tsunamix for teaching me how to mod ff7
DLPB for his lgp_edit batch file
aali for the ulgp program
iDerek759 for quality assurance and beta testing
and everyone at the Qhimm community.
Some Extras
My mod is compatible with the ChaOS character mod by Kaldarasha (highly recommend these models on my fields) , The Reunion mod by DLPB (This is a must have to me) , New Threat by SegaChief (cant praise this one enough) , and any other non battle texture mod. Just install my mod last incase any of them made edits to a battle field.

ChaOS mod found here

the oqah file located in AVALANCHE ARISEN STEAM\Battle_Add is named incorrectly. Please rename that file to oqag before running the lgp_edit. If you already have ran the command just renam the file and put the battle.lgp file back in the 0_lgp_out folder and rerun the installation as above.
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UpRisen  [author] Aug 30 @ 5:44am 
Try it again and be extra sure to follow the steps as they are listed.Its possible you forgot to do a step, or accidently used the wrong folder, or maybe even forgot to add the modded file back to the right location. Another problem could be if you updated or verified your game after installing my mod as that would replace the modded files with the originals.
Adol Christin Aug 21 @ 7:50am 
I tried but battle screen still original. Where is the problem.
shao Jul 15 @ 12:05am 
poksurotta Jun 9 @ 8:41am 
This is a bit late to inform about this but i got it working properly just before i went to visit my relatives and i forgot to comment here but it's working after i just put it together
L@RKX May 11 @ 9:32am 
Ah ok, it's more complicated than i thought. x)
And when i said i rather your battle field, i just mean i took the example of the floor from the bombing mission (like the picture above) and yours is better because the other looks like the texture of the floor is too much bold.
UpRisen  [author] May 11 @ 5:06am 
There are a couple of fields in that pack that are better than mine like the beach, but really only because he fixed the issues with the texture clipping that i havent gotten around to yet. The problem is with the way the game puts the texture onto the field, i assumed that it used the edge of the texture so i made seemless textures based on that knowledge, but in realiaty the stages start reading the texture somewhere between 1-20 pixels away... yes 20 pixels is how far off the cosmo caynon world map battle fields are off in the base game even.
L@RKX May 11 @ 2:23am 
Even The CHaOS mod alone don't work (still black screen in world map and battle...etc) -___-. Never mind, i added your mod after the "Cloudy Strife Graphical Overhaul" mod , it's great. I rather like your battle fields than the other one. ^_^
UpRisen  [author] May 10 @ 4:04pm 
Our mods should work together as long as you add mine to his and overwrite any files before running ulgp. Id recommend just trying the process again, sometimes reforming the LGP causes problems
L@RKX May 10 @ 11:28am 
Thank you, it works. :D
But when i add the CHaOS mod AND your mod in the same folder, it doesn't work. I have a black screen (with the music still playing) when the battle is starting. :(
poksurotta May 4 @ 1:55pm 
does it say something when it is finished? it says "writing archive to 'C:Users and text wont change and i have yet to scrap the current one