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War. War never changes.
The AFTERMATH Team presents you the AFTERMATH mod. We would like to invite everyone who has a burning passion for post-apocalyptic atmosphere and Fallout game series to this journey - explore the wastes in Arma as you've never did before. With a high potential for roleplaying and warfare scenarios, this mod aims to recreate the initial mood and style of the Fallout.

Combine it with Ravage, RP or COOP missions and you'll have a hell of a coctail. Create missions with unique assets and rig the game from the start! Life in the wastes is about to change.

We hope you'll like it! Good luck on the wastes and remember that war, war never changes.

Key Features:
  • Factions And Units
    The mod contains many factions, main factions are: NCR, Caesar's Legion, Enclave and Brotherhood of Steel. Secondary factions complete this list with these: The Railroad, NCR Rangers, Brotherhood Outcasts, Gunners, Jackals, Kings, Great Khans and civilians (vault residents included). Every faction has different unit types like medics, engineers etc.
  • Equipment
    Aftermath has a wide selection of equipment for player to wear. Hell, you can even dress as a Benny or Easy Pete! And of course, what is a Fallout without power armor? But be sure that you won't lose an expensive piece of army-issue equipment. That suit is going to come out of your pay, and you will remain in this mans army until you are five hundred and ten years old, which is the number of years it will take for you to pay for a Mark II Powered Combat Armor you have lost!
  • Weapons
    Trooper! Always check your service rifle! The Legion is going to strike when it malfunctions!
    The list of weapons becomes bigger with every update! We already have firearms and energy weapons, or even throwing weapons to spice things up a little! Melee system is coming soon ;)
  • Map
    Build your own home on the wastes with the Map Mojave. Being a modified version of original Gila by Acoustic, whom we thank really much for this donation, this 10 km² map creates a great feel of desolation. Although it is still in development, it is already a fairly big and consistent map! Also, be sure to check our Alaska and Dead Sea maps!
  • Props
    Build your own wasteland with hundreds of post-apocalyptic props! We have a wide variety of objects to use on your map or mission and we add more and more with every update!
  • Vehicles
    Aftermath has vehicles! Although the list of them is not big, you can already drive some civilian cars or military truck! And yeah, Enclave has eyebots ;)
    Try and fly the XVB02 vertibird for NCR, Enclave and Brotherhood of Steel or try out XVB03 for Enclave. For now, these are retextures of vanilla V-44X Blackfish and Y-32 Xi'an, but our own variant is going to appear soon. Arma 3 Apex required!
  • Ambient Fallout Music (Module)
    We all know Fallout for its ambient soundtrack that makes you feel the aftermath of the nuclear war. Now you can use the ambient music module from the Zeus and Eden to make it play in combat, stealth and safe situations.
  • New Faces
    Its ghouls i tell ya! Religious ghouls in rockets looking for a place to call their own. Don't you laugh at me! We really have the ghouls! And besides them we also have tribals, women and some unique ones, too! More faces are coming!

    Dev Team:


    All credits go to Obsidian Entertainment, Black Isle Studios and Bohemia Entertainment. Without these guys this wouldn't have been possible! Thank you for all your games!

    We would also like to thank Renafox[] for his amazing models we used! These include many wreck models!

    Also, thank you to the:
    Millenia for H&K CAWS model[]! We textured it and added to the mod.
    SpeedyB and SplitSoul for Tribal T51b helmet[]!
    Toadie2k for G3 reloading animation[]!
    Yogensia for Nuka Cola bottle cap model[]!
    johnson for destroyed buildings[]!
    al0sral0 for his cardboard vault boy[]!

    Ask us questions and see the development state in our discord

    Bohemia Interactive
    Black Isle Studios
    Obsidian Entertainment
    Bethesda Game Studios
    Our Discord and Patreon contributors

    Want to support our mod?
    If you want to thank us for the work we do, you can donate us anything you like. No matter how much - we'll be happy anyway!



    Don't forget to hit like and favorite buttons. You're giving us motivation by doing this!

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I honestly don't know if you guys already patched it, but the issue i was experiencing has disappeared as of today. if that was the devs, i'm really impressed by the quick response.
Adding to the previous bug report:
The skeleton meshes seem to have been broken, as the affected costumes simply float in a t-pose below the normal position.
US Winter Combat Armor (male), ALL Raider outfits, and the US Marine Armors are also affected.
Leather Armor, Joshua's Outfit, and a few other cosmetic outfits are broken as of the newest Arma update
Tzar Apr 10 @ 2:56pm 
If House's faction ever gets added, the securitrons can be like the vanilla drones, except with one wheel and 2 guns.
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liberty prime when
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The new PA visor hud and damage system is abso fucking lutely awesome man.
Igor Nikolaev Mar 22 @ 2:16pm 

Hey! Thank you for bringing that out, I literally forgot to fix that! For now you can group them with OPFOR and they'll become hostile towards them :)
bob.dangerzone Mar 22 @ 1:59pm 
Do you think you could swap the Ghouls alliance to independent or something else as the NCR are friendly towards ghouls, unless this was intentional or my game glitched out. Anyway thanks for the addition as its nice to fight something that cant shoot back
FGOliveira Mar 22 @ 12:30pm 
im waithing for the next update
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the truth is,the game was rigged from the start