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Helicopter Mod[V15]
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Nov 18, 2017 @ 10:40pm
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Helicopter Mod[V15]

To contact me, check out the Discord server at discord.gg/dWWXny2

*If you would like to see additional mod content, consider contributing below*

To practice solo open up the range, then the console, then type AdminChangeMap and look for Heli_

For singleplayer claiming:
AdminDisableVehicleClaiming 1
AdminAllKitsAvailable 1

Model credit goes to SkylineGTAFreak, GTA 5 Mod "MH-60L Black Hawk"
M113 Model provided by Sergal636
M6 Linebacker model provided by Wrinkle345
Mi-8, Ka-52, Apache, Mh-6, and Mi-24 models purchased using donations

W/S: Adjust altitude (collective)
A/D: Yaw
Mouse: Pitch/Roll (cyclic)
Crouch: Freelook
Deploy Bipod: Flares
Vehicle Zoom: Switches between roll/yaw on the mouse/keyboard (V2 vs V3 controls)
Vehicle handbrake (Space bar): Deploy/retract blackhawk ropes
Switch Weapon 4: Ka-52 Thermal
Shift: Mi-24 non-scoped zoom

Crouch (on ropes): Climb down rope
Space (on ropes): Climp up rope
F/use (on ropes): Dismount rope

If you would like to donate, it helps me a lot.This mod was coded as a solo project
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Jul 27 @ 5:34am
Cant Join Server. "File Mismatch"
John Handy
Aug 9 @ 10:42pm
This is how to "spawn" the heli
Jul 26 @ 6:13am
Supply FOBs by the helicopter
< >
MSPaint.exe 5 hours ago 
This is just a thought I had. I'm not sure if you could be able to answer it or not or give a hint to if its true. But I was thinking, Squad plans to add helicopters soon and I was wondering if you knew if they were going to develop their own system and make their own models or if they were planning to use your mod as a dlc just like the canadian armed forces?
Big Boss Aug 14 @ 8:25am 
I am running realism events on my server where we use this mod, if you want to join us check out our discord for event times: https://discord.gg/2CSwKj
Crispy ♪ Aug 8 @ 11:20pm 
If you don't see a helimod server, check your server filters. By default, Squad hides empty servers. Bear in mind, you probably can't fly helicopters in a server with 0/0 population because most server owners do not set `AdminDisableVehicleClaiming 1` and `AdminAllkitsavaliable 1` (you need 2 people in a squad to get crewman kit)
Yeaboi504 Aug 7 @ 5:11pm 
I haven't seen any servers either. I started up in training mode to test the maps and some of them worked and some of them wouldn't let you fly higher than 10m ish off ground.
Abou Wuotan al-Faransi. Aug 7 @ 5:34am 
Every time i close and open Steam, the mod is downloaded again...
Dirty Sanchez Aug 6 @ 9:26pm 
I have no idea but i'm not sure if the mods down, or there are just no heli mod servers which I find them amazing! so im very confused??
JOe ♠ Aug 6 @ 10:15am 
is the server down? ,i can't find it
pavey Aug 1 @ 2:15pm 
Hi, is there a way to change the controls? I'd be looking for something like WASD for pitch/roll, Q/E for yaw and cntrl/shift for collective. Is it possible for me to change to this?
[FD-109]Breezy Aug 1 @ 3:25am 
so much lag when flying the choppers, pls fix
Terminator950 Aug 1 @ 1:59am 
author fashion - add helicopter mi-28,ka-50,A129,T-129 ATAK,Denel AH-2 Rooivalk,Tiger and fix the animation rotation of the rotor blades