The Ultimate DOOM

The Ultimate DOOM

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How to enjoy DOOM
By goldzioch
This guide will show you how to install and set up GZDOOM .
First you want to download GZDOOM
ZDOOM - old version
QZDOOM - not stable build
So that leaves us with GZDOOM and you should interested in one of those two versions: 32 and 64 bit.
Download the one that fits your system.
Getting into your game folder
So first thing we want to do is to get into your game folder, to do that:
-right click on your steam game
-click properties

-go into local files tab
-click browse local files

We are now in the game folder
(you might want to make a copy of it, but since it's like 20mb no big deal if anything happens)
Open the folder "base" and it should look like this

Now the easiest way to do this is to remove the dosbox.exe

Now we move to the GZDOOM unpack the file you downloaded and you should get this.

Copy all the files into the "base" folder.
Rename "gzdoom.exe" to "dosbox.exe" (if you do that steam will launch the game as usual)
Now run your game.
GZDOOM will get things done after the first run.
Setting up
As you can see we are not done yet.
The resolution is bad mouse still doesnt work like it should, and few minor things might be out of order.
Go into options.

First we want the resolution -> click set video mode

You can test them if you click the T on them.
Now that you picked the right one for you can make the game go fullscreen by clicking ALT+ENTER on your keyboard.

Ok we got this over with, lets set up some more modern controls.
Click customize controls option.

The things we want to change is arrow keys into wsad
move forward -> w
move backward -> s
strafe left -> a
strafe right -> d

Time for some mouse changes
Set forward/backward value to 0 (this will remove the movement via mouse)

Now for the hud. Start new game so you will see the hud on your screen.
With your higher resolution it should be a tiny bar.

Go to the hud options -> scaling options
Now change the value of the status bar like below.
(value for it to look the same might be different because of your resolution)
Extra stuff
While it's not really that important. I like the less clean music for my doom.
Go to the sound options and change midi device to OPL SYNTH EMULATION

This gives it very nostalgic sound.

Also another option that you might want to change.
Mouse in menu is set to touchscreen-like while it doesnt bother me all that much, it is annoying.
Go to the mouse options ->enable mouse in menus
Just change the option to YES.
That is all for the guide. I hope you can enjoy some DOOM again with this guide.
If you want something added or corrected just tell me in the comments.
Thanks for reading.

So few things i want to point out.
1You dont need to remove anything from the game folder in order for gzdoom to work, all you need to do is copy files and launch it from the gzdoom.exe file.
2Only reason why you need to delete dosbox.exe file is so that you can rename the gzdoom file into it and cheat steam into thinking that thats the proper one.
You can add something like below to the launch options in properties but you have to keep in mind that it might differ depending on where you have steam games, also "" are included in what you need to type in
"C:\somerandomfolder\steamapps\common\Ultimate Doom\base\gzdoom.exe"
Having it renamed is much easier process.
3If you click on the launch with classic controls option when turning the game on it seems to redownload original files of the game from steam. So ignore that option and just use the "Play ULTIMATE DOOM"

In the end I think that if you just remove a single file called "dosbox.exe" then replace it with "gzdoom.exe" and change its name(ofc you need to copy other files too). It will work just fine.
Try launching it right after you put gzdoom files in(without any further changes), with the file you know is correct, without the use of steam.
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12oz JoCoke Jan 7 @ 3:11pm 
goldzioch  [author] Dec 28, 2017 @ 11:22am 
Replied to you in notes section because it seems that my comment was too long.
12oz JoCoke Dec 28, 2017 @ 10:59am 
When I installed GZDoom, I copied everything in the GZDoom folder over to the 'base' folder, and deleted anything in the 'base' folder that looked like it had anything to do with DOSBox, but when I launched DOOM, it deleted that copy of GZDoom, and reinstalled DOSBox.