SteamWorld Dig 2

SteamWorld Dig 2

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Steamworld Dig 2: 100% Map (+SECRETS% map)
By Demajen
Full map of all areas. Includes the location of all items/abilities, all upgrade cogs (77 on the world map or in caves, 7 from Trader Carson in town) and all 43 artifacts. Also lists all cave names and tube station locations, as well as a considerable number of secret areas, including all gems that count toward secret %.

Also lists all items and their purchaseable/findable upgrades, as well as cog mods acquired via blueprints, how many cogs they take to equip, and their effects.
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v6 - The 2021 HD Refresh
After doing a quick upscale to help someone in the comments out, I ended up spending five hours or so redoing the map with higher definition assets and my more modern style. If it isn't to your taste, the old map is still at the bottom of the page.

I've tried to make it clear on this one what you can get in each cave, using larger icons and dotted lines rather than tiny icons around each cave mouth. Hopefully that is clearer.

You can find the updated version ON MY GOOGLE DRIVE where I store all my metroidvania maps[].
The Map
As always, I have to heavily compress images to keep them under Steam's 2MB file size limit. I've separated the Upgrade Table so we can get a higher quality image.

>>Click here to open the full sized, Higher Resolution .PNG version (Google Drive. Opens in your default web browser.)<<[]

Upgrade Table
Old Map Style
The Secrets Map
For your reference, I've included my SECRETS PERCENTAGE MAP.

I did a complete runthrough of the game's areas, noting down percentage increases for every single cog, artifact, and gem. I screwed up the annotation % amount a couple of times, but never missed anything.

To 100% each zone, you need everything marked on this map.

Note #1:
I suspect that if you take a different route to me, doing the same exercise, that your %'s will differ from mine. That's due to the decimal rounding I mentioned earlier.

Note #2:
You'll notice that some things marked as secrets do not have a % next to them. For example, the shortcut to Windy Plains from Archaea. This says SECRET AREA DISCOVERED when you enter it, but DOES NOT COUNT towards % for either area. I suspect this is confusing to many people.

Note #3:
The Long-Ranged Grappler and Grenade Launcher DO add to your secrets %, as do the blueprints from the Yonkers. The Threeforce Grenade blueprint from Heisenberg in town does not.

Note #4:
Please excuse my handwriting. I know it's bad.

v5 - 7th October 2017
+ Added the Proof of Completion artifact to the Trials of Heaven and Hell, out in the Windy Plains.
- Removed an erroneous cog from Demon's Crib.
+ added icons for ALL GEMS that count towards your SECRETS %.


I've had a lot of people contact me re: secrets. As far as I can tell, it works as follows:

Every secret in a zone is worth a certain percentage. For example, cogs are often each worth 3 or 4%, depending on the zone. However, I believe each secret has a decimal in its percentage as well that is hidden, so there is no flat rate for all cogs in an area, at least as far as your screen % shows you.

Basically as long as you collect all the items in an area, you'll be fine.

My map does mark some secrets that DO NOT COUNT towards area percentage. Only items that I have marked on the map count. All others are for your reference only. Hope that is clear.
v4.2 - 1st October 2017
+ Added image and text for threeforce grenade (blueprint) ($500) and Clifford Heisenberg to El Machina. (Thanks to sbuggbot for the reminder!)
+ Added extra gold text to items/upgrades table to clarify certain locations (Threeforce Grenade, and the 3x Yonker blueprints)
+ Based on the back of my Impossible Dream playthrough, I added in a few more Secret markers to aid you in looking for those last few elusive percent.
+ Added level requirements for a few of the item upgrades.
v4 - 26th September 2017
+ Added a missing cog NE of "Cave-In Catacomb".
+ Red Rock Passage tube name (no idea how I'd missed it).
+ Rearranged various elements for space.
+ Clarified the info for unlocking the Trials of Heaven and Hell with the sigil from collecting all 42 artifacts. Is there an official name for these trials?


+ Added a huge list of all the abilities, their tiers, their costs, the cog mods unlocked for each, how many cogs they require to activate, the effects of those mods, and if they are acquired by the artifact collection.

Because the upgrades/cog mods info impacts the image quality (Steam only allows you to use inline images below 2mb in guides) I've included a link to a lossless PNG version of the file which you can open in your web browser/download to your PC.
v3 - 24th September 2017
More cleanup.

+ Icons for all 42 Artifacts in the game.
+ Shrunk the artifact names slightly to prevent (hopefully) visual clutter.
+ Changed asterisks to mini cog icons for each cave.
+ Altered key to compensate.
v2 - 24th September 2017
+ Changed and cleaned up colour schemes. (There was too much green text.)
+ Added some missing cogs.
+ Moved a cog in the wrong place. (I can't do geography.)
+ Added graphics for two boss-related achievements.
+ Changed colour of 'S' for secret to pink so it stands out more.
v1 - 23rd September 2017
V1 - Initial Release

+ All Cave/Tube names added.
+ All Artifact locations added.
+ All Upgrade Abilities found in the world (non-blueprint) added.
+ Many (but not all) cogs added to open world.
+ Many (but not all) cogs added via asterisks to Cave names. (Number of * = how many cogs in a given cave).
+ Some "S" markers added to note particularly hard-to-find/spot Secret Areas.
+ Locations for the 3 Yonker brothers.
+ Locations of the 3 braziers that open Ronald's Treasure Chamber (purple).
+ Location of the 3 braziers that open the blue crystal lever door in Temple Bowels.
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Demajen  [author] Oct 10, 2022 @ 9:30am 
@floydvictor007 the HQ map (called "v6.png") is approx 10,000x11,000 pixels and weighs in at 16.6meg. If you're not seeing that higher resolution file, try downloading it from the google drive rather than trying to view it in your browser (could be a browser issue). It's definitely not blurry.
floydvictor007 Oct 10, 2022 @ 8:29am 
The"high quality" map is too blurry for me to use. Perhaps split it into two?
drzaltar Jun 5, 2022 @ 11:17am 
I finally found the cog I was looking for in Yarrow, not on the map
CSaintD Apr 23, 2022 @ 10:09am 
Edit to below - I think what actually happened is my "Pause UI" size was too high and I accidentally lowered it when I was trying to find the percentage thing. So it was going off the bottom of the screen and now it is not. Just FYI in case anyone else has this problem. BTW - I have an ultra-wide monitor and this may be the reason it did that.
CSaintD Apr 23, 2022 @ 8:57am 
Nevermind - I found it. In El Machino it doesn't show the percent complete on the map, you have to be in another area and then it shows the percent complete under the area name.
CSaintD Apr 23, 2022 @ 8:13am 
How do you know what percentage of an area you have cleared (all secrets)? I don't see that in my display at all
Kawapatch Feb 5, 2022 @ 3:18am 
The map has everything you need for 100%. I know because I got all of the steam achievements using this exact map. It's something you all keep overlooking, since I did the same thing and assume the map is wrong. Nope, we are all just blind! Best and most obvious advice I can give is to go over the map in game with a fine toothed comb and check everything listed on the map from top to bottom. Good luck!!!
Darkhulk ʕ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°ʔ Feb 5, 2022 @ 1:24am 
Maybe there is nothing new/ missed, but game counting it in wrong way. :shizukaSkeptic:
Demajen  [author] Feb 4, 2022 @ 2:34pm 
So I counted up and double checked everything on the secrets map and the latest 2021 version of the map and everything is on there and adds up, based on the percentages I found back in the day. Double-check you've got the cog underneath Combuster's Station since that isn't super clear percentage-wise on the map. Other than that, I'm not entirely sure, I'm really sorry. Do let me know if you manage to sort it out or if I missed anything or if the devs changed something. :-/
Demajen  [author] Feb 4, 2022 @ 7:29am 
I’ll take a look at my notes for the Temple when I have time, guys, just to see if I somehow missed or deleted something when I was updating the map recently. It was definitely correct at one point but when dealing with Photoshop documents with hundreds of layers sometimes something gets deleted and there’s so much on the maps I can’t always eyeball the change. My apologies if it’s my mistake.

That being said, the Secrets Notes map at the bottom of the guide hasn’t ever been updated so it SHOULD be right, unless the devs changed anything that counted percentage wise.