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Serious Sam 3: BFE

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Seriously! The Ultimate Guide to Knowing Your Enemies
By W¡zzy™ and 2 collaborators
Having trouble defeating that annoying Khnum? Can't land a single shot on those cave demons? Getting pulverized by those annoying scorpions? Keep getting your face blown off by those headless kamikazes?

Going out with guns blazing may seem fun, but being stupid isn't fun and constantly dying at the hands bombs of a kamikazecan be very frustrating [and an embarrasing] way to die indeed. Contrary to popular belief, Sam [unfortunately] is no god and therefore can fall victim to a player's stupidity. For Sam to fully defeat his foes, he must UNDERSTAND and KNOW his enemy.

Originally posted by Unknown:
"For a man to fully conquer his enemy, he must know his enemy first"
This guide is designed to assist you in taking down the foes in the quickest and the most effective/efficient method possible. Their weaknesses, strengths, special abilities, threat levels, and tips are all listed below.
  • The guide is constantly undergoing updates in both grammar, and organization so stay tuned, Sam fans !*
  • A russian version is in progress to thanks to some very helpful Russian fellas out there ! **
  • If you want to become a contributor and help with this guide, please PM me and we'll discuss more ***
Sam's Enemies and You
Serious Sam 3 features familiar foes from previous titles in the franchise and also brings in some new ones into the series. Previous tactics gathered from the older games can be applied to this game, albeit to a certain degree. This guide has been compiled and written to offer the best tips and advices to newcomers and even to long-time fans.

"Sam may crack jokes often, but his enemies don't give a ratshit about it. They mean business - and business means a dead Sam to them."

The PRIORITY of an enemy is the amount of attention that must be paid upon. For instance, a Kamikaze has a HIGH PRIORITY compared to a clone soldier which is only a MEDIUM PRIORITY.

Focus on them the last. Avoid wasting too much ammo on them. Either eliminate them last or just leave them.
Take down these enemies after eliminating the more dangerous foes.
Focus on them first if surrounded by a crowd. Eliminate with caution.
Take down these bastards AT ONCE.

"They look funny as hell, but their shouts will haunt you for a long time. And no, he isn't there to hug you. Never underestimate your opponents in this game as even the smallest or the weakest of Sam's enemies may get the better of Sam and tear him down."
Beheaded Kamikaze

The Beheaded Kamikaze is arguably the most annoying enemy you'll ever encounter in-game. It's distinctive shout it makes gives you the warning of an impending doom. Though low in health and fairly easy to eliminate, they deal superb damage when thrown to you in groups and in a tight spot. This enemy is the symbolism of how people often underestimating their enemies due their size, health, and looks, but never their damage output and their capability in numbers. Oh, and they can find you even though they're headless. Don't ask why.

HP : Ultra Low
Damage Output : Medium - Very High (depeding on difficulty)
Speed : Fast
Intelligence : Stupid
Priority : High
The Kamikazee has only one type of attack, as the their name applies, they will run to you and explode upon contact with the player, thus the reason they are called Kamikazees.
Capabilities :
+ They are fast and will almost always appear in groups to try to ambush Sam while his focus is set on other enemies.
+ Their bombs do medium damage in easier difficulties but do heavy damage in higher difficulties.
+ They may be dumb, but they will track Sam regardless of where he goes or hides.
+ There bombs trigger when they are within 2-5 feet away from Sam. Multiple explosions from multiple kamikazees can do serious damage to Sam.

Weakness :
- As implied, they're stupid and will sometimes glitch itself in place.
- Upon explosion they can damage other enemies caught within the explosion radius. This can trigger some funny domino-explosion effect.
- Their health is really low. 2 handgun shots can eliminate them.

-> Always use ranged weapons against them. Melee is a big NO-NO as they're meant to explode upon contact with you !
-> Kill them first before focusing your attention on other enemies. Prioritize them more if they come in groups and are closing in within your position.
-> The pump-action shotgun is effective against single Kamikazees and in close spaces.
-> The assault rifle is recommended against groups in a much larger space.
-> Do not use explosives against them as this will only waste your ammo and make them even more deadly if they are close to you.
-> You can use their explosion to your advantage: shoot them when they are near other enemies to trigger a domino effect.
-> If it gets to close to you, switch to your pistol or assault rifle and shoot it once to make them stop and flinch and give you time to back away safely and finish them off.
-> Sprinting could also work, but it is recommended to sprint in a straight line rather than in zig zag or curves.
-> Don't underestimate them, especially when they're in big numbers. Be smart, and don't fall prey to their attacks.
Clone Soldier & Beheaded Rocketeer

These enemies are relatively weak and easy to kill, but that doesn't mean they can't kill you. Caution is still applied when dealing with these enemies. Although being a low damage dealer, there strength lies in groups. They can frustrate players from continuous machine gun fire from all sides and can quickly chip down the player's health if Sam doesn't deal with them faster. It's embarrasing to die from them. Really, how could you die from them ?

HP : Very Low
Attack Damage : Low
Intelligence : Average
Speed : Slow
Priority : Very Low - Low
They have 2 types of attack. Their most common attack is to fire a ranged projectile, such as a very low-powered rocket or machine gun fire/shotgun fire. One attack can deal little damage to Sam but continuous attacks from multiple Rocketeers/Cloned Soldiers can wipe out a big portion of your health. Their other attack involves meleeing the player that deals higher damage than their primary attack.
Capabilities :
+ They almost always appear in groups and in tight spots to try to ambush the player.
+ They will melee if the player gets too close.
+ They act as support enemies and will sometimes accompany bigger foes.

Weakness :
- They deal low damage as is
- The Rocketeer's projectile is slow
- Even their melee attacks is low damaging
- They make a moan when spotting the player, giving away their position

-> 2 handgun shots can kill a Rocketeer; 1 shotgun shot will kill them instantly.
-> If encountered in larger groups, use an assault rifle (if they're spread out), a rocket launcher or devastator ( if tightly packed together ) and or a mutilator ( if you're saving ammo ).
-> The rocketeer's projectiles are slow and visible, avoid them by sidestepping, jumping or by hiding behind cover.
-> A shotgun is recommended for eliminating the Cloned Soldier
-> Assault rifle is effective in taking the assault cloned soldiers as they drop ammunition for the assault rifle thus allowing you to replenish some ammo.
-> Always aim down the sights of the assault fire when firing from long distances to make your shots count.
-> If Sam has either of both shotguns/handgun/Devastator in hand, a melee attack may be performed on them to knock them down. However, this will not kill them but simply give you time to perform an easy kill or escape.
-> If Sam has any other weapons besides ones listed above, he can then perform an insta-kill melee animation on them. Recommended if you are low on ammo and not being attacked by other enemies.
-> The clone soldiers fire fast bullets, dodge some of their bullets by strafing left or right. Hiding behind cover is better though.
-> They will make a moaning sound when the player is near them, use this to your advantage and plan your attack ahead.
-> The shotgunner clone soldier can be pretty lethal in close ranges and can ambush the player in dark close areas. Listen to their moans can help you avoid their ambush.
-> Don't melee when fighting groups of them or other enemies. You will receive more damage than you will inflict on them.

The Gnaar

Gnaars are big and ugly one-eyed beasts (as seen above). One Gnaar is no threat, but a group is another story.....Although they are hardly any threat even in groups, more like an annoyance unit. NEVER let your guard down though, even with these guys around.


HP : Low
Attack Damage : Ultra Low
Speed : Average
Intelligence : Dumb
Priority : Low
Gnaars try to get close to Sam and punch him with their oversized arms.

+ They almost always appear in groups
+ Gnaars can surround you if not dealt with in time and limit your movement

- They don't have a lot of HP, so they can be eliminated easily.
- They have no type of range attack
- They emit a pretty loud sound, so you can easily spot Gnaars coming at you.

-> A special melee grab will let you dispatch of a Gnaar without wasting too much ammo.
-> Sledgehammer/Axe work wonders against small/medium sized Gnaar groups.
-> Use Mutilator against big groups
-> Coachgun can insta-kill a Gnaar, although it's not recommended as it'll just be a waste of shells. Plus coachgun reloads awfully slowly.
-> Caution is still applied when dealing with these enemies. Don't forget about other threats while dealing with them
The Kleer Skeleton

" Yep, these skeletal creatures are a thing to be cautioned with, especially with their bloody leap attacks "
Great. We're dealing with undead now. Fine, whatever.
Kleers will probably be one of the most annoying enemies you will encounter in this game. For it's small size and low point value (1000), one can mistake it for an easy enemy. All of their attacks do significant damage to Sam. With some skills, however, they can be easily dealt with.
Kleers have following means of attacking player: by leaping at him, throwing chained balls at him or slashing him with their claws
HP : Low
Attack Damage : Medium - High (Depends on the difficulty)
Speed : Very Fast
Intelligence : Average
Priority : Medium - High (Depends on distance and difficulty)

+ Kleers almost never appear alone.
+ They're faster than Sam, you can't outrun them even by sprinting
+ They deal respectable damage
+ They have a ranged attack.

- Their leap attack can be dodged by sidestepping
- Kleer's projectile can easily be dodged
- Their hooves make a very distinct sound allowing you to hear the danger.

Tips & Tricks
-> Kleers can be killed by a special melee grab. Melee's range is bigger than the distance from which Kleers leap, so you can kill them midair. Use it if they surprise you (caught with inappropriate weapon out), or to conserve ammo. DO NOT USE MELEE GRAB VS. MULTIPLE KLEERS UNLESS YOU'RE ABSOLUTELY SURE THAT YOU WILL HAVE TIME TO DODGE. Sidestep while meleeing to avoid any damage if you miss the melee prompt.
-> Sledgehammer is very effective at eliminating Kleers early in game. Sidestep and do a horizontal swing (RMB by default) as the skeleton leaps.
-> Coachgun insta-kills Kleers at close range. Use it if you don't have enough space to maneuver for whatever reason. Be wary of long reloading.
-> Assault Rifle can destroy small groups of Kleers, should you have enough distance and space.
-> Mutilator works wonders against small groups of Kleers. It helps you conserve ammo, it stuns Kleers (really helps if you attack one while he's leaping at you) and it kills them pretty quickly. Don't overuse it though, or else you might find yourself overwhelmed.
-> Normally, Rocket Launcher isn't the best choice. Yes, it indeed instakills them. But the ammo is a lot rarer that in previous installments of Serious Sam. If you have a rocket generator box nearby, however, Rocket Launcher should be your primary way of killing Kleers.
-> Big waves is where everyone starts hating these guys. Minigun, Lasergun and Rocket Launcher will kick their butts. Just keep backpedalling if you need to.
-> Use uncharged cannonball if you see Kleers forming a line.
-> A common mistake: during a wave, turn around and shoot a Kleer that leaped at you but missed. You [/b]SHOULDN'T[/b] be doing that! Turning your back to wave like that will probably mean a lot of damage dealt to you (especially on higher difficulties). Instead, backpedal. That one Kleer will be ahead of you now and you can quickly kill him and continue wave cleanup.
-> Jumping while sidestepping greatly increases your chance of dodging multiple leaps.
-> While their ranged attack alone is nothing too dangerous, Kleers love to create huge projectile walls when in waves and far from you. Consider using cover or backpedalling and very carefully maneuvering

The Scythian Witch-Harpy

" A good smack into a face never fails "
Nice cans, baby.
Aside from being topless ingame, Scythian Witch-Harpy has another small advantage over other enemies: IT CAN FLY.
Oh, and don't get fooled by that handsome face. 'Cause it isn't that handsome.

Harpies have 2 means of attacking player: Projectile throw and Melee claw smack
HP: Low
Attack damage: Low - Medium
Speed: Fast
Intelligence: Above Average
Priority: Low - Medium (Depends on distance)

+ They can fly
+ They never attack alone

- They go down easily
- Their projectile is slow
- They often miss their melee smack

Tips and Tricks
-> Harpies can be instakilled with a coachgun. Just let them get close enough.
-> Assault rifle works very well against groups or if you need to keep your distance.
-> Rocket launcher works as an alternative to Assault Rifle, although it requires skillful prediction and precision. Only one successful hit on a group of Harpies is enough to weaken them to a level where rest can be killed with a Pump shotgun or Assault rifle.
-> Harpies emit a high-pitched screech, use that to spot them.
-> Sniper Rifle is also really good against small - medium groups of Harpies as the ammo is plentiful (DLC ONLY)
-> Low - Medium priority means that they should be paid little attention to if at a range. They get medium elimination priority when they are close to you.

The Antaresian Spider (Hatchling and Juvenile)

Arachnophobe's worst nightmare.
Yes, these guys appear to be pretty weak and slow. But they come in groups. BIG GROUPS. And they cling onto walls. And they're hungry. For you.
Antaresian spiders have 2 means of hurting Sam: Bite and Acid Spit
HP: Very Low (Hatchling) / Low (Juvenile)
Damage: Very Low (Hatchling) / Low (Juvenile)
Speed: Average
Intelligence: Average
Priority: Very Low - Low (Hatchling) / Low - Medium (Juvenile)
+ Spiders bite very quickly, so they can eat a big portion of your HP away if left unattended.
+ Can latch onto ceilings/walls and snipe with acid from there unnoticed.
+ Acid spit travels quickly and is pinpoint accurate.
+ Some hatchlings hide in cocoons, which open up if it's attacked or any gun is shot within close proximity of it.

- Acid spit can easily be dodged by moving in any direction off the "pinpointed" shot location.
- Spiders latched onto walls/ceilings cannot attack in any other way after a spit until their spit recharges.
- Acid spit for some reason can be shot out of the air.
- Cocoons won't open if you use "silent weapons": Mutilator, Sledgehammer and Melee Grab.

Tips and Tricks
-> Always keep moving when dealing with waves of Spiders.
-> Hatchlings can easily be destroyed with low-quality weapons (Sledgehammer, Handgun, Shotgun).
-> You can eliminate small waves of hatchlings using Melee Grab. Make sure all spiders are some distance from eachother, since yu're still immobilized, albeit for a pretty short time.
-> You can jump over both Hatchling and Juvenile. Use it if you get cornered/surrounded by them.
-> Sledgehammer is excellent for dealing with Juveniles early in-game. It instakills them, hits pretty quickly (if you use RMB), has a chance to kill multiple Spiders at once and it uses no ammo.
-> Later on, Mutilator is really good for dealing with small/medium-sized waves of both Hatchlings and Juveniles.
-> Coachgun also instakills Juveniles.
-> Don't be afraid to use high-power weaponry (Minigun and Rocket Launcher) to kill big waves of Junveniles. One rocket is also enough to kill a dozen of tightly-grouped Hatchlings.
-> Juveniles during big waves often gather in tight groups. See one? Bring out your C4 and blast them to the Moon!

The Arachnoid (Juvenile and Adult)
Arachnoids will probably be first enemy you will have a hard time with. These guys pack a lot of HP and fire hitscan bullets, which you are very unlikely to dodge. Their entire purpose is to make the combat uncomfortable for you and whittle your health down bit by bit (or chunk by chunk, in case of Adults). Arachnoids should be your top priority.
They have 2 means of attacking Sam : Chaingun Firing and Sting
HP : Medium - High
Attack Damage : Medium - High
Speed : Very Slow
Intelligence : Pretty Smart
Priority : High - Extreme

+ Attack with hitscan that is practically impossible to dodge.
+ Chainguns have a high rate of fire.
+ Adults attack from practically any range (save for VERY long), and the bullets from their chainguns are very accurate.

- Cover is their biggest weakness. Find a corner, a wall, a collumn, hell, anything, crouch behind it - you're safe from bullets.
- Juveniles have to get close to you to shoot.

Tips and Tricks
-> Juveniles can be killed with a special Melee Grab attack. It is rally quick, so you can kill a couple of Hatchlings in a row without taking too much damage.
-> Coachgun can also kill Juvenile in 1 shot, although it's a lot more risky.
-> Assault Rifle, Lasergun and Rocket Launcher work well against small/medium-sized groups.
-> Juvenile Arachnoids have a very distinct walking sound and they emit a high-pitched screech when they spot you. Use that to your advantage.
-> Chaingun fire can destroy cover, make sure to be on the move after chaingun has stopped firing.
-> Adults can sometimes walk sideways, dodging your attacks. Keep that in mind.
-> Adult is a very dangerous enemy, and should be treated as one. Devastator is probably best against him, although Minigun, Laser and Rocket Launcher also work good.
The Biomechanoid (Minor and Major)

Our old friends are back! These guys are damn creepy, damn fast, and hurt you damn well. Oh, and they stalk you.
They have 2 ( + 1 special ) attack against Sam : Laser Fire , Rockets and Rocket Barrage
HP : Medium (Minor) / Very High (Major)
Attack Damage : Medium (Minor) / Very High (Major)
Speed : Fast
Intelligence : Average
Priority : Medium - High (Minor) / Medium - Extreme (Major) (Depends on distance and difficulty)
+ Minor's lasers are impossible to destroy, so they form a sort of a wall that limits your dodging options while they fly.
+Major Biomechanoids can fire a barrage of 10 or so rockets in a very quick succession once they're hurt enough.

- Rockets can be shot out of the air.
- Majors can be damaged by their own rockets too.

Tips and Tricks
-> Keep your distance from both Minor and Major
-> Minor Biomechs don't have a lot of health: one rocket or Devastator shot will destroy them. They can also be eliminated in a matter of seconds by Assault Rifle and Minigun.
-> To dodge lasers, simply continue moving in one direction or VERY quickly strafe into other direction
-> Majors often have bugs in their behavior, where tehy simply stare at you and do nothing, or start walking away when they should've fired their rockets. Keep this in mind.
-> Majors can be killed by constant Minigun and Lasergun fire, 5 rockets or Devastator shots or 1 fully-charged cannonball.
-> One C4 block thrown onto Major will blow him to pieces, however this is extremely risky.
-> Rockets fired by Majors can be shot out of the air with ANY firearm. Use it if you don't have enough space to maneuver.
-> Rockets cause self-damage to Majors. Shoot them down if you're using Minigun or Lasergun for additional damage.
-> Attacks of both Minor and Major can cause immense amounts of friendly-fire on other enemies. Lasers and rockets can weaken groups, while 1 rocket can destroy a group of weak enemies. Try moving in such way that your enemies will receive friendly fire.
-> Major biomechanoids should be very high priority when playing on any difficulty prior to Hard, as they are only enemies that pretty much can insta-kill or instantly cause big damage to you. On Hard, Serious and Mental difficulties, however, Majors and Minors become less of a priority, as smaller enemies get a massive boost in damage and they simply outdamage slow rockets and lasers. On those difficulties, pay primary attention to weaker but more common enemies (Kleers, Spiders), as they can cause immense damage, while rockets can be destroyed and lasers can be easily dodged.

The Sirian Werebull

Extremely fast, these creatures are on of the fastest enemy you'll ever encounter. Although it doesn't make much of an appearance in game, it's still a enemy to be cautioned with.

They have 2 means of attacking Sam: Charge Attack and Horn Attack

HP : Medium
Attack Damage : High
Speed : Ultra Fast
Intelligence : Above Average
Priority : High


Tactics :

- > Their charge attacks can be avoided by STRAFING LEFT or RIGHT. Strafing in an angle will incease your chance of not getting hit.
- > Be VERY careful when trying to dodge Werebull's charge. If you get out of his way too early, he can stop on the spot, quickly turn around and charge again.
- > 2 shots from the ROCKET LAUNCHER, DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN and the DEVASTATOR will kill it. Two hits from the SLEDGEHAMMER will also kill it. Needless to say, the use of Double Barrel Shotgun and Sledgehammer is not recommended during big fights.
- > They deal decent - high damage, be wary of this.
- > If paired with other enemies in the battlefield, they pose a medium - signifant threat. If encountered in groups, it is recommended to take them out first as they will seriously limit your dodging options and can quickly dish out strong damage if ignored.
Aurigan Cave Demon

Being one of the newest and sophisticated enemies in the Serious Sam games, these enemies may pack a low health but can dodge your attack like no tomorrow.

They have only one type of attack : Leap Attack

HP: Low
Attack Damage : Low
Speed : Very Fast
Intelligence : Smart
Priority : Low - Medium

Tactics :

- > They are often found LATCHED onto HIGH STRUCTURES which are unreachable by Sam, don't even bother going near them.
- > Cave Demons will make a SPECIAL SOUND when they're about to pounce. It's quite distinct, so if you hear it, immediately move away.
- > They do low damage + they have low health = LOW PRIORITY. They are more of a distraction type of enemy, don't get fooled and annoyed by their leap attacks!
- > PRIORITIZE other enemies first !
- > Their attacks can be dodged by just sprinting or by constantly moving around.
- > They can be killed instantly with SHOTGUNS at point - blank range. The ASSAULT RIFLE is also a very good choice, however it can be difficult to land shots.
- > The MUTILATOR is objectively the best choice for clearing these buggers out: it's easy to aim, it will automatically latch onto the Demon, it will STUN him so that he can't get away, and it requires no ammunition. The only downside of using it is that you are forced to direct your attention to the Demon you're trying to kill, which might leave you prone to attacks.
- > They can dodge your ATTACKS VERY WELL. If you manage to destroy some of their cover, they will instead jump huge distances in a quick span of time to find new structures to latch on and wait for Sam.
- > They will not wander too far away from where they are found, so ESCAPE IF YOU DO NOT WANT to engage them or WASTE AMMO ON THEM.
The Khnum

Large, mean, and with a bad temper. These creatures are one of the most powerful enemies in-game. With a coating skin so thick that it can protect itself against modern bullets, these bastards can only be damaged with explosives.

They have 4 means of attacking Sam: Swipe Attack, Hoof Stomp, Quick Fireball, and Charged Fireball

HP : Ultra High
Attack Damage : Very High
Speed : Average - Fast
Intelligence : Very Smart
Priority : High - Extreme

Tactics :

- > Their HOOF ATTACK deals less damage but is still devastating.
- > While their fireballs may look intimidating at first with their insane speed and incredible damage, they're actually not that hard to dodge. The fireball trajectory is dependent on your movement: if you're moving sideways, then the fireballs will be spread out, and, since Khnum does compensate for your movement, one of them WILL hit you if you don't make a split-second dodge. If you're standing still or moving backwards, however, Khnum will send all 3 fireballs in a straight line towards you, and they are considerably easier to dodge: just jump sideways right after Khnum sends his flaming present. This might take you a bit of time to nail down, but it's a VERY useful skill to learn and will certainly make encounters with Khnums easier.
- > Fireballs CANNOT be shot down, so you will have to dodge them or take cover.
- > If a Khnum gets too close to you, you can make some distance by using MUTILATOR. Simply lasso the Khnum for a moment and then release when he is about to pull you. Most of the time, when you release him he will start roaring, and will stay completely still for about 3-4 seconds.
This technique will be called "Mutilator technique" from now on in this guide.
- >ROCKET LAUNCHER is probably the worst way to deal with a Khnum: it takes 10 rockets to kill one and Khnums actively try to dodge the rockets (and do very quick fireball charges and throws when they're doing so). However, it's certainly possible. The best way to kill a Khnum with a Rocket Launcher is to get close to it. At close range Khnums will usually not dodge and instead try to chase you, When he starts chasing you, shoot about 4 rockets, then perform the Mutilator technique. When he starts roaring, send more rockets his way. Repeat until he is dead. Obviously, this doesn't work as well if there are multiple Khnums or/and there are more enemies.
- > The C4 is usually the recommended way of dealing with a single Khnum. You can attach the explosives to him like any other enemy, however it will not kill this bastard instantly. Khnum will instead be stunned; while he's stunned you can run up, attach and blow up another block of C4, effectively stunlocking him. Khnum will die after 3 explosions, and, since usually there are C4 crates around the Khnum fighting place, you won't waste ammo taking him down. Note that he might start chasing after you if you get too close while trying to attach the explosives. In that case, use the Mutilator technique to get out of blast radius. You CAN use the C4 if there are other enemies, but you need to be quick in attaching and detonating it.
- > The DEVASTATOR is a great way of dealing with Khnum at any distance, thanks to its projectile speed. It's also a good weapon to use against them in bigger fights, since Devastator can be effectively used against other enemies as well, if needed. One major drawback of using this gun is how much ammo Khnums chew up: it takes 10 shots to kill one (assuming you don't miss of course), so Khnums can force you to use up a lot of precious Devastator ammo.
- > The CANNON is the BEST way of dealing with several Khnums in big fights. It will take only 2 fully charged cannonballs to kill a Khnum, and a single cannonball will also stun the Khnum, similar to C4. The Cannon is also effective at killing just about any other enemy, so that advocates for its use in big fights even more.


A really big, really fat, really fricking ugly "cousin" of Major Biomechanoid, Scrapjacks can give you some trouble if you let them.

They have 2 ( + 1 ) means of attacking Sam: Rockets, Melee and Rocket Barrage

HP : High
Attack Damage : Medium
Speed : Ultra Slow
Intelligence : Above Average
Priority : Medium - High

Tactics :

- > They have a relatively good health to be able to survive multiple ROCKET ATTACKS.
- > Constant spamming of fast RPM weapons will eliminate them. ( ASSAULT RIFLE, MINIGUN, LAZER GUN )
- > Sticking them with C4 will land an insta-kill on them, although NOT RECOMMENDED since you'll need to get really CLOSE to them to be able to do it.
- > They will fire 2 rockets; one rocket WILL FIRE DIRECTLY TO WHERE THE PLAYER IS ; the second rocket will FIRE TO THE PLACE WHERE THE AI THINKS THE PLAYER WOULD GO.
- > If damaged enough they will go Berserk, similar to the Biomechanoid Major's attack.
- > Their rocket barrage can be DODGED BY SPRINTING TO THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION, although challenging to do so.
- > THE DEVASTATOR and the ROCKET LAUNCHER are sufficient weapons against them.
- > A special melee attack will perform once invoked and if the enemy is STUNNED.
- > They are SLOW and CANNOT DODGE ROCKETS, use this to your advantage.
- > MINIGUN works great against SCRAP JACKS but waste to much ammunition.
- > They are medium priority due to their small size and relatively lower health.
- > If in groups, try to FIND COVER. It will be difficult to dodge multiple rockets in your screen.

This is what happens when human technology sythesizes with an oversized alien octopus. The results is a devastating , bullet-proof, combination of human-alien threat. They are indeed one of the most smartest enemy in-game.

They have one means of attacking Sam : Heavy Machinegun Fire

HP : Ultra High
Attack Damage : Medium - High
Speed : Very Fast
Intelligence : Very Smart
Priority : Very High

Tactics :

- > Try to get UNDER THE enemy as it will be UNABLE TO SHOOT YOU.
- > Starting firing at the enemy once it's firing against the player since the Technopolip cannot move when firing; be sure to be NEAR COVER.
- > THEY ARE HIGH PRIORITY TARGETS since their bullets do extremely high damage over time and if left ignored by the player, take them out as soon as given the chance.
- > They can shift their positions very well and seek you out behind your cover, be wary of this.
- >Using ROCKET LAUNCHER is a risky tactic, as you can only really hit it with rockets when it stops to fire at you

Powerful, mysterious, and not to mention sexy, these women are not to be underestimated. They pack a lot of health and can deal a lot more damage. Sexyness has never been this deadly.

They have 2 means of attacking Sam : Crushing Damage and Telekenesis Grab

HP : High
Attack Damage : Low
Speed : N.A.
Intelligence : Smart
Priority : Very High

Tactics :

- > Her damage may deal only little, but the fact that makes her dangerous is the fact that when she PUTS YOU IN AIR, YOU ARE 100 % VULNERABLE TO OTHER ATTACKS. AVOID THIS AT ALL COST
- > The Witch-Bride deals moderate damage with her telekinesis grab and crushing damage. Although it may prove weak, do not underestimate it's abilities.
- > She is one of the hardest enemies to kill due to the fact that she can deflect bullets and teleport to the least expected places making her the most unpredicatble enemy in-game.
- > Once she dissapears, quickly find a room that will serve as a temporary cover and a corner to prevent her from appearing behind you.
- > WATCH OUT FOR THEIR HUMS, the noises they make will give away their next position.
- > She is a very high priority and must be fired at long enough for her to retreat and ALLOW YOU TO FOCUS ON OTHER ENEMIES.
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Make another section for mod enemies from bfe enhanced. (zorgs, reptiloid highlanders, lava golems, juvinile arachnoids, male gnaars, etc.)
Darkrow Nov 15, 2015 @ 11:56am 
thanks for the help:steamhappy:
El Matador Apr 6, 2015 @ 2:28am 
I'd just like to point out that the SBC Cannon can be very effective against witches too. One charged shot will always kill her instantly.
Bean Oct 21, 2014 @ 11:05pm 
This is a good guide that helped me but you make it sound like everyone is terrible at the game at some parts. For example the bull can be easily killed by anyone using the double barrel shotgun, I always use it and this is the first serious sam game i have played. (Just so you know i play on hard/ serious.)
🐍Dλrius🐍 Sep 30, 2014 @ 5:53am 
too cool for me serious:grinsam:
W¡zzy™  [author] Jun 3, 2014 @ 6:37am 
Russian version in-progress, will also include DLC guide. Guide will undergo grammar fix and content update.
aaa a a aa AAA  [author] Apr 22, 2014 @ 10:43am 
Thanks to my time with Lgened of the Beast boss, I consider myself quite good at dodging fireballs
Here are a couple of tips that you should add (you can test them if you dont trust me):
-Charged fireballs can easily be dodged. To do this, simply walk straight backwards when you see Khnum charging balls. Once he releases them, simply jump sideways and voila. MAKE SURE TO WAIT TILL KHNUM THROWS HIS FIREBALLS.
-Sirian Mutilator even in singleplayer is a powerful tool against Khnums. When you grab them, they stop walking and try to pull you closer. If you take lasso off them before they pull you and keep walking backwards all this time, you gain some distance, which is good. What is even better is that sometimes after being quick-lassoed like that Khnums do their mighty roar, which immobilizes them for quite some time and gives you just enough time to plant that c4/fire cheap volley of rockets from rocket launcher/run away
HydnalX42 Nov 9, 2013 @ 10:50am 
On Biomechanoids, it takes one rocket to kill a minor, about 5 for major. Hope this helps!