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Storage Sheds
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Sep 6, 2017 @ 2:54pm
Apr 21 @ 8:03am
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Storage Sheds

Storage is a bit of a hassle in this game. No really, it is. But, instead of making a shack, spamming a bunch of storage bins for 1 type of material, while leaving room for all the characters to access it normally, why not store it in the shack itself? Some tech is required to research it, however, it requires little to no research time. Cost of building it is equal to a normal stack. It gets its very own building tab, to make it easy to find what type of shed you want.

Need research level 3 minimum for most tier 1 level sheds, research level 4 for most tier 2 level sheds and so on. A shed will not unlock unless you have either researched the storage for the item previously or the building required to produce item or have reached a particular tech level (this is mostly for AI cores and stuff of that nature).

It is possible that the storage shed will not update to new limit after upgrade. Just save and reload save and you will be fine (thanks R3j3k for heads up on that).

The concept of storage amount is how much of a item can fit into a 6x6 box one thousand times, so depending on the item size, it can vary as to how much it can store that item.

Also added in-game assets that don't count as anything but decoration. Use it to decorate your shacks to help you remember what it contains (you can put some of these decorations on the roofs of these storage sheds).

Link for those who want to modify it to their taste:
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�[Dire_Venom]� Apr 21 @ 4:34pm 
zartury  [author] Apr 21 @ 8:07am 
Alright, it has been added. It is funny that it hasn't been in the mod for two years and I rely on people to mention if something is missing, guess nobody really makes them. Thanks for heads up, guess we can say the mod is officially complete :)
zartury  [author] Apr 21 @ 7:56am 

Sorry, must have been excluded by accident. Give a moment, will be updating it shortly. Apr 20 @ 11:27am 
Any reason why there's no Rice Bowl sheds?
�[Dire_Venom]� Apr 12 @ 2:19am 
Very nice, awesome job OP!
zartury  [author] Mar 19 @ 4:52pm 
Hello BigBizkit1,

Sure, go right ahead, you can upload it up and credit me. I think this would work better than uploading on Lofi anyways. I also give you permission to upload any and all my mods here, should there be an expressed interest for them, as I don't think there will be that many changes now that the game has been updated.

On my end, I will notify of any updates in the comment section whenever there will be an update (for whichever mod(s) you are keeping track of), so that you are aware.

Oh, and don't forget to credit yourself too in the process, as you are doing many of them a favor there!

BigBizkit1 Mar 19 @ 3:27am 
Hi there, I am the Community Manager at . I was wondering whether I could have your permission to post your excellent mod on so more players (especially people who have the GOG version of Kenshi) can enjoy your mod.

I would ofc credit you and, if you have a Nexus Mods account, I could transfer ownership of the mod page over to you. Let me know either way.

Toby_Hong Feb 23 @ 11:33am 
Re: Max Load Pick up.

zartury, thanks for the fast feedback.
I tried just sitting and watching on my latest save, after unloading my Iron refinery Haulers manually. It's quite strange, they phased down from max load pickup to 10 units of Ore and now seem happy to just pick up 5 a time - Over each cycle of each of their jobs list. I have quite a long list for them to do.

All seems well now! Thanks again.

zartury  [author] Feb 22 @ 7:01pm 
Interesting, because I have never seen it either (at least since the days of the new map, before that it worked that way under the old version). Don't know if others can confirm it too?

Myself I have been exploring mostly with characters, so no hometown (started new game during winter break), but put up the difficulty way up there.

First. I would suggest turning off the mod and seeing if it works with vanilla storage too. If it does, then the base game is responsible for the change (My mod uses base game assets, so that it upgrades with the base game).

All I know is that an update has come in officially since Feb 7 for experimental but there was an update yesterday or the day before? That may have had something to do with it. That or the other mod, if it modifies more than the base game, may have something to do with it.
Toby_Hong Feb 22 @ 5:42pm 
Thanks for making the mod. Unfortunately I have a problem with my workers. Instead of pulling a max of say 5 items from the shed they are filling their backpack and main inventory.
I am mid-late game in tech levels, so researched and built the Advanced sheds straight away, no upgrades.

The only inventory tweak mod i have running is "2x storage" mod and that has been in there since the start with no issues like this. Never seen this max space pulling before.

I have tried saving and reloading after the shed is built but multiple workers still do the same, when they visit the shed.

So far I have only seen this with my Iron Ore shed storage but my poor Haulers are breaking their backs and it messes up multi haul job workers as they fill up on one thing and can barely move.

Thanks in advance for any advice.