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operator weaponing for idiots
By Catbook
this is a guide that tells you how to handle the intelligent device placed on your arm and if you can't process the fact that it's advance then you can't read this guide
learning how to obtain and/or make weapon for human
if you read the tile then you know what this part of the guide is about how you get the human arm weapon other words known as H.A.W you need to know these randomly placed out of the blue steps

1.you have to have the operator form unlock

#2.you need to be on cetus (even idiots will know that)

$3.ignore this step because it's useless

4.you don't have to this step is just optional if you want to feel achieve
slay the edulion (i think i spelled that wrong)

5.go to a hidden door right of the house that's behide the guy that give the bounties that has to do nothing with this guide at all thats in someone else's guide

after following those provoking steps this is what is will look like on you
H.A.W maker
THE MAKER'S NAME IS NOKNO wait let me rearrange the letters... ONNKO the guy your looking for in the gara story quest that guy give you the HUMAN ARM WEAPON! THE H.A.W. so after getting that you thinking "isn't that it to the guide" NO IT IS NOT. the guy you get the H.A.W from is a guy that has his own standing and to increase that stupid standing is.. you know the giantly tiny sentience you have to kill them with HUMAN FORMM WITH THE H.A.W to get these random cores that you think are useless their not they grant you the power to get the tenno armor and parts for new verison of the H.A.W and more... and even the power to kill the giant that walks the plains but they are really hard to craft
H.A.W powers
the H.A.W is a random device that is powerful (maybe) the H.A.W beam looks like this
and it's powers give you a total of 150 hp which that makes 250 hp and i have it so i should know

the H.A.W comes in many forms all shapes and sizes and use more stuff to make it more powerful than ever :)

and it's more powerful then your normal every day void beam it's amazing and it has it's own energy bar so it won't drain your void energy :)

thats the entire guide plz comment down below about anything else you want me to randomly guide on and what you think about this one and this one is my first guide so hoped it helped you
plorbo Jul 9, 2018 @ 4:45pm 
wow quality guide