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Death Inc.
Feb 6, 2013 @ 7:26am
Apr 18, 2013 @ 1:12am
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We are Greenlit!
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Release date: October 2013
Ever thought there must be more to the afterlife than keeping gravediggers and veil-makers busy?

Death Inc. is a unique hybrid of real-time strategy, god game and business simulation, harking back to some of the Bullfrog classics like Theme Park and Dungeon Keeper. It'll be released simulataneously for Windows, Mac and Linux.

You are Grim T. Livingstone, Reaper, and it's your task to spread the bubonic plague throughout 17th century England with your horde of infected minions. Harvest the souls of the living to build your horde, use them to expand your business empire and strive to become the greatest Reaper the world has ever endured.

Like any small-time Reaper, you'll start out modestly: Parish villages, farms, homesteads. People of no consequence, with simple souls. Easy fodder. As Death Inc. expands and more resources become available you'll be able to tackle more strategic targets, like noblemen's castles, seats of power, even entire cities. The Great Fire Of London in 1665, for example, was no accident.

Get The Alpha!

Check it out! You can buy the Alpha for Death Inc. (which also serves as a discounted pre-order for the final game) here: {LINK REMOVED}.

If you buy it now, we'll give you a Steam Key too when the time comes!

The game features a unique 'freehand' paintbrush-like control system that allows for fluid control without sacrificing precision or finesse. You'll be able to use both broad brush strokes and fine-detailed pencil-like lines. This allows you to simply paint down your orders and watch them unfold in realtime. Importantly, you'll never lose control and can always fine-tune your units' behaviours if you want to.

Physics puzzles
As a Reaper, you've earned the right to do what you want. Levels are neither an open plan space nor a linear path, but a multi-path map with twists, turns, choke points and many routes to victory (or defeat). Each level is a sandbox in its own right. Physics puzzles and traps dot the landscape and can be solved, utilised or perhaps even circumvented, leading to huge replayability and choice.

Special Abilities
What game about the bubonic plague in 17th century England is complete without a wide and varied array of special abilities? Terrorise the neighbourhood with plague rats, unleash long-range pestilence with pigeon pox or cause a mass evacuation (so to speak) with the wedding-ruining norovirus brunch.

Meta Game
Apart from all the reaping, you'll have a hand in running Grim T. Livingstone's business concerns. Starting off in the basement, you'll be able to grow your business using harvested souls as currency. Hire underlings to increase productivity and complete secondary challenges. Improve the decor with R.I.P. bedsheets and coffin clocks. Everything you do will add up to a more productive workforce.

As you might expect in an RTS, there is a wide and varied selection of unit types, including villagers, vigilantes, giants, and plague doctors. Plus there are archers! Cavalry! Siege weapons!

Each unit (or villager) is individually simulated and each has their own goals and choices. Individually they have desires to fight, flee, destroy and more, but when put together they behave like a fluid and form a fascinating and deep crowd control simulation. Just like a torrent of water, your infected horde will flood through towns and villages smashing though obstacles and breaking the very defences built to stop you!

The most important thing for any Reaper, however, is to never feel out of control.

The best bit about running a company staffed by victims of the plague? Never having to give sick leave.
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Dead game?
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I'm Scottish so, yeah picked the right king.
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not bad
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good game
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