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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Blood Horkers: Expanded
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Nov 6, 2017 @ 1:22pm
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Blood Horkers: Expanded

Welcome to the third installment of the Expanded series. Where I find the underappreciated factions of skyrim, And make them better!

The blood horkers are a band of pirates in skyrim that were previously unjoinable. I decided to fix that. Now the Blood horkers are a fully functional (Sorta,) Faction.

At the windhelm docks you will now notice two pirates on a rowboat. (One of them is a follower. Who may or may not work.) The other pirate will give you a quest to go to horker island. (Not a real quest. Because Despite all my efforts the archiving on my computer just doesn't want to work.) On horker island there is a Merchant, A bunch of unnamed pirates that aren't good at walking. And the leader of the pirates who is only really there for looks. She will direct you to the modified east empire company war ship, "Cthulhu's Barf" That ship contains 3 different commisions that when fed into the dwemer navigational computer, Will send you on voyages to obtain TEH BOOTY!
Booty includes Dawnfang and Duskfang (Different blades because I have no idea how to make an alternating weapon.), The Crown of King Orgnum (Looks cool but doesn't really do much) And An elder scroll that is worshipped by the savage natives of the remains of yokuda.

(This is the first time I have ever made an attempt at navmesh. So I apologize if it is terrible.)

Each of these treasures sell for a lot of money. And can be sold off to the Treasure Dealers in an inn style building on horker island. They can be sold to anyone. But if you want full price you need to sell it to the dealers.

If this has not been a very good selling point. Keep in mind that there are EPIC SHIP BATTLES with Tsaesci and Maormer.