Wargame: European Escalation

Wargame: European Escalation

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Your first NATO deck
By Sithis and 2 collaborators
A guide on what to include in your first NATO Deck
It is a must have in every deck. Any game that runs longer than 20-30min will have you completely deplete a FOB so be sure to bring a second one especially when using ATGM or Artillery.

This is your primary Command vehicle (CV). Placing a CV in a control zone will generate points that will enable you to buy more units. These units are expensive and should be protected heavily at all times.
The M577 is a good choice for your primary CV since its lightly armoured, but still cheap. Making it affordable, but enabling you to move it out of the way in case of direct mortar fire that would otherwise kill a lighter CV. You can how ever only bring 2 per game.
The only difference between M577CPC and M577G is their nationality.

Not as well protected as the M557 and just as expensive, but you can field 4 per match, therefore it is a good choice when securing zones well behind your own lines. The HMG can be disregarded since CV are not ment for fighting.

Your standart resupply unit. It carries a fair load of resupplies and is lightly armoured. For 30$ the ideal choice for resupplying your troops on the front line. Once dry make sure to send them back to your FOBs ASAP to keep your fighting units supplied.

5.CH-47C Super Chinook
It carries a lot of supplies, but is very vunlerable. If you have a safe spot and need to repair and resupply a lot of units this is your unit of choice. Its superior speed compared with the HEMTT makes it also come in handy on larger maps.
Recon is one of the most important aspects of WEE. If you dont see your enemy, but he can see you, you have already lost the game.

1.M151A2 MUTT
Very Good optics and the low price of 30$ makes this a good light recon vehicle. It wont survive enemy fire and it cant defend itself, but it doesnt have to since its only purpose is to hide and observe. Some people myself included prefer Recon Infantry for this role, but the MUTT is easier to manage for a beginner.

2.Gazelle AH.1
The cheapest Recon helicopter with excellent optics. Need to cover a big area or want to check out an unprotected flank quick, this is your recon of choice. Just be careful, because PACT AAA will shoot it down in no time if you get to close to the front line.
It is also a good place to get a feel for choppers.

3.M3 Bradley CFV ->M3A1 Bradley CFV
Very Good optics and a price of 80$ doesnt make this a cheap unit, but the Bradley with his mighty Autocannon and accurate missles makes it effective against light vehicles and Main-battle tanks (MBTs) alike. Field one with your main tank force and it becomes a great addition to your army.

4.SpPz Luchs->SpPz Luchs A1
The Luchs A1 has Very Good optics like the MUTT, but for the extra money you spend you get a bit of protection. It doesnt explode from the first impact of mortar fire and it can defend itself against some light vehicles should it be discovered, which also adds a gun to your main army should you use it as part of it.
So it is not quite as small and sneaky as the MUTT and not as big and mighty as the Bradley, rather something from both worlds.

Tanks are the back bone of every army. Their cannons kill Infantry, light Vehicles and other tanks alike. The only thing they really need to fear are other tanks and ATGM tankhunters. Also dont get them to close to regular Infantry or into enemy woods. With other words they are your babies. Protect them well and they will carry you to victory.

The AMX-30B2 is the perfect tank to kill light vehicles and with enemy attacks mainly consisting of APCs and light tanks I advise you to have between 4-8 on the field at any given time. Their cannon is very accurate, but not strong enough to compete with the armor of heavy tanks. They also have an autocannon mounted for when the fight gets close and personal.
Also they come cheap at 55$, so beginner mistakes wont cost you a fortune.

2.Leopard 2->2A1->2A4
With the best front armor and best main cannon in the game this beast will cost you 145$, but apart from skilled tankhunters there is very little that can touch it. In skilled hands sorrounded by a good army set up a heavy tank can still rule the battlefield, but equally every little mistake can cost you 145$.
If you have become comfortable with controlling tanks and have a lot of spare money give it a try and i assure you you will enjoy playing this unit. (Alternatively the Challenger 1 offers better protection, but fields a worse cannon and the M1A1 Abrams is right in between the two.)

3.M60A1 Patton->AOS Patton->Rise Patton->A3Patton->Super M60
The Patton series of tanks is a recommendation by "Ribar".
Rise Patton has one more AP power with the cannon compared to the AMX30B2 and costs 40$ instead of 55$, but he is less accurate. For 60$ you get the A3Patton with upgraded gun and front armor. Still not as accurate as the AMX30B2, but stronger and with bigger AP power.
If you really got money to spend for fire support you can even go for the Super M60. It costs 85$ is not well enough protected for a heavy tank and has to much firepower for a medium tank. So it is a nice mix should the situation call for it.

Woods and Cover are more important in WEE than in any other game and the Infantry rules the woods. There are Infantry units for almost every task from Recon over fighting and Anti-Air to Anti-Tank.
In this guide i will not mention ATGM infantry or AAA Infantry since its vehicle counter parts are more effective. Those Infantry units have a usefull place in the game, but for a beginner I will try to keep it simple and as manageable as possible.

1.2e REP +VAB
The cheapest recon Infantry in the game with $25 even 5$ cheaper than the MUTT. Place them anywhere they can hide in every bush extremely well and give you vital intel.
Be sure to move the VAB somewhere else. Either down a road you hope is unprotected or save a couple of empty VABs.
With the empty VABs you accumolate this way during the match you can either try to sneek around the back and try to kill CVs or spearhead an attack to give the enemy something worthless to shoot at first.

2.Chasseurs Famas+VAB
The more expensive variant of the Chasseurs (20$ instead of 15$). These units are a lot better than their cheaper counterparts. Place them in positions that are more important and you are willing to spend/loose more money on.

3.Delta Force + UH-1D Huey ->1H->Blackhawk
Delta Force are among the best Anti Infantry,Recon and short range Anti-Tank units in the game. You want eyes on the enemy base, cut of a spawn or assasinate a CV this is you unit of choice.
They come in 3 different helicopters that mainly differ in range and speed. You need to be somewhere quick at the beginning of the round? Blackhawk! You only need to hop over a river to cut of a spawn? Huey!

4.Fusiliers+FV603 Saracen
For 15$ this Infantry unit is just as expensive as the Chausseurs and comes in a vehicle that is not even nearly as good as the VAB, but they are just as good in Anti Infantry combat as the Chasseur FAMAS and just a little bit better with their Anti-tank rockets than the Chasseur.
So If you only want to clear out Infantry. For example in a big forest. Buy Fusiliers.

5.Panzergrenadiere + Marder 1
For 55$ per Unit they are expensive, but the combination of Panzergrenadiere + Marder is powerful.
The Panzergrenadiere themselves have 10 accuracy and 2 HE Power in Infantry combat, which makes them almost as good as SpecOps (Ac10/HE3).
They also carry a guided ATGM that does great damage to morale with AP 12, but they only hit something on close range with accuracy 5 making them very cost effective in defensive positions.
The Marder 1 is a good support vehicle. Front and side armor 2 makes it quite though and the autocannon adds some serious firepower.
I wouldnt recommend using them as your main Infantry unit, but in the defense they get more than their points worth with the added bonus of the Marder 1 beeing able to survive some arty fire.
Support mainly covers 2 categories Anti-Aircraft (AAA) and Artillery.

AAA basically makes enemy attack choppers worthless when deployed correctly and is therefore a must have in every army. Without it your enemy will buy 1 chopper and just kill your army unit by unit.

Artillery is also vital. They kill unarmored targets and suppress any units that survive. Make sure your Recon have eyes on so you get "corrected shot", but dont buy to much Artillery. They are expensive and eat up supplies like no tomorrow. Every point you dont spend in frontline units is a point that your enemy can use to overrun you faster thatn your Artillery can reload.

Should you face someone spamming Artillery you know 2 things:
1.They will run out of resupplies faster than you
2.You have more points on the ground than him
Use that to your advantage:
Get your main army out of view.
Use single cheap units to attract his fire and make him waste ammo.
Search for a weak point in his lines to break him.
Assasinate his Recon.

1.AMX-30 Roland->Roland2->Marder Roland 2
The Marder Roland 2 offers precises AAA and has a bigger range than high end attack helicopters, therefore keep it in cover next to your tanks. 2 Marder Rolands should be enough to deal with most air threats. Best is you split your 2 Rolands up so they cant get stuned at the same time.

2.M48A1 Chaparral
Very inaccurate, but with an amazing 4200m range this vehicle can be kept safe and resupplied behind your lines and still provide decent AAA cover. For best effect I advice to also buy them in pairs of two and keep them resupplied with one HEMTT at all times a second HEMTT cant hurt for when things get busy.

3.Flakpanzer M42A1 -> Gepard -> Gepard A1
The Gepard A1 is AAA, but its short range makes it useless against most choppers, but unlike other AAA it can shoot on the move, therefore a nice addition for mobile units. It is very usefull when defending against a ground unit assault as well. Its mighty autocannons will destroy light vehicles and stun even heavy MBTs.
So if you got some sparr money and want to fortify a position or defend a CV behind your own lines against choppers this is a decent unit to buy.

4.M270 MLRS
This vehicle launches a hail of rockets over the distance of almost any map. It eats a lot of supplies, but if you place one next to your FOB and choose your targets wisely you will not be disappointed. In the target area light vehicles will be damaged or destroyed and every unit will experience stun. A great way to start a counterattack.

For 100$ a piece this artillery is quite expensive. So if you plan on using it I advise to start with an army without Artillery and some extra FOBs and make 4 AMX AUF1 the first thing to buy during the game. A4 piece AUF1 strike with corrected shot will even kill armored CVs so with good recon you can bomb your enemy out of contested areas, but remember 400$ is a lot of money missing on the front line so choose wisely.
Vehicles combine empty APCs, IFVs, Tank hunters and Mortar carriers.

1.AML 60 -> AML 90 LYNX
AML60 is a very cheap Mortar carrier (20$). A great start if you want to get a feel for Artillery. I advice getting them in a set of 8, but some people or content with 4 and I know someone who plays with no less than 16 at a time.
They are close range for arty and carry a lot of ammo. Keep them behind your tanks let them shoot at a target and as soon as they are done move them around, because a good opponent will counter fire with his artillery. They dont need as much ammo as normal artillery, but do their job equally well when used on mass.

AML 90 LYNX is the cheapest tank hunter (15$), but it wont actually kill any tanks. It basically a tin box with a potatoe gun screwed on.
So why buy this piece of junk for 15$ you ask? Well the enemy shoots at whatever he sees first, so sending 4 LYNX in front of your tanks will give your tanks one or two shots before recieving counterfire. The LYNX wont hit, but they will tip moral in your favour.
Also if you are not sure if a location is save and you dont have any empty VABs to sacrifice, just send a LYNX.

2.M113 106mm RR->M150->M901ITW
The M901 ITW (55$) is a lightly armored tank hunter that carries enough ammo for one match and wont explode from the first mortar hit. Hide it behind your tanks and micro manage it to target the enemies MBTs and other heavily armored units. I advice buying 4 for maximum killing power.
Be sure to keep it away from enemy artillery fire and use its great maximum range.

The M113 106mm RR is also a great unit to stun the enemy (7AP). It wont hit anything, but for 10$ a piece the enemy morale will drop quickly

3.M151A2 TOW-> I-TOW
Has the same stats as the M901 ITW, but for half the price. There are 2 drawbacks however:
1.Only 4 ATGM per vehicle, so after 4 shots you have to ressuply.
2.No armor at all. A Mortar round looks at this vehicle from 20 yards away and its dead.

4.M2 Bradley IFV->M2A1 Bradley IFV
Just as expensive as the M901 ITW (55$), just as good with the ATGM and just as well protected the M2A1 sacrifices some ammo storage for an Autocannon. If you expect a big amount of lighter vehicles it is really worth having in your deck, just make sure to have enough resupply near by. Some people like to use the Marder1A3 instead which is not as good with its weapons, but has good front armor (3 instead of 1)

5.Marder VTS1
A 20$ Tankhunter that doesnt really kill tanks. It basically fullfills the same role as the LYNX, but with better front armor and a better gun. Hide your tanks and place 4 VTS1 out in the open is often an easy way to draw the enemy to where you want him. Some people like to use the Marder 1 instead, because of its autocannons Stun effect.

6.M132 Zippo
Another recommendation by "Ribar". It is slow, vulnerable and has an extremely short weapon range, but it will stun anything that gets to close with its flamthrower and kills infantry like a charm. Embed it in your defensive line and it might just tip the scale when you are attacked.
Helicopters are very vulnerable to AAA and since any decent player will field a variaty of AAA units they almost never earn the points that they cost. However there are some situations when they are usefull like a flank attack without AAA or an enemy attack that exceeds their AAA cover. For these tasks a cheap helicopter is often sufficent however and espacially when learning helicopter gameplay it doesnt hurt as much when lossing a cheap unit.

1.UH-1C HOG->Heavy Hog -> Gunship
The Heavy Hog (30$) fullfills almost all your air support needs. An area attack from 4 Heavy Hogs will stop any flank attack with light vehicles and they are still quick enough to respond anywhere fast. Also if you fell lucky you can sneack around the back and try to kill some CVs.
Another application of the Heavy Hog is at match start, when you race your opponent for a good position in the middle of the map have some Heavy Hogs wait for his convoy on the main road and delay them. Your Helicopter (lets say 2 for 60$) will die, but that is often worth the headstart when you get to a fortfied position before him.

In case there are some enemy helicopters that you need to contain you can also use the Gunship with its Gatling.
Ribar recommends the Gazelle 341F Canon instead since it delivers more reliable results against enemy choppers. It is also able to destroy some light ground targets like ZHALO and it only costs 25$.
Another option would be the AH-1S Cobra for 40$. It combines the Air-Ground firepower of the Heavy Hog with the Air-Air capabilities of the Gunship with an amzing speed of 315km/h, but it is very vulnerable. You should always ask yourself if you want to spend 80$ on two Cobra if a 60$ pair of Heavy Hogs could do the job just as well. With hidden AAA everywhere helicopters are lost very quickly so spend your money wisely.
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Red Alpha Jan 27 @ 11:16am 
Wargame.....Best RTS sincce the release of C&C back in 95...
Pierre Dit Bonjour Jan 19 @ 4:40pm 
mrkc.92 Nov 9, 2017 @ 1:20pm 
Помогите пожалуйста у меня при открытии игры картинка фиолетового цвета, что делать, может драйвера надо поменять?
ramcharger89 Jun 27, 2017 @ 1:27pm 
Thanks for the guide.:steamhappy:
Praetor Pyro Mar 23, 2017 @ 3:14pm 
Is it me, or does this guide put you over 25 cards?
LeoJohn787 Aug 30, 2016 @ 5:41pm 
ilike to use legeon+vab not Chasseurs Famas+VAB becuse they have 2 HE not one
i also like to use the jagur 2 ATGM as aposed to the 2 M901ITW becuse it has the same ATGM but more frpnt armor for the same price as well as greater op range and a HMG (the HMG has saved me many times from helis and inf)
Toxic Jul 1, 2016 @ 5:12pm 
The only thing you need to be careful of is the points each item costs, when lost in battle, so you might think that wading in with heavy tanks against infantry is fun, however they will pick tanks off for fun which leaves a heavy dent in your points against tally...find the balance and create a good wall of defence with things hidden away, and plenty of support.....
Jedi_007_ Jun 20, 2016 @ 6:40am 
Thanks for the guide
Sithis  [author] May 4, 2016 @ 10:31pm 
Ribar is another WEE player who made some good suggestions thats why he is mentioned by name once or twice.
Glad the Heavy Hogs have helped they saved me a couple of times as well.
Panzergrenadiere in Marder are real killers, but dont pull the Marders back to use as bait! They are to powerful and expensive for that.
Col Cain May 3, 2016 @ 1:19pm 
Quick question who are RIBAR? (sorry not familiar to this game)
I find the heavy hogs are super effective for large scale enemy attacks at defensive positions, with your defence line shooting, and then these let loose (when targeted at heaviest attackers) you can normally get the enemy to rout and defeat the attack. They've saved my ass many times when my Cobras have failed.
I've been using the Panzergrenadiere + Marder 1 as my main infantry and had no idea that there were cheaper substitutions, but they are effective, they've killed many tank attackers. Good tips on pulling the marders back or using them as bait, gonna use that.
Still much more to learn on this but thanks for tips.