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How to: get/earn platinum (trading guide)
By Desserten
A guide for players who is having a hard time getting plat to buy slots etc.
This guide will give a rundown of the easiest ways to start trading, with low risk.
This guide is meant for players new to trading.

The goal of this is to get your comfortably into trading, and giving you the tools to not get scammed while trading (i.e. selling an item far below it's value)

DISCLAIMER FOR NEW PLAYERS: To trade you are required to be at least Mastery Rank 2, be part of a Clan or have access to Maroo's Bazaar.. It is in general expected that you as the seller will invite the buyer, so if you don't have a clan find one in Recruitment chat or on /r/WarframeClanRecruit
Go into your browser and type in the url: Warframe.market

This will bring you to this page(click to enlarge):

First thing you need to do is create an account. When you've done that you are required to verify your account name. - This will be explained when you've created an account, but in short it will ask you to PM a user/bot on the warframe forum.

Alright? - Great, we're in!

First things first, you need to get an overview of what items you own. (You don't want a person PM'ing you for an item you no longer have) I highly suggest a spreadsheet (There will be a template link at the bottom).
Searching and pricing an item
After you figured out what you want to sell, it's time to search the item. Press the white box and start typing in the item you want to sell.

Now we're on the sell page for the item

This is where you need to start figuring out what you want to sell it for.
For this example I picked Helios Prime Cerebrum. The prices atm are between 14 and 20 platinum.
Now you might be asking yourself "What's the right price?" or "Are the 14-15 plat people selling it too low?"

That's where this tab comes in. If you press the "Statistic" tab you get this:

This will tell you the avg. price an item has been sold for over either 48 hours or 90 days.
Prices fluctuate, so at some times an item will be worth a lot, and at other times less.

From this I see that the avg. daily sell price is 15 plat.. So if I'm looking for a fast trade, I'll sell it for 15p, or if I want to see if I can get a little extra/have the time I'd sell it for 20p.
Ok, so now that we've found our price, it's time to sell.

Click the Orange circle in the bottom right, and you'll get this screen.

Here you need to type in the price (left box) and the amount you want to sell (right box)
Remember: The price is pr. item, and not for multiple.

Click the Post button, and your first trade is up, and ready to be bought!
Your Profile

Next thing is your profile. This is where you keep track of your trades.

I've marked 4 black boxes which are good to use!

First of (and the most important): Go up to your profile name, and set yourself as "online in game" when you're ready to trade. If you're just afk and watching youtube, I suggest going borderless window, make youtube into a window, so you can still see the ingame chat.

The others are for ease of access..
- Sort your active trades by Name/Value/Quantity. (I use sort by name, since it makes it easier for me to see if I have more stuff to add to my list)

- Activate all / Deactivate all: As I said, prices fluctuate, so it's a good way to set yourself as online in game, and then check if your prices match the current market

- Sold / Edit / Trashcan:
-When you sell something click "sold" and it will go into your statistics
-Trashcan is if you ended up using it yourself, or traded it for ducats at baro ki'teer (you didn't
sell it, but it's not for sale anymore)
-Edit, this one is to check and edit prices, when you click it you will see the 5 lowest sale prices
and the 5 highest buy prices. Use this to change your prices according to the current market.
Prime items
Primed items are acquired from the Relics you recieve in missions.

These relics can be upgraded to give a higher chance for better grade primes throught the void relic refiner. If you want to upgrade a relic always upgrade it to Radiant, since the other options are never worth it.

When upgrading relics there are 2 things you should consider:
1. Am I upgrading because I need the item myself
2. Am I upgrading to sell the items

If 1 upgrade at your leisure, if 2 check up on which of your relics have the highest income with the rare quality items.

This is where the term "trash relics" comes in.. Some relics have items in them that overall sell for low amounts. These relics are for gathering void traces. Don't upgrade them, and use them in fissures to gather traces so you can upgrade your good relics.
In general selling mods is not as profitable as prime parts, but it's easy, and a stable way to get platinum.

There are 3 ways in general to get mods for sale.

1. Vault mods (Orokin Derelict).
- What people in general are looking to buy are the frame mods, and Heavy Caliber. So there's a
good amount of mods in between, that generally just doesn't sell, or sell for very little. But it's an
easy and reliable farm since you're always guareentied 1 random vault mod pr. run

2. Low drop chance mods
- Condition overload sells for a good amount of plat, and if you get one you don't need is very easy
and quick to sell. Problem is that it has a very low drop chance from 1 grineer enemy type, so it's
generally not something I'd suggest farming for. (Think of it as a nice bonus when polymer
farming instead imo)

3. Bounty/Cetus set mods. (Plains of Eidolon)
- Some are worth next to nothing, but some sell for a nice amount! - So if you are doing bounties in
the plains/getting rep, consider looking for one of the bounties that give Augur Reach or Augur

4. Aura mods.
- Do the aura mod alerts! It's easy it's quick.. You already have steel charge? Well good thing
people will buy them for 10-15 plat.

Primed mods are a good sale if you can hold on to them. If you are looking to sell them within 1-3 months, then don't waste your time on them. Primed mods sell for around 60 plat the first while after they've been sold by baro, the months leading up to him having them tho.. That's where the plat is.
- Though it's never a bad idea if you have the ducats, to buy an extra mod to have when he's there.
Baro Ki'teer / Void Trader
As mentioned in the mods section for primed mods..

This is where you buy stuff to save for later.

Baro sells mods and weapons you can trade. When he comes, and a good while after he's gone the prices will be around half of their normal price.

You got the extra space? - Buy them and let them collect dust until prices are up again.

That said.. You got some prime items lying around that's worth around 3plat.. Trade them for ducats, and buy one of his items.. It's a better investment to spend 60plat worth of trash prime parts to buy a prisma weapon that's worth the same at that time. All in all, it's an easier sell.
Misc. items
Beyond the items mentioned there are some items that can be worth a good amount, and quite likely you'll have some of these sittiing in your inventory without knowing it.

1. Wraith / Vandal weapons.
- These blueprints and parts sometimes appear in invasions.

2. Lenses and Eidolon Lens Blueprints! (Plains of Eidolon)
- This is the easy platinum.. normal lenses go for around 5-10 platinum depending on the school. And the Eidolon Lens blueprint is generally around 40-50 plat. They are semi-easy to get from bounties (lenses), and they give a good pay off considering the time spent. The eidolon bp is a bit more rare, but the bounty is pretty much always up, so there's always a chance for it.

3. Fishing and Mining (Plains of Eidolon)
- This is an easy and sustainable way of making plat, but require some reputation with Ostron before it starts making sense.
- Fishing: You want to acquire the different type of bait. Special type fish are generally sold for 1-3 platinum each, and people will generally buy in bulk (so that's 5-15p for each time you open a trade window). Easy to do, and doesn't require any special MR or gear to be possible (though a volt can help you catch tougher fish because of his passive). If you want to do this check the wiki for when and where fish spawns so you don't waste your bait!
- Mining: This is hard early, but with the end laser much easier. The gems acquired with mining can be worth quite a lot (especially the 5/5 ones). When mining try and be as precise as possible, there's an indicator at the top signaling the output quality as you mine.
- If you want to do these, I suggest focusing on Fishing and mine as you pass by the nodes (Also when running from fishing pool to the next, pull out your mining laser, It will give you a sound if you are near a node).
Personal Suggestions/Spreadsheet
Prime and tradable weapon spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qOwsuA8COj0g1qxndzQ3VVPRAhAynbtsDeEB7IV_bek/edit?usp=sharing

My best suggestions when trading is:

- Never make a deal you're not comfortable with (They want to change the deal to an item instead of
plat.. You're unsure? Don't do it..)
- Side note: If they suggest a trade, make sure the item they are proposing instead has a higher
value than what you requested in plat. They are not the only person looking to buy, and an
equal trade gives you a new item to trade, and 1 less trade for the day.

- If you have the oppertunity, sell your prime items as a set (Full Banshee set etc.). Selling a set gives
a higher income in general than selling seperatly.

- Everytime you start trading for the day: Go through the items you have for sale and adjust your prices.

- And finally and most importantly: Be nice, welcoming, and thank people for the trade. :-)

Commenter Tips
1. Remember that you can't recieve items in trade that has a Higher MR requirement than your current Mastery Rank! (Courtesy of Elimo)

2. You can sell Syndicate mods for an easy profit by just playing. Im Warframe.market if you enter for instance New Loka Augment Mod into the search, you can start a sale for a random syndicate mod from that syndicate. You need max rank for the syndicate to be able to buy them! (Courtesy of Luigi Shepard)

MVP Tip: Take your time. With time you'll get a better understanding, and not need to rely as much on statistics, Though it's a good help for when you should be selling! (Courtesy of @Iamgingerbear)
05 Febuary 2018: Slight formating change, smaller pictures, bold/cursive/underlining.

11 Febuary 2018: Added a section for tips provided by the commenters.

15 Febuary 2018: Added images for Prime/mods/misc. sections.

08 March 2018: Added fishing and mining to the misc. section
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DangerFlooof.ttv Feb 18, 2018 @ 8:54pm 
How about Naeglar Hive Sabotage? It takes some getting used to, but you can get High Voltage and Shell Shock there and get platinum rather quickly
elimo Feb 10, 2018 @ 5:03pm 
I want to add a small note (if there isn't already) for anyone new and looking to buy some items through trading. If you do not possess the Mastery Rank to craft the item, you cannot trade for the item that has that MR lock. Example would be a fellow Tenno who is only MR8 and wanting to buy a Galatine Prime Blueprint from another Tenno which has a MR13 lock on it. All crafting components will be tradable except for the blueprint because Tenno A needs to be MR13 to craft Galatine Prime.
Desserten  [author] Feb 9, 2018 @ 6:39am 
@here we go My problem with rivens (and the reason that I don't want to include it) is that their price are so different, and generally depend on the seller and buyers perspective of worth.
If you want to look at riven prices I'd suggest checking on https://semlar.com/rivenprices/
DISCLAIMER: Remember that there is a lot of weapon changes incoming, and the new eidolons can give you an item to transmute 4 together, so prices are subject to change!

I can't give you an educated answer on what your rivens are worth, but there's this site, and on the forums there's a guy valueing rivens (https://forums.warframe.com/topic/853398-_________-pc-only-_________-riven-mod-price-evaluation-get-your-riven-mod-price-checked-here/)

Hope these can help you a bit
Volkeris Feb 9, 2018 @ 2:00am 
Nah bro, Flawless over Radiant.
Anonymous Iguana Feb 8, 2018 @ 9:14pm 
what about rivens?
kurtkabayne Feb 7, 2018 @ 11:37am 
A very informative guide! Much love to you, author!
Desserten  [author] Feb 6, 2018 @ 1:52am 
@iamgingerbear Thanks a lot! - I try my best to be as informative as possible in guides, since I want to make sure that people don't mess up.

If you or any other should have some good tips that's worth adding, please do leave a message, and I'll add it to the guide! :-)
@iamgingerbear Feb 6, 2018 @ 1:25am 
I expected a troll post but honestly this is pretty much spot on! You can make a fair amount of plat just buying up parts of sets and then selling the set, or even just buying sets and selling them later on. e.g. a while back I was buying soma and boltor sets for 100p each and selling them for 150p
For newbies to trading just take your time, after a while you'll get an understanding of somethings value so you won't have to check the statistics for everything, though it does help you find out when you should be looking to sell something. Good luck out there tenno. o7
Woe Feb 5, 2018 @ 3:47pm 
@Mingcrusher I've exclusively used warframe.market for all my trading and have never once had a problem with it or the people who use it.
Desserten  [author] Feb 5, 2018 @ 1:14pm 
@mingcrusher And what issues should that be? - All trading is done through the game, so there's never a situation where they recieve your items or plat.. Where is the "risk" you're refering to?