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Grobda Remix fan translation
By woosk
Fan translation guide which briefly summarizes each character in the visual novel, with a longer summary of the plot and a description of all endings in the visual novel. Now includes files to convert the game to English subtitles.
This visual novel has beautiful and attractive artwork in CGs, cute and comical expressions on the character sprites and captivating songs with vocals, yet the game only has Chinese subtitles and Japanese voiced dialogue. This guide provides a translation of most parts of the story with some emphasis on the character backgrounds and the character relationships that develop over the course of this visual novel. Note that the sections on character backgrounds and routes in the game contain spoilers.
English subtitles
The XML files to convert the subtitles to English are now available at the following download location(s). Unpack and copy the files to the game's data folder. Refer to Rie's guide for instructions on copying the files across. The cutscenes and UI are untranslated for now.

Rie's guide

Site 1: XML files containing English subtitles at Dropbox (10 July 2020)

Site 2: XML files containing English subtitles at Sinical Network (10 July 2020)

Acknowledgements: Thank you very much to Rie for providing the XML files to convert the subtitles and help with the Japanese voiced dialogue. Thank you very much to André Iori Yagami, Daniel, Helena Souza, Matth, SinicalGeek, TheSpecter95 and Tiago Rocha for your invaluable help and advice with this project.
List of characters and their backgrounds

The male protagonist of this production as a wandering guitarist. From his mother's influence, he embarked on a wandering life to "search for the most beautiful melody". After that, he is invited to join "Halfmoon" and take the role as a guitarist.

Yuran University Literature department second year student, campus music band "Halfmoon" captain and lead singer. She excels in both her studies and sports, and is capable of playing various musical instruments as a talented young girl. Often regards Yuuko as her own younger sister and a competitor. She has been leading the music band and working very hard non-stop because of her desire to surpass Yuuko one day.

Yuran University music academy second year student and lead singer of a rock band "Silver Star". Gifted and full of energy, she can easily pass on her energy to people around her. She grew up with Roi during her childhood and loves to sing. Since then, she has become a reasonably famous celebrity idol.

Yuran University Law faculty third year student and former lead singer of "Halfmoon". With her quiet and cold exterior, she exudes strong enmity around her. During her initial meeting with Kotogo, she refers to his music as the "devil", and occasionally stops the band. What is hidden in Ran's past?

The daughter of a world famous musician, with a caring and gentle nature as a girl from a rich family. As her parents are frequently overseas, she has lived alone in Yuran for many years. She is very popular among her friends because of her character where she can't leave aside someone who needs help. It seems she is also not very good at rejecting other people?

Yuran University Law faculty third year student and "Halfmoon" drummer. One of two original founders during the early stages of the band. Although he is not the band captain, he still plays a role as the core of the band. As he maintains a rational personality, he has earned many people's trust in him and has also been recommended as the university student council vice-chairperson. He is also Ran's classmate.

Yuran University International Exchange department first year student and "Halfmoon" bass guitarist. Mischievous with a sense of humour and naturally cute features where anyone can easily get along with him, he is the music band's mood tuning center. He also seems to have special feelings towards Shizuki?

Yuran University music academy second year student as Yuuko's classmate and good friend. She is an old acquantaince of Rilin and when she saw Kotogo has encountered difficulties, she provides him with a lot of help.

Internationally reknowned musician and Shizuki's father. In his early years, he is a famous pianist whose fame stretches overseas. Later on, he received an invitation to join a symphony orchestra "Liu d' acre". After that, he is a conductor for "Liu d' acre" and travels worldwide to conduct performances ever since.

(Rilin Willhomines)
A mystery man at the beachside whom Kotogo happened to meet by chance. Despite his cold exterior, any signs of him as a person without feelings cannot be felt. What secrets are hidden in his past?

Credits: All pictures in this section are taken from the game's introduction page in website.
Common route (part 1)
On a rainy night, Kotogo is forced to take shelter at a house occupied by a girl named Shizuki Reihara. Seeing Kotogo with his guitar case, Shizuki took him in and Kotogo and Shizuki talk more about their backgrounds and love for music. Kotogo decides to excuse himself after the rain has stopped and spend the night outside.

The following day, Kotogo decides to seek temporary part-time work as a performer as he hasn't eaten for the past 2 days by declining Shizuki's offer to fix him a meal earlier. It was entirely in vain. He decides to be a busker and play his guitar at a park fountain. A girl Roi Aikawa takes notice of Kotogo's music abilities. She introduces herself as the lead singer of the band Halfmoon and offers to give Kotogo a treat as an apology for making fun of him. While having lunch with Roi, Roi makes a suggestion that Kotogo's music lacks a critical component in its soul and invites him to her band performance later that evening.

Kotogo spends the afternoon browsing through a music store catalog before attending Roi's band performance at a nightclub which also has the name of Halfmoon. There, Kotogo is introduced to Roi's band members Samon Igarashi as bass guitarist and Akira Suginami as drummer.

(Opening theme Shining Journey will be played)

After the band performance which is also attended by Shizuki, Roi makes an offer for Kotogo to join her band as it is in need of a guitarist. Kotogo replies that he will consider her offer. Kotogo goes back to the beachside to spend the night after seeing Shizuki home.

The next day, Kotogo goes to spend the morning browsing through the music store. After leaving the store, Kotogo encounters a girl who appears to be a celebrity with fans following her and calling her Shiratori-chan. When the girl saw that fans are taking notice of her with Kotogo, the girl grabs Kotogo's hand and runs away from them with Kotogo before parting ways with Kotogo without telling him her name. Kotogo tries to perform at a train station but is soon chased off by town authorities as busking is prohibited at that place. Left with no choice, Kotogo decides to go to the nightclub Halfmoon and ask to join the band.

Kotogo is asked to go to Yuran University campus grounds with Shizuki where Roi, Samon and Akira practice their rehearsals together. At the campus, Kotogo encounters a mysterious girl who warns him not to get too involved with the band Halfmoon. Back at the university club room, Roi offers to provide for Kotogo's meals and allow him to stay at the club room as the band's newest member in return for practising hard in his role as a guitarist.

Kotogo asks about the mysterious girl and learns that the girl is Ran Nanase who used to be Halfmoon's lead singer and was in a romantic relationship with the former main guitarist Leo. However, Leo has exceptional music abilities, and his parents sent him overseas to Boston for further music studies, and Leo had to break up with Ran. Hence, Ran blamed Roi for influencing Leo to pursue his dreams in music and breaking up with Ran. Kotogo, Roi and Samon practise intensively the next day.

The day after that, Kotogo is about to leave the studio to buy something to eat when Roi accidentally enters at the same time and hits Kotogo while opening the door, knocking Kotogo down. When Roi sees Kotogo sprawled on the floor at her feet underneath her skirt, and Kotogo starts to say he saw something white in his dazed state, Roi becomes furious and immediately steps hard on his face until Kotogo clarifies it was an accident. Roi takes Kotogo on a tour around the campus, and offers to buy refreshments for Kotogo. While Kotogo is waiting for Roi to return, Kotogo receives a verbal threat from an unknown man asking him to stay away from Roi. When Kotogo asks Roi about the mysterious person, Roi brushes it off as another obsessed fan and stalker. Kotogo goes to the shopping district to buy a music CD for Akira while Roi has to return for her lessons. Kotogo spends the rest of the evening practising at the club room until Roi and Samon have to leave and Kotogo spends the night inside the room.

The next day, Kotogo wakes up to find Shizuki inside the room saying the door was not locked. Kotogo asks Shizuki to bring him to the university library to help him borrow some reference books. Kotogo learns that Shizuki's father knew the principal of the university and hence Shizuki has free unlimited access to the library. Shizuki excuses herself after receiving a phone call from Akira.

Kotogo goes to the music CD shop to browse through available music records after notifying Roi of his whereabouts. This time, he finds a familiar CD album featuring Yuuko Shiratori as the singer of the album. Feeling curious, he asks the retail salesperson about the CD and finds out that Yuuko had personally approached their shop to carry her CD. Yuuko is also the lead singer of another pop band Silver Star. Kotogo decides to buy the CD and learn from Yuuko's songs. Upon leaving the store, Kotogo encounters Yuuko again. When Yuuko notices Kotogo is holding Yuuko's CD album, Yuuko snatches the CD from Kotogo and signs on it. When people around start to notice Kotogo with Yuuko again, Yuuko grabs Kotogo's hand and both of them run together to evade her fans.

As an apology for grabbing Kotogo and forcing him to run with her at their previous meeting, Yuuko offers to buy Kotogo lunch at a restaurant. The restaurant is the same place Roi introduced to Kotogo earlier. Kotogo asks about the seemingly coincidental encounter with Yuuko twice and Yuuko admits that her good friend Roi actually told her a lot about Kotogo's musical abilities and Yuuko wanted to meet Kotogo and hear him play the guitar. Hence, she waited for him outside the CD shop after Roi told her about Kotogo's whereabouts earlier. However, without a functioning guitar, Yuuko is disappointed that she cannot hear Kotogo play the guitar this time. Kotogo and Yuuko part ways afterwards. Back at the club room, Kotogo tells Roi about Yuuko, and Roi reveals that both Yuuko and Roi are close childhood friends. Roi also reveals that their band Halfmoon intends to perform in an upcoming cultural festival and debut contest.

The next day, Kotogo makes a trip to the university library to borrow some books. While taking a shortcut through a park, he comes across Ran being accosted by 3 unsavoury youths. Kotogo decides to intervene. With Ran's assistance, they manage to render all youths unconscious. Kotogo offers to accompany Ran back to her class. After travelling with Ran back to the university corridors, Ran thanked him softly before leaving him.

One morning at the club room, Kotogo, Roi and Samon notice the guitar strings are worn out and need replacements. Kotogo and Roi make a quick trip to the music store to buy several replacement strings. After replacing them, the music quality at the practice session noticeably improves. The group practise until the evening and leave Kotogo to spend the night alone at the club room. That night, Kotogo can hear piano music. Kotogo decides to investigate and finds...

(Insert song and theme Missing will be played)
Common route (part 2)
...Roi playing the piano by herself. Kotogo offers to play a piano tune since Roi has finished playing and is in no mood to play another tune. Roi is impressed and asks about the tune. Kotogo replies the tune is called Luna Rhapsody and is composed entirely by his mother. When Kotogo asks if Roi is troubled as she quietly slipped into the university after opening hours to play on the piano by herself, Roi becomes quiet and evasive. Kotogo has the choice on whether to leave Roi alone (留下她一个人先离开) or to ask her further(追问理由).

If Kotogo chooses to ask further, Kotogo will offer himself as being a good listener as a wandering street performer. After some consideration, Roi answers that she would slip in to play the piano whenever she felt troubled, she has no formal music training and she learned everything by herself. Kotogo will also offer his own family history where although his mother was a famous pianist, his father became separated from his mother and a lot of nasty gossip began to spread regarding Kotogo's family legacy. After his mother passed away, Kotogo chose to take up another music instrument his family had which is a guitar and decided to become a wandering performer to avoid any association with his father.

Kotogo decides to enquire further on whether Roi is playing the piano by herself because she didn't want to lose had something to do with her best friend Yuuko. Roi's silence confirms his guess. (Leaving Roi alone will jump immediately to this part) Finally, Roi offers a simple explanation. She hopes to be Yuuko's equal someday rather than feel jealous about Yuuko's immense popularity all the time. Roi wants Kotogo to keep everything he learnt as a secret between the two of them. Kotogo asks Roi to play The Maiden's Prayer on the piano in exchange.

The Halfmoon members perform at a dress rehearsal. After the performance, Kotogo, Roi and Akira go to the backstage room where Yuuko slipped in to see them there. After exchanging pleasantries, a series of mishaps occur - Kotogo made fun of Yuuko, then he tripped over a chair where he accidentally kissed Yuuko, and Yuuko threw projectiles at Kotogo in anger which ended up mistakenly hitting Samon who had just entered the backstage room. Yuuko makes a brief apology to Samon and departs hurriedly.

The next day, Kotogo goes to rest at the park as everyone else has lessons that morning. He wakes up to find Yuuko standing above him exclaiming she has finally found him. When Kotogo tries to apologize for the accident the previous day, Yuuko becomes enraged by something he said accidentally. Kotogo has to run across the town from the park all the way to Shizuki's mansion with Yuuko in pursuit throughout. Kotogo manages to obtain refuge at Shizuki's house. However, Yuuko enters the house shortly afterwards and corners Kotogo inside. Yuuko explains the situation to Shizuki and both of them make fun of Kotogo together before deciding to stay at the mansion for dinner.

The dinner was prepared by Yuuko as an apology to Kotogo for her impulsive and enraged behaviour earlier when she took the nearby items to throw at Kotogo and ended up damaging them and injuring Samon. Shizuki also added that although Yuuko and Roi are as close as sisters, Roi became resentful because she could not gain admission into the music academy whereas Yuuko managed to do so. They will need to keep Yuuko and Kotogo's arrival at Shizuki's mansion a secret from Roi.

Upon enquiring further, Shizuki explains that Halfmoon had originally planned to have two lead singers to improve the performance of the band. However, Halfmoon declined and was on the verge of disbanding as a result of Leo and Ran's departure. Roi had to learn the guitar together with her singing. When Roi heard Kotogo's performance at the park, she knew she had to get Kotogo to join Halfmoon and take over the role of the guitarist Leo vacated. Therefore, Roi would feel unhappy if anyone were to poach any of her band members. They talk until late into the night and Shizuki offers Yuuko and Kotogo the guest rooms in her mansion to stay for the night. Kotogo had to sleep in the living room sofa in the middle of the night after Yuuko forced herself into Kotogo's bed because she was afraid of the dark.

The next day, Kotogo and Yuuko go to the shopping district to buy various meats and fresh seafood to replenish Shizuki's food supply and cook a meal for themselves. While cooking for Kotogo, Yuuko was distracted by Kotogo's compliments on her qualities and inadvertently caused some of the food to become burnt. On their way back to the university, they encounter Roi. Mindful of Shizuki's warning not to tell Roi about what happened at the mansion, Kotogo may choose to explain to Roi(总之先向萝依解释一下) or pretend that Kotogo is seeing Yuuko by chance(装作只是偶然).

Either choice will lead to the same dialogue where Yuuko will hug Roi tightly and flatter her, then start the ball rolling by explaining that she was also shopping alone until she met Kotogo by chance, and she was about to get him to apologize and forget everything that happened earlier until Roi showed up. Yuuko changes the subject by asking Roi why she was here. Roi replies that she came to buy additional guitar strings and picks. Yuuko notices Roi is carrying multiple bags. Without waiting for Roi's permission, Yuuko immediately goes to rifle through its contents and reveals that Roi had bought a large number of lovely new clothes.

After that, Kotogo, Yuuko and Roi go to have dinner at the same family restaurant SOLAYA where Kotogo ate with Yuuko and Roi earlier. While having dinner together, Yuuko and Roi start joking on whether to have Roi dismiss Kotogo for having lewd thoughts, and Yuuko to hire Kotogo as an odd-job helper for her. Roi immediately becomes flustered, saying Kotogo cannot be poached as she needs Kotogo in her band Halfmoon.

Afterwards, Yuuko decides to part ways with Kotogo and Roi and allow the two of them to be alone when they return to the university together. For a while, Roi is muttering softly, wondering why Yuuko could behave normally while beside Kotogo in just 3 days when she normally has a phobia of men. Finally, Roi starts a conversation by asking Kotogo whether he remembered his first kiss. Kotogo may answer it was from the accident with Yuuko 2 days ago(大概就是前天的那个意外) or he has no recollection at all(完全没有印象了). If Kotogo says it was from the accident with Yuuko, Roi will show a momentary flicker of disappointment. If Kotogo says he has no recollection, Roi will remark that Kotogo must be a huge pervert to have kissed many girls in his younger days until he has forgotten which one is his first kiss. Nevertheless, Roi seems pleased and says she has won before asking Kotogo to hurry back to the university with her.
Common route (part 3)
The next day, Kotogo wakes up earlier than usual and decides to practise a tune. Kotogo realizes Akira's musical composition is unsuitable for solo playing. Kotogo decides to try playing the rock CD album he bought at the music store earlier. Roi arrives shortly afterwards and drags Kotogo to the shopping district where they buy an assortment of strings and picks to prepare their music instruments and speaker systems for the upcoming cultural festival performance. At the music store where Kotogo bought the CD, Roi reveals that the owner is seldom at the store. He would only come during concert ticket sale promotions and there is usually a long queue of girls from the university.

Roi brings Kotogo to a boutique where Roi tries on different dresses before deciding on a number of them. While outside, Roi collides into Ran where Ran leaves a nasty parting remark before leaving. Roi asks Kotogo to let Ran leave and reveals that Roi was the one who encouraged Leo to depart for the States to pursue a dream only someone of his talents could achieve. A few interested onlookers came and mistook Roi and Kotogo to be a quarrelling couple. Annoyed at this, Kotogo confronts them. In a surprise move, Roi also joins in to confront them and roars loudly that she likes Kotogo.

Both Kotogo and Roi eat at SOLAYA again where upon looking out of the restaurant window to gaze at the park fountain, Kotogo thought he saw Akira watching them from a hidden position. But after he asked Roi to look out the window, they could not see anyone watching them from outside. Unable to prove conclusively that it was Akira watching them, Kotogo mentioned it could be the stalker who harrassed him earlier. Roi dismisses it as a common occurence, although she found it strange that guys would avoid her after getting to know her.

After returning to the university club room, Kotogo and Roi find Akira working alone to clean the musical instruments. Akira reminds Roi that the dormitory doors will be locked soon and they will need to leave immediately. As Akira passes Kotogo, he gives a threatening glare at him.

The next day, the Halfmoon band members consisting of Kotogo, Roi, Samon and Akira practice intensively as a full day practice session at the club room with Shizuki in attendance as manager to provide meals and lend support to everyone. Akira, Shizuki and Samon leave after the session, leaving Kotogo alone with Roi. Roi suggests having roast meat outside.

The next day, Kotogo wakes up to find Samon packing up his musical instruments and preparing to leave the club room. When Kotogo asks Samon if there is a musical performance later, Samon replies that he is planning to resign and quit the band. Kotogo quickly blocks Samon's exit and asks for his reason. Samon answers that earlier last night, he walked Shizuki back and tried to confess his feelings to Shizuki but was rejected. Samon believes Shizuki was already in love with Akira.

Akira suddenly turns up from behind and denies he was ever in love with Shizuki, and he only regards Shizuki as a little girl. Furious at Akira's answer, Samon starts to attack Akira. Akira did not dodge or defend from Samon's blows. Kotogo tries to restrain Samon but Akira asks Kotogo not to get involved in this personal matter. When Kotogo releases Samon, Samon attacks Akira once again, demanding Akira to return Shizuki's smile. Akira counters by asking whether Samon can return Aki to him. At this, Samon just stops attacking Akira and gets up to punch at the wall instead in frustration. Roi finally arrives and Samon excuses himself without helping Akira up. Roi and Kotogo go over to help Akira up. Akira also excuses himself by saying he will need to go to the infirmary. When Kotogo tries to apologize for failing to stop the fight, Roi starts to break down and apologize for everything that happened so quickly after Kotogo's arrival into the band.

After Roi has calmed down, Kotogo learned that Aki was Akira's girlfriend who died in a drowning accident a year ago. The accident was because Samon made the suggestion for everyone to go to the seaside for an outing together. Although Akira is a rational person and would not blame Samon for such an accident, Samon might still believe he had inadvertently caused Aki's death. Hence, Leo and Ran brought Shizuki into the band as Leo's music tutor was Shizuki's father. Roi guesses that Leo decided to leave and entrust the band leader position to Roi because Roi did not know about this earlier simmering tension between Samon, Akira and Shizuki. Roi remarks that Kotogo seems to share some similar characteristics to Leo and might be the reason Ran didn't want Kotogo to join the band. As Roi is about to leave, Kotogo asks Roi about the plans for the band. Roi just pauses for a while before giving the answer that she doesn't know, and leaves the room.

The next day, Kotogo tries to practise his music but without Roi, Samon or Akira to practise together with him, and all attempts to contact them have been unsuccessful, Kotogo becomes frustrated and decides to go to the music shop in the shopping district and listen to some music. At the shop, the store owner greets him and jokes that Kotogo is lucky to have Roi and Yuuko who loves him because Kotogo was spotted buying musical supplies at his store with Roi, and Yuuko was also seen together with him on the streets and he should make up his mind on which person to go out on dates in future.

Suddenly, Yuuko shows up from behind and says she had been around at the music store for quite some time until she heard this conversation between Kotogo and the store owner which was getting loud so she came over to see what was going on. Kotogo wanted to ask Yuuko something and Yuuko suggests going somewhere more quiet. Yuuko holds Kotogo close and walks beside him to evade notice by fans as Yuuko is not known to have any boyfriend with her.

At the park, Kotogo asks Yuuko whether she knew anything about Halfmoon before Roi became the leader of the band when Roi and Yuuko were in high school together. After some thought, Yuuko answers there was an event from Cristal Melody. Previously, Leo's band was called Cristal Melody before it became Halfmoon. It used to be more harmonious with every member treating one another as a family and Cristal Melody also did group performances with Yuuko's band Silver Star. That was the reason Roi decided to join Cristal Melody after hearing good things about it. Yuuko adds that Leo has exceptional musical talent - he could play and even compose his own wonderful music better than anyone else, and Leo deserves his place at the prestigious musical academy overseas which is the alma mater of a famous musician Rei-san. Yuuko also reveals that Leo was might have already known the band might be facing problems, and he decided to leave the band and go for further musical training overseas. Yuuko tells Kotogo to ask Shizuki if he has any further questions as Shizuki was in Cristal Melody longer than Yuuko. Kotogo accompanies Yuuko out of the park where a car was waiting to pick her up. Yuuko sends a text message to Kotogo clarifying the car was a complimentary perk from sponsors. Kotogo decides to walk back to the university alone.

A few days pass. None of the Halfmoon band members show up at the club room each day, and their mobile phones have been switched off. Kotogo receives a phone call from Akira to inform him that Roi doesn't want to see him anymore, the band is stopping all activities, and Kotogo is free to wander elsewhere and pick a different path for himself.
Common route (part 4)
Frustrated, Kotogo packs up his belongings and prepares to catch the bus out of town. However, Yuuko catches up with him at the university gates, demanding to know why Kotogo did not answer any of her phone calls or messages. Yuuko notices Kotogo's guitar case and asks him if he is going elsewhere. Kotogo decides to say he is leaving town to return as a wanderer since the band Halfmoon has disbanded. Yuuko immediately grabs him tightly to demand a good explanation before she will release him. After telling her everything, Yuuko finds it strange that Roi did not personally tell him that the band was disbanding and got Akira to tell it on her behalf instead. Yuuko suggests both of them should look for Roi to confirm things, and she knows of a place to find Roi.

Kotogo and Yuuko arrive at the nightclub Halfmoon. Yuuko offers to wait outside for Kotogo because she doesn't want to ruin the conversation between Kotogo and Roi if she was around. The nightclub is closed but Kotogo manages to get the waiter to open the door and Kotogo notices the waiter is clearly hiding something. Kotogo makes up an excuse that he needs to prepare things for an upcoming performance inside and he needs to go in. Seeing that the waiter is in a dilemma and clearly has no intention to allow him inside, Kotogo pushes his way past while the waiter is bowing in apology.

Inside, Kotogo finds Roi quietly sweeping the floor of the bar. Roi didn't want to talk and is still upset over the earlier events. Roi is surprised when asked if the band Halfmoon has disbanded, but she admits that the band is now fragmented with Samon causing Akira to lose his loved one, Shizuki got her feelings for Akira rejected by the latter and Ran to lose the person she cared the most. Roi breaks down and laments that because she did not know any of these, Leo gave the position of the band leader to her. Kotogo consoles her by saying that the reason Cristal Melody became Halfmoon is because of her, it is still possible for the band to succeed at the upcoming performances, and Kotogo is ready to help her in any way he could. Kotogo declares that he will wait at the club room for her until the cultural festival arrives.

Kotogo leaves the nightclub quickly without looking back to find Yuuko still waiting for him outside as Yuuko admitted she did not know how to ride a bicycle. Since it is cold outside at night, Kotogo offers to ride her back to the university. Yuuko gets excited while riding in the bicycle with Kotogo and makes an embarassing display by shouting loudly that Kotogo is a big pervert and dirty man.

Back at the university which is an hour past midnight, Yuuko manages to convince the campus security to let both of them in through the locked main gates. Yuuko offers to walk the rest of the way back to the music academy herself as Kotogo isn't familiar with that area and part ways with Kotogo to allow him to return to the club room easily without getting into any further trouble with campus security. Yuuko tells him that the most beautiful melody hasn't ended yet before leaving.

Days pass and all of Halfmoon's members remain uncontactable. One day before the upcoming cultural festival, Kotogo receives a visit from the cultural festival committee members informing him that the cultural performance is on schedule but the scheduled performance by Halfmoon is cancelled and Silver Star had cancelled their performance as well. In despair, Kotogo decides to pack up his things again after the committee members have left.

Kotogo decides to stop at the park where he first met Roi and do a solo performance. Gradually, a crowd gathered and many applauded his performance. Upon checking his donation case, he is surprised to see a variety of money in local and foreign currency. Suddenly, he is interrupted from his thoughts by Yuuko where she has been hanging out at the park and decided to listen at a distance after hearing Kotogo play his music. When Kotogo says he is planning to leave town as it seems Halfmoon has more or less disbanded, Yuuko tells Kotogo that the most beautiful melody hasn't ended, but Yuuko will only tell him what she meant if Kotogo will go out on a date with Yuuko for the whole day.

Seeing that Kotogo is not used to going on dates, Yuuko leads Kotogo to the shopping district where they attempt a difficult arcade crane machine a few times. After that, they go to the seaside, have fun splashing water at each other, getting wet, and then spending a few hours to dry their clothes. Both of them go to have dinner at SOLAYA where Yuuko tells Kotogo that he musn't leave town as she believes that the most beautiful melody is within the music instrument player and the bond with the listener. Despite the current difficulties at Halfmoon, everyone has not abandoned him yet, and he still has Yuuko with him.

Kotogo decides to ask her for the reason behind Silver Star's cancellation of the upcoming performance at the cultural festival. Yuuko replies sadly that the guitarist in her band had met a car accident and is not expected to perform for at least a year and all scheduled performances by Silver Star are cancelled and put on hold. At this, Kotogo can offer to be the replacement guitarist(让我做你的吉他手吧!) or to ask if there is any way he can help(有什么能够帮你的吗?).

If Kotogo offers to be the replacement guitarist, Yuuko will appear astonished at first. Kotogo will quickly clarify that he is offering to help someone in immediate need while Halfmoon is sorting out its problems. If Kotogo asks if there is any way he can help, he will offer a simple solution where all her band needs is a guitarist and she is looking at such a person in front of her. (From either choice) At which Yuuko seems very happy and starts making a phone call to make the alternative arrangements. Yuuko tells Kotogo he is eligible to fill in the missing guitarist's spot and asks Kotogo to go for practice and prepare for the upcoming performance tomorrow.

Kotogo is welcomed by Silver Star's members and they practice late into the night to prepare for the performance at the cultural festival. At the performance, Yuuko addresses the audience by introducing each member with Assign D (AD) as the band leader and drummer, Neo as the bass guitarist, Kotogo as the guitarist and herself as the lead singer. With Kotogo coming over from Halfmoon, Silver Star is renamed as Silvermoon as a temporary merger between Silver Star and Halfmoon. Kotogo thinks back to the events when he first arrived in town and got to know each member of Halfmoon.
Common route (part 5)
After the performance, Kotogo made a good impression with the Silver Star members where his performance surprisingly went well despite the slight difference in rhythm the band played compared to him. AD remarks that Yuuko has been skipping rehearsals to go out on dates with Kotogo. Suddenly, Ran appears as one of the executive committee members, and mentions Kotogo did well to make the switch to Silver Star as it is better than Halfmoon before leaving. Yuuko encourages Kotogo to go after Ran saying she will explain Kotogo's disappearance to the rest of Silver Star's members and the manager. However, Kotogo could not find Ran at all. Kotogo decides against joining Silver Star's members for a party, and he returns to the activity room to spend the night.

The next day, Kotogo is woken up by Student Council members saying it is against the university rules to sleep in any of the club rooms. Kotogo realizes he is in trouble, and quickly tries to bluff his way out by saying that he was helping Ran to move the musical equipment across two different places after the cultural festival yesterday, then he became exhausted and fell asleep without realizing it. Kotogo is allowed to leave with a warning not to sleep overnight at the activity room again.

Kotogo decides to wander to the park where he is spotted by Yuuko again. Kotogo explains his situation where he has no place to sleep except outside. Yuuko tells him about an unexpected offer. The music store owner Ryu who is also the owner of a recording studio has heard Kotogo's performance from yesterday and is interested in offering him a provisional contract where if Kotogo under Halfmoon and Silver Star continues to perform well to expectations at the debut contest, Ryu will offer contracts to all members of Halfmoon and Silver Star. This provisional contract also comes with accomodation and daily necessities for Kotogo to perform well at future performances. Kotogo decides to accept the offer.

Under Yuuko's guidance, Kotogo is shown to the new accomodation OrlaneWorks as a two-storey apartment unit which has its own single bedroom. Yuuko also brought Kotogo to shop for a new mobile phone. Kotogo decides to text Roi and fill her in on recent events, and to express his wish that Halfmoon might sort things out someday.

The next day, Kotogo receives two text messages from Roi expressing her well-wishes and appreciation. Yuuko has told her everything and Kotogo has performed at the cultural festival bearing Halfmoon's name to keep Halfmoon's hopes up. Upon exiting the apartment unit, Kotogo finds Yuuko already waiting for him outside with breakfast prepared for him and urging him to hurry up to meet and rehearse together with Silver Star's members for the day.

At Silver Star's rehearsal studio, Neo and AD remark that the recording company is interested in recording a set of duets featuring a male and female singer and they feel Kotogo and Yuuko will be suitable for this type of songs. Without waiting for Kotogo's answer, Yuuko immediately goes out to tell the manager about their interest in singing and recording the duets, and they will begin work on the duets the following day.

After the rehearsal, Kotogo and Yuuko go to the nightclub Halfmoon where they expect Roi will be less busy as no performances are scheduled that evening. At the nightclub, Kotogo, Yuuko and Roi talk of the surprising developments where Akira told Kotogo that Halfmoon was disbanding even though Roi had no intention of disbanding the group at all. Even with Samon and Akira's absence, Roi and Kotogo could still perform competently at the cultural festival if needed. They plan to meet again the same time next evening.

After a full-day rehearsal with Silver Star, Kotogo and Yuuko meet at Halfmoon again with Roi to discuss about Akira's motivations for lying to Kotogo and arranging with the committee to disqualify Halfmoon from the cultural festival. Apparently, Akira as the longest member of Halfmoon had been supportive of Roi after Leo's departure and encouraged her to keep the band alive. They could only make a best guess that somehow, Akira didn't want to see the conflict between Samon and Akira appear in public because he is a proud person. Later outside, Yuuko admits quietly to Kotogo that she personally felt Roi's love for Kotogo might be a reason for Akira's decision to lie to Kotogo.

The next day, Kotogo and Yuuko spend the whole day at a different recording studio to record the duet. By the time all the intensive practice and recording is done at the end of the day, it is late and they are too far away from Halfmoon to make it in time. Yuuko is amused when Kotogo admits to her that he felt worried with all the expensive recording equipment around him at the recording session. Kotogo sends a text message to Roi to inform her that they could not make it to Halfmoon this time due to their new work requirements. Roi answers that she has a performance planned the next day at Halfmoon, and will not be free to meet them over the next few days. She encourages Kotogo to work hard for Yuuko.

On the day of the concert performance, Yuuko receives Kotogo and gives him a quick convenience meal of meat buns. Both of them arrive at the concert venue where it is already packed with a long queue outside where Yuuko mentioned the tickets sold out very quickly and Roi is expected to be in attendance as well. At the concert, Yuuko introduces the Silver Star band members. After the 5th song performance, Yuuko introduces the duet with Kotogo which is called Pieces of the heart.

(Insert song 心的碎片 and theme movie will be played)

After the duet, despite the applause and roars of approval from the cheering crowd, Kotogo and Yuuko are shocked to find Roi is no longer at her seat. Yuuko suddenly rushes out of the concert hall despite being in the middle of the program and Kotogo has to rush out to look for her. Using the GPS tracking on his new mobile phone, Kotogo is able to find Yuuko at the park to find Roi accusing Yuuko of stealing Kotogo away from her and singing a love song in front of her. Roi demands Yuuko to declare she was only using Kotogo if she intended to keep Kotogo from leaving town and prevent Halfmoon from losing any hope of revival. However, Yuuko broke down and was unable to make such a declaration. In tears, both Roi and Yuuko run away in separate directions. Kotogo has the choice to go after Roi(去追萝依) or Yuuko(去追白鸟).
Roi route (part 1)
If Kotogo goes after Roi, Kotogo will use the GPS tracking on his mobile phone to discover Roi is very near to his present location at the shopping district. Kotogo quickly hurries over to the location to find Roi leaving and Akira blocking him saying Roi doesn't want to speak to anyone and if Kotogo has any message for Roi, he can pass it to Akira.

When Kotogo insists on being let through to speak to Roi personally, Akira was furious and started attacking Kotogo, accusing him of betraying Halfmoon to defect to Silver Star. Kotogo fought back relentlessly until Roi came back and yelled at both of them to stop fighting. Roi said she only wanted some time alone to think but did not expect both of them to start fighting over her. Since Akira started attacking Kotogo first, he was at fault. Roi asks Akira to leave and let her settle things with Kotogo herself. Reluctantly, Akira gets up and leaves with a parting glare.

Roi asks Kotogo to go with her to a more quiet place at the park where Roi was remorseful for having behaved in that way to hurt her good friend Yuuko earlier. Kotogo assures Roi that her actions can still be undone, Yuuko is very likely to forgive her at some point eventually and Roi looks beautiful when jealous. Roi asks Kotogo to leave as it was getting late and she would like some time alone to herself. Before leaving, Kotogo could hear Roi muttering softly that it was great to see Kotogo coming to look for her. Intending to seize the opportunity, Kotogo suddenly turns around, embraces Roi for a short moment and quickly releases her before she fully realizes what is going on to offer any resistance. Kotogo hurriedly walks away without looking back to see the expression on Roi's face.

The next day, Kotogo attends a rehearsal at the studio with AD, Neo and Yuuko in attendance. However, Yuuko seems out of sorts and is given a stern reprimand by AD for wasting everyone's time with a half-hearted rehearsal performance. AD decides to end the rehearsal early and give everyone time to recover their form for tomorrow. Kotogo tries to console Yuuko but she assures him that she is fine, she didn't blame Kotogo for what happened yesterday when Kotogo didn't look for her when she ran away, and she will work harder the next day to make up for lost time at today's rehearsal.

Kotogo goes to buy an electronic guitar for himself, feeling ashamed at having to borrow the studio guitar each time to practice. Unknowingly, he found himself at the bar Halfmoon again. Kotogo decides to enter the bar just to say hello to Roi. Inside the bar, Kotogo could see that Roi is busy serving patrons as a waitress in the bar and decides not to disturb her while she is working.

Kotogo suddenly overhears a group of patrons gossiping about Halfmoon's demise and how the band stopped performing over 3 of its male members fighting over the only female member in the band, and one of its members is a two-timer by seeing another girl from another band. Feeling enraged at this rumour, Kotogo goes over to confront them. Roi suddenly comes over and warns the two aggressive patrons to leave if they do not want to be detained by the police for starting a disturbance and a fight. The two of them back down and leave while the remaining patrons who were drinking with them remain behind and apologize. Roi assures everyone in the bar that Halfmoon will be back in future. Roi asks Kotogo to wait for her until her work shift ends.

2 hours later, Roi meets Kotogo outside the bar where she tells Kotogo that for the time being, she still doesn't want to hear Yuuko's name being mentioned anywhere and she would like to start on plans to revive Halfmoon.

The next day, Kotogo arrives at the studio to hear AD announce that starting from today, all further band practice is suspended indefinitely as Yuuko has applied for long-term leave until further notice. AD and Neo entrusts Kotogo to look after Yuuko and help her recover and return to the band.

Kotogo decides to try to help Halfmoon recover. The discussion with Roi the previous night took a very long time until it was almost dawn, yet it also made Kotogo determined to help Roi revive Halfmoon. Kotogo goes over to Halfmoon where the crowd of patrons is unusually heavy. Kotogo encounters the bar owner who asks Kotogo if he is interested in helping the bar deal with the large number of patrons this evening. Seeing that the crowd is very heavy and Roi is definitely going to be overworked, Kotogo agrees to help out.

After helping out, Kotogo meets Roi where she is surprised to hear that Kotogo has been at the nightclub earlier to look for her and he has helped the nightclub and improved the owner's mood. As a show of appreciation by the owner, he has prepared a very large dinner feast for Kotogo and Roi. As Kotogo and Roi tucks into the food, Kotogo compliments Roi for being so stoic and determined, leading to Leo choosing her to be Halfmoon's replacement leader. Kotogo also mentions that to address Halfmoon's problems, they should somehow start with Shizuki as she seems to know the most on what is going on. At first, Roi is resistant to the idea, as they have no definite evidence and she is concerned that making wild guesses might make things worse.

Kotogo explains that the cause of this might be more than just Akira being upset at Samon or rejecting Shizuki to get Samon to hate him. Kotogo feels that his arrival into Halfmoon might be the cause of things as Akira was not able to oppose Kotogo's entry into Halfmoon as replacement guitarist since he came already highly recommended by both Roi and Shizuki. Akira was just looking for a perfect excuse to break up Halfmoon and chase Kotogo away using Samon and Shizuki as scapegoats in the process. At this, the bar owner also interrupts them, saying he agreed with Kotogo's theory and mentions what may be nearby at hand is often overlooked. The owner also announces that the nightclub is closing soon and both of them need to leave.

Later outside, Roi mentions that the nightclub owner is also an accomplished musician himself and had taught her a lot of things in musical knowledge and learning how to play musical instruments. Roi says she will consider Kotogo's suggestion. Before parting ways with Roi near her residence, Roi asks Kotogo if he will also consider working at the bar. Kotogo also answers he will consider her offer.

Kotogo and Roi decide to try their luck with the easiest former member of Halfmoon Samon by taking turns to wait for him at Yuran University gates. After 2 days, Kotogo finally encounters Samon. Samon asks to go somewhere safer as the university is currently enforcing a report all suspicious people policy started by Akira as Student Council vice-president.

At the beachside, Samon tells Kotogo that Akira may actually harbour ill feelings for Kotogo as he was jealous that Roi may have feelings for Kotogo and started this series of events to cause Halfmoon to get disbanded from a feud with Samon and Shizuki and hence have a convenient excuse to chase Kotogo away. Samon declaring his feelings for Shizuki was to get her to avoid the band and hence spare Shizuki from being hurt and blaming herself for seeing Halfmoon fall into such a state. Samon wishes Kotogo well in reviving Halfmoon, saying that Kotogo still has hope since he and Roi still keep in contact. However, Samon admits that he will not be able to return to Halfmoon as he knows that as long as he lacks the heart for it, trying to play any music will only produce sounds at most.
Roi route (part 2)
Kotogo messages Roi to come over to the beachside to tell her what happened after Samon has left. Roi tells him she will still need to confirm something else with Samon first before they can both start to see Shizuki. Kotogo also realizes that Roi seems to miss Yuuko and it might be possible for both of them to reconcile.

The next day, Kotogo receives a phone call from Roi telling him that she has finished confirming the things she needs to know from Samon. Roi arranges with Kotogo to meet Shizuki at her house. Kotogo suggests they can buy groceries to eat at Shizuki's house, and hence have a good reason to visit her.

Kotogo and Roi arrive at Shizuki's house to find Shizuki already waiting outside for them. Shizuki seems happy that both of them have come to visit her, and invites both of them in. Inside the mansion, both Roi and Shizuki exchange pleasantries and make jokes at Kotogo's expense before Shizuki starts getting serious and asks to be allowed to revive Halfmoon. Kotogo and Roi ask Shizuki if she can help in convincing Samon to return to the band, but Shizuki becomes apprehensive and feels it will be difficult. Shizuki also doesn't know Akira's motivations for causing the band to break up. Roi and Kotogo decide to leave and arrange to meet again at Shizuki's house the following day.

While passing through the beachside, Kotogo makes a plan with Roi that despite the present difficulties Halfmoon faces now, they should still make do with only the two of them with Roi as the vocalist and Kotogo as the electronic keyboard pianist as an electronic keyboard is capable of producing sounds which other musical instruments produce. That way, they can at least allay Samon's concerns that Halfmoon still has a chance in reviving itself. Roi agrees with Kotogo's plan, thinking that moving forward is better than languishing at their current predicament, and has an ambitious plan to participate in the music competition.

After walking Roi to the train station and parting ways with her, Kotogo returns to the beachside to find Shizuki looking out across the sea alone by herself. Seeing that they are now alone, Kotogo asks Shizuki to tell him why she decided to express her feelings to Akira. At this, Shizuki gives a more detailed background history where previously under Cristal Melody, Roi had not enrolled at the university, the band consisted of guitarist Leo, drummer Akira, bass guitarist Samon who was still in high school at that time, sound technician and accompanying vocalist Ran, and lead singer Aki. Cristal Melody became famous as a result of Leo's skill with musical instruments and Aki's heavenly voice. Just as Leo and Ran were very close together as lovers, both Akira and Aki were also equally close with the four of them growing up together, attending the same schools from junior to middle and up to university throughout at all stages in their lives.

After that unfortunate incident where Samon suggested going on a seaside getaway and Aki drowned in an accident, Akira became moody and unsociable ever since, although he did not seem to blame anyone for the accident. Later on after a performance, Shizuki started to have a crush on Akira as she admired Akira's musical performance abilities together with some encouragement by Roi and Ran to help Akira get over his loss. By that time when Shizuki became the temporary replacement manager for Halfmoon after Roi approached her to become one and Shizuki knew Akira longer than anyone else, Shizuki decided to confess her feelings to Akira to try to comfort him. Unfortunately, Akira rejected her in a very cold and distant manner and that part was spotted by Samon. Kotogo feels hopeful that if Halfmoon starts resuming band practice with just Kotogo and Roi, it would address Samon's concerns and also provide a form of relief for Akira.

Kotogo asks Shizuki one more question on what did she think of Aki's voice back when she was alive. After some thought, Shizuki gives the answer that Aki's vocals are very similar to Roi's, and might even be the reason Leo approached Roi to become the replacement lead singer when she was still singing solo at the nightclub Halfmoon at that time. At this, Kotogo suddenly understands things better now and might have a solution to fix Halfmoon's problems. Kotogo decides that Kotogo and Roi may need to settle the quarrel and misunderstanding with Yuuko first. By then, both Shizuki and Kotogo both arrive at the train station and Shizuki bids farewell to Kotogo, telling him that he may come earlier to her house tomorrow if he is interested in finding out how to solve the dispute between Roi and Yuuko.

The next day, Kotogo arranges to meet with Shizuki to ask her further on how to solve the problem between Roi and Yuuko but she just asks Kotogo to go shopping with her and refuses to answer any of Kotogo's questions throughout. While at the restaurant SOLAYA, Shizuki asks Kotogo to look at a screen as she thinks they are being followed. When Kotogo goes over to check, he finds Roi and Yuuko snooping on both Kotogo and Shizuki. Embarassed at being caught red-handed, both Roi and Yuuko can only stammer in apology and admit both of them have since called for a truce to their rivalry, yet they are both still determined to compete against each other at the debut contest with Kotogo as their prize.

After Roi and Yuuko left, Shizuki just reveals that when two people who grew up together have had their quarrel, they would just eventually make up with one another. Shizuki didn't want Roi to make an empty trip to her mansion only to find nobody around so she informed Roi earlier that she would be going on a shopping trip. Regarding Yuuko, Shizuki also informed Yuuko earlier that Kotogo would be going shopping with her as it would also look bad if Kotogo is not at the rehearsal studio or apartment. Hence, she made Roi and Yuuko forgive each other through her clever planning.

Later that night at the beachside, after seeing Shizuki home to her mansion, Kotogo makes a phone call to Roi telling her of his whereabouts and his apprehension at troubling Shizuki into helping them resolve the conflict between Samon and Akira. However, with no other viable alternative plan, Roi tells Kotogo to just see how it goes first before deciding on how to proceed from there.

Over the next few days, Kotogo will often meet at Shizuki's mansion with Roi to discuss on how to resolve the conflict between Samon and Akira. Yuuko would also try to help by forwarding over any useful information she has found on the band's history. Kotogo first asks about two remaining questions in his mind, about why no guys would dare to approach Roi. Roi replies that she hasn't thought of that. Roi also remains skeptical that Akira would purposely cause the band Halfmoon to almost disband itself because he didn't want to crush Roi's hopes of being better than Yuuko's band later on where Roi confidently states that even if it is Akira, nobody can change her dreams. Kotogo asks about Samon's background as Akira doesn't seem to blame or hate Samon at all after Aki's death and the two have remained close band team members throughout all this time. Shizuki replies that Samon is actually also a talented musician where he has been trained as Leo's disciple, and his skill with musical instruments are probably equal to Leo's. Also, Samon was the only member from high school who joined Leo's band that was earlier than Akira.
Roi route (part 3)
Kotogo, Roi and Shizuki arrange to meet Samon and Akira to resolve the conflict together. They first find Samon asleep at the beachside with several empty beer bottles beside him. Roi harshly wakes him up, scolding him for turning to drinking to forget his sorrows at a place so close to Shizuki's residence and Shizuki is here to say something to him. Samon starts to lament he still cannot forget the sound of rushing water when the accident happened on Aki years earlier. Shizuki goes over to embrace Samon, telling him she has forgiven him. When Samon confesses that he lied to Shizuki, Shizuki answers that she already knew and expresses her appreciation for helping her to remain in the band. Roi tries to help by saying she needs a happy-go-lucky bassist. With everyone all working so hard to revive the band Halfmoon, Samon can hardly call himself a self-respecting young man if he continues to languish in despair and doesn't try to work harder to make things better. Shizuki also adds that without going forward, nothing can be changed. Eventually, Samon returns to his jovial self and agrees to rejoin Halfmoon and to settle matters with Akira and Shizuki the following day.

After Shizuki and Samon have left, Kotogo and Roi stay behind to admire the sunset across the horizon where Roi expresses her wish to have barbeque together at this place someday in future. When Roi asks if Kotogo would like it, Kotogo gives a positive response while still facing Roi. At which Roi's face turns red. The conversation steers towards Kotogo getting to know Roi and everyone else at Yuran and bringing a lot of trouble for both Kotogo and Roi, and Roi becomes embarrassed when Kotogo is about to mention her Roi's rivalry with Yuuko. Kotogo burst into laughter when he saw Roi's response.

The next day, Kotogo and Roi take up suitable hiding positions after Roi arranges for Akira to meet Roi at the park. When they spot Akira, Kotogo messages Samon and Shizuki to let them know Akira has arrived. Samon and Shizuki go over to confront Akira where he sneers at both of them for bothering him. Akira admits that someone else who is still alive has already replaced the person in his heart and that person is Roi. At which Roi becomes enraged and leaves her hiding place to confront Akira. Akira confesses that he treated Roi as a suitable replacement for Aki as she has similar vocals to Aki, and he approved the band changing its name from Cristal Melody to Halfmoon to persuade Roi to stay in the band so that he could watch over the replacement Aki all to himself while keeping all other men away from Roi, enraging Roi further to slap Akira.

Despite Akira's mocking laughter that he is prepared to accept whatever fate they have for him, Kotogo notices the tone in his laughter is actually sad. Kotogo raises a question that if Akira is so meticulous in his planning, why did he immediately reject Shizuki's feelings instead of manipulating her further and using her to control Halfmoon's members more effectively to his liking and why he didn't chase away Kotogo. When Akira tries to dismiss it as Roi bringing Kotogo into the band was unexpected, Kotogo deduces that deep down, Akira deeply cares about music and Akira intended to shoulder the burden of all the faults with Halfmoon alone entirely by reaching an outcome that would be most acceptable for everyone to swallow. At which, Akira admits that despite all the wrongdoing he has committed, the music is innocent. If the band is jinxed and tragedies will only occur within the band, he wanted to spare his mentor's daughter from such a tragedy and sadness. He had also intended for Roi and Kotogo to start a new band elsewhere.

When Akira is about to leave after saying he will leave everything to them, Kotogo and Roi both attempt to dissuade him from leaving by saying that since everyone has committed mistakes and sinned, it would be better for everyone to look ahead and resolve them together as a team instead of one person carrying that burden alone. Finally bemused, Akira agrees to return to Halfmoon by saying he can't stop worrying about them. At this, Samon interrupts everyone saying he would like to apologize for interrupting this touching moment, but he suddenly feels hungry after much of his tension is relieved.

At the beachside where Kotogo and Roi have a quiet moment together before their dinner with Samon, Akira and Shizuki, Kotogo expresses his concern in his role as guitarist in Silver Star. Roi assures him that she is not bothered, she would prefer to compete against Yuuko under equal terms throughout. Roi is aware of Yuuko's feelings towards Kotogo and wonders if Kotogo has decided on Roi or Yuuko. Before Kotogo could answer, Roi places her finger on Kotogo's lips and tells him not to give any answer yet until after the musical competition. During this time, Kotogo can enjoy his harem for a little while.

They are both interrupted by Shizuki urging them not to keep the rest waiting and rejoin them soon. As Shizuki is turning around, Roi quickly goes in front of Shizuki and embraces her to thank her for displaying incredible skill in helping to turn things around and restore the friendship their band once had.

During the days leading up to the musical competition, Halfmoon is renamed to Lily. Although Kotogo is free to play for Lily, Kotogo is still bonded to Silver Star under his contractual obligations. Under these arrangements, Kotogo would get to see both Yuuko and Roi, although his intensive practice for both bands would keep him very busy and tired as well.

Just before the competition, Kotogo finds himself the center of attention between Roi and Yuuko with both of them competing against one another again for Kotogo as their lead guitarist and boyfriend. With each of them holding tightly to one of Kotogo's arms, Kotogo could only hurry them to attend the dress rehearsal. At the musical competition, Kotogo realizes he has finally discovered the most beautiful melody.

(Shining Journey will be played in this ending theme)

5 years have passed since. Finally having learnt that he needs to keep going forward, Kotogo returns to his family cemetery to place his guitar that has been accompanying him all these years on his mother's tombstone. At his mother's tombstone, Kotogo realizes his father (who is also Shizuki's father) has finally come to visit his mother's grave and offer flowers. Kotogo leaves the cemetery together with Roi by his side, and he has discovered the most beautiful melody.

(Roi FIN)
Yuuko route (part 1)
If Kotogo goes after Yuuko, he can't find Yuuko, and will check back at the concert venue to find AD and Neo worried about Yuuko and Kotogo's abrupt departure from the concert venue. Neo blocks Kotogo's exit and is determined not to let him leave until he gives a satisfactory explanation. After Kotogo explains that Yuuko had a misunderstanding with her good friend and Halfmoon lead singer Roi, AD and Neo remark it was a small misunderstanding after all. AD passes him a piece of paper with an address written on it, saying it was Yuuko's secret hiding place and asks Kotogo to look after Yuuko and keep the place a secret. Kotogo spends the rest of the day searching for Yuuko in vain. While passing by the beachside, he encounters a strange man who tells him not to give up on what he is aiming for and would only give his name as Rilin.

The next day, Kotogo wakes up to find the paper AD passed to him has dropped from his pockets. With no other way to locate Yuuko, Kotogo decides to try the address which is at a seaside and will require several hours to reach there by bus. En route to the address, Kotogo encounters Akira and Roi where Roi is upset and leaning on Akira for support. When Akira notices Kotogo, he is furious and attacks Kotogo, accusing him of betraying Halfmoon to defect to Silver Star. Equally enraged by Akira's betrayal of Halfmoon and causing it to fall apart, Kotogo fights back relentlessly until Roi sadly steps in between Kotogo and Akira and asks Kotogo to stop fighting and leave.

Kotogo arrives at the address indicated by AD to find it is a small simple apartment unit. At the address, Yuuko is inside. After entering, Yuuko notices the injuries Kotogo has on his body and orders him to take off his shirt for her to apply the antiseptic medication. While applying the medication, Yuuko insists on knowing what happened. With no way to bluff his way out, Kotogo decides to tell the truth. Yuuko is pleased that Kotogo would get angry for her and tells Kotogo that she wasn't very upset over her quarrel with Roi earlier. She was just feeling unwell and decided to rest at home and switch off her mobile phone to avoid all the potential bothersome calls. Time passes by very quickly and it is already nighttime by then. As Kotogo has to rest for the night and report for studio practice rehearsal the following day, he has to go back. Before leaving, Yuuko embraces him from behind and expresses softly that it is nice to hold him for a while and she may be leaving. Kotogo could not get any further answer from Yuuko on what she meant by the second part and decides to leave.

The next day, Kotogo drops in at the Silver Star rehearsal studio to find all the band members including Yuuko already there. They practise intensively the whole day for the next upcoming album. At the end of the rehearsal, AD makes an announcement that since Yuuko and Kotogo left the earlier concert halfway, the manager has decided to organize a free complimentary concert show the following day as an apology for the disappointed audience members. Despite Kotogo's concerns about Yuuko having just recovered, Yuuko insists she is fine and can sing at the concert tomorrow. Kotogo offers to walk Yuuko back to the university dormitory that evening.

The next day, they meet at the park where a bus is arranged to take all the Silver Star band members to the concert venue. At the concert dress rehearsal, Kotogo is concerned with Yuuko's problems in summoning her voice while singing, but Yuuko insists she is fine.

(Insert song Missing and a cutscene)

Silver Star manages to perform the first seven songs fine although it was a bit worrying. When Yuuko is about to sing the final song for the concert End with a Smile, she suddenly sits down in agony. At the backstage room, the manager Ryu appears to ask what happened. Unable to hide anything anymore, Kotogo decides to tell everything to Ryu, AD and Neo including how Kotogo felt personally responsible since he went to Silver Star, Roi became resentful at Yuuko and hence led to their enmity with each other. Ryu advises Kotogo to visit Yuuko at the hospital.

At Yuran General Hospital, Kotogo is surprised to find Yuuko who is just leaving the hospital. Yuuko insists she is fine and doesn't need to stay at the hospital, and she would like to return home. While Kotogo is walking with Yuuko, Yuuko reveals that the previous night, she encountered Roi while inside the university and Roi was very harsh and critical at her for taking Roi's most treasured person away from her. Kotogo reassures Yuuko that it was not her fault as Kotogo could choose to go after Roi earlier, but chose Yuuko instead. Yuuko also reveals that the song planned for the concert End with a Smile was actually a song composed by Roi as a birthday gift to Yuuko at her 16th birthday. After arriving outside Yuuko's apartment, Yuuko asks Kotogo to help convey her absence to Ryu and the Silver Star members because she is still unwell and will need several days to recover. As Kotogo is returning to his apartment, he thinks that Yuuko is putting up a brave front, yet can break down at anytime.

After a few days, Kotogo receives notice that Silver Star will be suspending all rehearsals until further notice. Kotogo quickly arranges to meet Ryu to ask for the reasons for the suspension. Ryu clarifies that the band is not disbanding, but all further practice, recordings and concerts will be temporarily suspended until Yuuko somehow manages to resolve her problems. Ryu mentions a grey-haired bespectacled man who sometimes frequents the beachside - he is Ryu's friend and used to be the owner of OrlaneWorks where Kotogo is residing. This man used to give everything to help people around him achieve happiness, at the expense of his own feelings. As a result, he was unable to give that same happiness to the person who needed it the most. In a way, Kotogo's situation may be similar to this person's situation. Ryu entrusts Kotogo to give Yuuko what she needs the most to help her recover, and also gives him a sum of money for his living expenses.

Kotogo decides to wander back to Yuran University as the place where he started practising with Halfmoon band members. At the entrance, he encounters Ran. This time, she was less dismissive and hostile towards Kotogo, saying she has heard about Halfmoon being disbanded and the quarrel between Yuuko and Roi over Kotogo. She clarifies that she only hated the band Halfmoon under Roi which was cursed with bad luck, and didn't expect Kotogo as a newcomer to join the band and get caught in the rivalry between Roi and Yuuko. Ran gives Kotogo a lead by pointing to the music academy where Yuuko is currently studying, saying the source of Yuuko and Roi's rivalry can be found there.

Upon arrival at the music academy for the first time, Kotogo is awestruck by the beautiful Western architecture and impressive landscape design surrounding it. Kotogo understands why Roi would be so resentful since Yuuko could attend formal music education at this academy whereas Roi got deprived of this opportunity. Kotogo decides to play his guitar he is carrying with him.
Yuuko route (part 2)
A group of students gathers around. When Kotogo stops playing, the crowd starts to disperse except for one girl. She introduces herself as Suzu Kisaragi and is Yuuko's classmate at the academy. Apparently, Kotogo kissing Yuuko by accident has become a well-known gossip among Yuuko's close friends. Suzu entrusts Kotogo to pass along her message to Yuuko that her entire class is supporting her fully. Kotogo visits Yuuko at her apartment to see her and to pass along Suzu's message. However, Yuuko is too distraught with guilt for letting the band down to let Kotogo come in and see her and asks Kotogo to leave. Kotogo has no choice but to leave and return to his apartment.

A week passes. Kotogo visited Yuuko regularly but his visits were cut short with Yuuko chasing him out with no improvement in Yuuko's mood. Kotogo could not get Yuuko to come out to meet Roi nor get close to Roi without getting chased away by the university student council members. One day, Kotogo encounters Suzu at OrlaneWorks and was surprised to find out that she also lives there. Kotogo tries to enquire about the owner Rilin. Suzu tells Kotogo about Rilin, saying that Rilin is Shino, and he has long since entrusted the management of the apartment units to someone else.

It involves another classmate of Suzu back when she was away on an exchange program in France. Shino used to allow the tenants of the apartments to stay rent-free and would often give gifts to each tenant such that everyone would regard each other as family. However, one day, Shino decided to disappear one day to allow Suzu's classmate to focus on her singing career without fear of gossip that she had been in love with Shino. Suzu added that her classmate was also Yuuko's singing instructor and mentor, hence that might have led to Shino's decision to leave everyone one day, deny himself his true feelings and hurt everyone in the process. Suzu encourages Kotogo to be with Yuuko, and to support her rather than repeat the same mistakes as Shino.

Kotogo goes to Yuuko's apartment and asks to be allowed inside. However, Yuuko refuses to open the door, saying she is still not in the mood to receive anyone. After trying several times, Kotogo declares he is going to wait outside until she forgives him for having hurt her and her relationship with Roi, and she returns for rehearsals with her band. That night, Yuuko peeks outside to see Kotogo has fallen asleep on the common corridor outside. Yuuko decides to cover Kotogo with a blanket to prevent him from catching a cold. When Kotogo wakes up the next evening to realize he had dozed off earlier and is now covered with a blanket filled with Yuuko's unmistakeable scent, he realizes he still has a chance.

Kotogo insistently knocks on the door, confesses his role in having hurt Yuuko and encourages Yuuko to go ahead and cry. From outside, Kotogo could hear soft weeping inside, but Yuuko still refuses to open the door. Encouraged by the result, Kotogo decides to pretend to sleep outside, knowing that his plan has worked halfway. Sure enough, after a long time, Yuuko comes out to check on Kotogo and starts to complain of Kotogo for being silly. Kotogo manages to grab Yuuko. Surprised by Kotogo's fake act, Yuuko struggles to break free, but accidentally lost her balance and fell through the open doorway of her apartment. With Kotogo's encouragement, Yuuko finally cries loudly while lying on the floor.

Afterwards, Yuuko admits she is feeling better and starts to tell about her difficult childhood. Her parents did not have their respective parents' approval to their marriage. As a result of gossip over their relationship, her father lost his job at his livehouse while her mother had to quit her studies at the music academy. Her mother died of a heart attack when Yuuko was 13, and her father had to take care of Yuuko as he worked. Yuuko was spotted with her father while at school and was frequently bullied after that. Yuuko decided to take refuge in the town's park one day. At the park, she was impressed by someone singing with the voice of an angel. Since that day, Yuuko would meet the girl daily at the park to practise on their singing together. Both Yuuko and the girl later decided to work hard to gain admission into the prestigious music academy when they grow up to become adults.

Yuuko's singing improved and started to earn her the support and admiration from some fans. Her father saw that Yuuko is training hard on her singing with ambitions to gain admission into the music academy. Hence, he decided to find work at K town to earn more money and support Yuuko's application and course fees for the academy. However, her father passed away later from overwork. Yuuko had no choice but to perform at nightclubs to support herself and make ends meet. Fortunately, her singing by that time was good enough to gain recognition with a nightclub owner and the owner paid more than the usual rate. She also gained the notice of a patron Ryu who is interested in signing her for his production company, and is also willing to support her enrolment into the music academy as an aspiring singer.

With such an opportunity, Yuuko took up the offer, became the lead singer of Silver Star, and also gained admission into the music academy. However, the angelic singer was unable to take the admission exam into the academy with her due to a sudden illness. She switched to take up a different course at Yuran University instead, and also went to join a different band. That singer is Roi.

Kotogo encourages Yuuko not to give up as she has not lost anything. If Roi truly hated Yuuko, she would have ignored Yuuko totally instead of stopping Yuuko and berating her harshly at Yuran University earlier. Also, Yuuko still has Kotogo and the rest of Silver Star ready to support her at anytime throughout. When Yuuko asks why is Kotogo doing all this, Kotogo decides to be brave and step forward to embrace her. Yuuko starts to cry in Kotogo's arms, yet Kotogo can see this type of crying is not the same feelings of sadness earlier.

The next day, Kotogo wakes up to find himself alone in Yuuko's apartment with Yuuko nowhere to be found except a text message saying she has to settle something and will be back later. Worried, Kotogo rushes across Yuran town until he finally reaches Yuuko with Akira and Roi at the beachside near Shizuki's house after Shizuki informed him of their whereabouts.

Kotogo finds out Yuuko has made up with Roi, Roi has learnt to accept Kotogo and Yuuko's new relationship, and Yuuko doesn't intend to give up on her best friend either. When Roi and Akira has left, Yuuko expresses her appreciation to Kotogo for giving her the courage to openly declare her feelings for Kotogo to Roi, and then goes over to kiss Kotogo after asking him to close his eyes first.

A few days later, Kotogo and Yuuko learn from Roi that Halfmoon managed to get Samon back into their band after finding out he had been pursuing another girl while working at SOLAYA. Roi also expressed her well-wishes to Kotogo, and told him he is free to stay at Silver Star or return to Halfmoon anytime.

At the debut contest, both Silver Star and Halfmoon manage to qualify in the debut contest, and Kotogo and Yuuko manage to win awards. However, something happens to Yuuko just when she is about to receive her award with Kotogo.

In an earlier memory, Yuuko and Roi met for a shopping trip where Yuuko eventually chose a pendant to give to Roi. Roi found out the pendant could be separated into two halves and rejoined with an inscription which says, "To the ones who have found true love, may they never separate." Both Yuuko and Roi put on one half of the pendant, and then Yuuko embraces Roi, causing Roi to feel embarrassed.
Yuuko route (part 3)
Yuuko has passed out at the debut contest and she is rushed to hospital by emergency medical personnel. AD and Neo finally tell Kotogo that Yuuko has congenital heart disease and if she continues to perform in loud and noisy places with closed ventilation systems at concerts, it may be life threatening to her. However, since she loves music so much, AD, Neo and Ryu could not bear to do anything to dissuade her from her passion. AD and Neo ask Kotogo to see Yuuko at the hospital, saying that she needs him the most now and they will handle everything on his behalf. Kotogo expresses his thanks and rushes to the hospital.

At the hospital, Yuuko is still unconscious. Roi arrives shortly afterwards and asks to know what happened. Kotogo reveals Yuuko's heart condition to Roi. Roi remarks all of this may have actually started from Roi because she helped Yuuko find her interest in singing and hence led her to this path which may be life threatening. Yuuko did not wake up, but her condition remains stable. The attending doctor gives his contact number to Kotogo, telling him he will contact him when Yuuko wakes up. Kotogo decides to go home since he can't do anything further.

There is another memory flashback at SOLAYA with Yuuko and Roi earlier where they exchange lively banter with one another. Back at the present moment, Kotogo rushes to the hospital after handling a long press conference full of questions on what happened to Yuuko after her sudden collapse at a national level competition. However, he bumped into Roi who was just leaving the hospital and found out the visiting hours are over after arriving too late in the evening.

Roi mentions Yuuko's condition is now stable, but she is still unconscious. Roi is apologetic for what happened, and arranges with Kotogo to take turns to visit Yuuko frequently. As Roi and Kotogo are going home together, Roi offers to temporarily take over Yuuko's lead singer role at Silver Star as Silvermoon, but when Kotogo is giving the matter serious thought by planning to discuss it with the Silver Star members, Roi clarifies that it was only a joke as they both know that if Yuuko wakes up to find out what happened, Yuuko may blame herself again for her own weakness.

There is another memory flashback of Yuuko arranging to meet Roi at the beachside. Roi was late as she was caught skipping classes and detained by her dean. Roi showed Yuuko a thick philosophy book where she admitted she had little interest in it and took the module by mistake. Roi told Yuuko she planned to work very hard as a singer, find a guitarist to match Yuuko, and they might see each other less frequently. They spend the entire day hanging out at the beach before running home together when a downpour came. As they were running away, Yuuko noticed Kotogo running in the direction to Shizuki's house to take shelter from the rain.

Back at the present moment, Kotogo rushes to the hospital on foot from the east side of town with Roi waiting for him outside. Roi reports that Yuuko has woken up and they should see Yuuko together. At Yuuko's hospital ward, Kotogo, Roi and Yuuko exchange lively banter, often making fun of Kotogo. At the end of the hospital visit when Roi and Kotogo are about to leave, Yuuko tries to say something but suddenly decides against it. While walking Roi back, Roi says she is entrusting Yuuko to Kotogo.

As Kotogo is walking in the park, he receives a text message from AD telling him to come to the rehearsal studio. At the studio, he finds Ryu, AD and Neo where Ryu announces the band Silver Star will be suspending all rehearsals and performances. Knowing Yuuko's condition, Kotogo knows there is nothing anyone could do and accepts the decision. Back at the park, a stray newspaper flies towards him and an article catches his eye which reported that Silver Star has suspended all activities because its lead singer is unable to turn up for rehearsals, and Halfmoon could not make its debut because it did not have enough members. Feeling enraged at the article, Kotogo tears and crumples the newspaper into a ball before throwing it into the nearest rubbish bin.

Two weeks have passed since Yuuko was warded at the hospital. Kotogo would often visit Yuuko, sometimes with Roi together. Seeing that Kotogo looks troubled, Yuuko tries to ask about it, but Kotogo manages to tell a white lie that he was tired from the band practice. Yuuko suddenly decides to confess that she had been using Kotogo all along because she was actually in love with Roi and wanted to make use of Kotogo to get Roi to feel jealous and take notice of Yuuko. Kotogo tries to reason with Yuuko, but finds out the actions Yuuko made earlier to gain Kotogo's notice, dissuade him from leaving town, bring him on board Silver Star and arrange the accomodation for him were entirely motivated to get Roi's attention and encourage her competitive nature without shattering her hopes of reviving her band Halfmoon. In between tears, Yuuko asks to break up with Kotogo, saying the act of being a couple is over.

Kotogo leaves Yuuko's ward to find Roi hanging outside and she has heard everything. Unable to hide her sadness and disappointment, Roi can only apologize to Kotogo for what happened. Kotogo tells Roi that the only person who could solve this matter is Roi as Roi and Yuuko have known each other much longer and Yuuko may actually have feelings for Roi. Kotogo decides to leave the hospital alone.

The next day, Kotogo decides to wander aimlessly through town, still remembering Yuuko's lively voice at the shopping district, outside OrlaneWorks, at Silver Star's rehearsal studio which is now empty, the park, Ryu's CD shop where Kotogo planned to say goodbye to Ryu before leaving town, at Yuran University where he thought of saying goodbye to Samon and Akira, but thought better of it after considering that Roi may appear and give him a long scolding, the place where he played the arcade crane machine with Yuuko earlier and the beachside.

At the beachside, Kotogo encounters the mysterious man Rilin who is currently drinking beer. Rilin mentions he has heard from Ryu about what happened to Kotogo and could guess that he was more or less dumped by his girlfriend. Rilin imparts to Kotogo some useful advice where from time, experience and memories, these combine to form feelings. Kotogo's hesitation and indecision by giving up and running away from things by leaving town will only leave regrets and regrets will not give birth to anything. Rilin leaves Kotogo alone after finishing his beer.

Days pass and Kotogo continues to feel depressed, staying in his room throughout. One day, his mobile phone starts to beep. Kotogo decides to answer it. It is a call by AD informing him that Silver Star will be resuming practice and the band would like Kotogo to take over as lead singer. Kotogo will need to come over to the rehearsal studio if he would like to find out more on what happened. Feeling motivated again, Kotogo hurries over to the studio.
Yuuko route (part 4)
At the studio, Kotogo finds Ryu, AD, Neo there along with Halfmoon's band members Roi, Akira and Samon. Ryu has made the decision to merge Halfmoon with Silver Star to become Silvermoon again, with AD retaining his role as drummer, Akira becoming keyboard pianist, Samon taking over as bass guitarist, Neo becoming melody guitarist, Roi as main guitarist and Kotogo taking over as lead singer and captain of the new band as Silver Star is low in morale without any activity and Halfmoon lacks members to form a proper band. This was under the wishes of Yuuko. Roi says she has a letter from Yuuko she would like to personally hand over to Kotogo in front of everybody at this studio meeting. Kotogo has the option to immediately tear apart the letter(撕掉信件) or to open and read the contents of the letter(打开信件).

Tearing apart the letter

If Kotogo chooses to tear apart the letter, he will tear the letter to pieces without reading it and walk away, saying the studio and music is meaningless to him anymore and he doesn't want any part in participating in the band activities, stunning everyone.

Since then, Kotogo has decided to give up on music, settle down in Yuran, work odd jobs part-time and study philosophy with help from Samon and Akira. 10 years later, Kotogo receives a Nubalu Philosophy Prize and he exchanges jokes with congratulatory wishes from Akira and Samon.

(Game over)

Opening and reading the letter

If Kotogo opens and reads the letter (Insert song 心的碎片 will be played), the letter will read that Yuuko is remorseful for having treated him so harshly, dumping him and then leaving for K town to receive more specialized medical treatment, yet she knows she must accept her weaknesses and move on without Kotogo and Roi as she doesn't want to lose either of them. Yuuko wishes Kotogo all the best in restarting the new band Silvermoon and tells him not to harbour any perverse thoughts on Roi, or look for Yuuko as Kotogo is still too early by 3 years.

(Ending theme End with a Smile)

3 years pass. Silvermoon floundered initially and almost disbanded as the change was too drastic by having a lead male singer instead of a female singer. Yet through good marketing and brand packaging, Silvermoon recovered and eventually attracted many female fans with its new look and brand image. In order to cultivate Kotogo's new role and image, he has been enrolled and accepted into the prestigious music academy Yuuko formerly attended. As he tries to find his way inside the academy for the welcome party, a group of female fans surround him, inviting him to a party and to sign autographs. A female voice suddenly comes from one direction, saying it is against the university rules to shout within the academy. Recognizing that voice, Kotogo immediately turns to see... Yuuko in her bonnet smiling at him.

(Yuuko FIN)
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