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RFW's In-Depth Guide to R0 Starting Realm Grinder
By RogueFireWolf
This is a guide to obtaining a ton of Trophies in the very beginning of R0. It should be complete as of now, though if you feel I've missed something, you're free to tell me. This guide is current as of Realm Grinder version 4.1.1.

This guide will walk you through the entire very beginning of Realm Grinder, as well as unlocking many Secret Trophies and giving a number of hints and tips. It walks you through from the very beginning up until you unlock Reincarnation, as well as explaining what some things do, how certain things work, and what other things are.

This guide is not a generalization, but a full guide. It gives details on how to do quite a few things in the game, as well as how to unlock certain things. The entire guide is a Spoiler, as guides are.

Yes, that is the male adviser. He's totally not suspicious, right? I wonder what the grey part of his wand is...and why he's wearing a magician's hat. He's just a servant, after all...
Basic Information
Some terms you will see me use will include:

  • "Reincarnation", which is a feature you will unlock when you reach 1 Oc (1e27) Gems.
  • "Tribute Trophy", which refers to Secret Trophies designed as tributes to beta testers or players who have done massive contributions to the game.
  • "Faction Monument", which is the building in the center of the screen, which varies based on your Faction.

Terms to know for in-game:

  • "Run" means that Abdication.
  • "This Reincarnation" means that Reincarnation.
  • "Total" means all-time, for all Reincarnations.

Things people often mix up:

  • Faction and Fraction. One is part of a number, one is the species you've chosen to affiliate with.
  • Alignment and Faction. One is the species you've chosen to affiliate with, one is if your alignment, which you pick before picking a Faction. The three Alignments are Good, Evil, and Neutral.
  • Ascension and Reincarnation. Ascension is an advanced form of Reincarnation, so while it's a type of Reincarnation, Reincarnations are not a type of Ascension. This is relevant much further into the game than this guide takes you.

Just things to know:

  • Secret Trophies and Faction Spell Trophies both gives upgrades. Faction Spell Trophies' Upgrades will be in Allegiances Upgrades category and Secret Trophy Upgrades will be in Secret Upgrades category, if you have the option for Don't Sort Upgrades by Category disabled.
The Options Menu
This section here is for the features of the Options Menu, which is accessible by the cogwheel in the lower-right corner of the game, on the far right of the bottom bar.

  • Short Numbers, Scientific Notation, and Engineering Notation: The default is Short Numbers, though clicking the circle by either of the others will change the notation.

  • Use Thousands Separator: This will put a comma in for thousands.

  • Disable Multibuy for Upgrade Series: Makes you buy every upgrade in a series individually when you can afford them; this only matters when buying manually and not using Buy All.
  • Don’t Group Upgrades by Category: This removes the category separators for upgrades and returns their ordering back to the ordering in the old format of the game, which, in general, is the same as it is now, just without those borders that allow you to hide the upgrades in that category. With this option disabled (unchecked), the purchased upgrades will be AFTER the unpurchased.
  • Don’t Group Trophies by Category: Does the same thing as the above option, only for Trophies.

  • Don't Consolidate Upgrades: This separates upgrade series from their stacks so you see all of them, instead of the next one to buy.
  • Don't Consolidate Trophies: This separates trophies from their stacks so you see all of them at once, instead of the next to unlock (last if you've unlocked them all in a stack).

  • Disable Warnings for Ruby Upgrades: This turns off the confirmation message for purchasing Ruby upgrades.
  • Disable Warning for Exchanges: This disables the pop-up box for Exchanges of your Faction’s Faction Coin. This DOES NOT WORK if you use Buy All to buy Exchanges, but will if you use the multibuy for Exchanges and buy them separately. HOWEVER! The Buy All Exchanges WILL buy Heritages first, if you have the FC for them.

  • Disable Click Particles: This removes the particles/coins/etc. that pop up when you click the background (manually or with in-game clicks) showing you what you got (Note: choosing this option will help reduce lag).
  • Disable Click Text: This removes the text that pops up from clicking the background (manually or with in-game clicks) telling you what you got (Note: choosing this option will help reduce lag).
  • Disable Menu Sliding Animation: Instead of sliding everything, it just jumps the images/location when you’re scrolling menus.

  • Block Background Clicks: This prevents any manual clicking rewards – in-game clicking will still work, though. This is mostly used for the no-click challenge.
  • Disable Non-Manual Clicks: This disables any in-game clicking, which occur through upgrades, and most famously are from Sun Blessing and Elven Bloodline, but also includes a couple of others, such as Gift of the Kings and a certain Research.

  • Enable Spell Tooltip Persist: Causes a Spell's tooltip to persist if you hover over the spell until you click out of it or pull up a different tooltip. Makes it easier to set autocasts without using the hotkeys.
  • Disable Spell Effect Icons: This prevents the spell effect icons from appearing on the Building icons.

  • Disable Cloud Check at Startup: This prevents it from checking whether or not your Cloud and Local Saves are the same and giving you the option to load either if the Local is different (Cloud is always going to be ahead of the Local without a bug), and will automatically load the Cloud save regardless.

  • Buy All Exchanges: This is what makes the Buy All button for the upgrades tab to buy all available Exchanges as well. NOTE: This will NOT give you the Exchange Warning on the Faction Coins for the Faction(s) you currently are, though it will buy Heritages if you can afford them before doing the Exchanges (So it buys upgrades, then Exchanges) – it will not hold on to FC if you cannot afford a Heritage. This does not prevent the Exchange Warning from popping up when buying Exchanges manually.
  • Buy All Upgrades: This allows you to buy all Upgrades you can currently afford.

  • Hide Purchased Upgrades: This hides the upgrades you’ve purchased, allowing you to view only the upgrades you have not.
  • Hide Unavailable Researches: This hides Researches that your Faction cannot buy, allowing you to view only the upgrades you can pick as that Faction/Faction combination.

  • Sort Purchased Upgrades by Price: Exactly what it sounds like, this option sorts all purchased upgrades by their price instead of grouping.
  • Sort Unpurchased Upgrades by Price: Exactly what it sounds like, this option sorts all unpurchased upgrades by their price instead of grouping.

  • Hide Purchased Upgrades: Exactly what it sounds like, it causes purchased upgrades to disappear from sight, though their effect remains.
    Hide Unavailable Researches: This hides all Researches that cannot be bought by your Faction.

  • Disable Buy Hotkey: Disables the hotkeys for buying Buildings in bulk.

  • Skip All Tutorials: This prevents the Royal Adviser (that chick in the purple robe) from popping up when there’s a new feature for you to play with, or when you do something new to tell you about it.

  • Borderless Fullscreen: Fullscreen mode.

  • Change Adviser Sex: An imaginary feature that allows you to change the Royal Adviser into a young castle servant who seems to know all the different things about court life, and is a little bit suspicious.

  • Language: Allows you to change the language of the game – WARNING: translations aren't the best.

  • Disable Gift of the (Heroes)(Kings)(Gods): Disables that individual Gift from the shop, if you’ve bought it.

  • Overwrite: This overwrites your current Cloud Save with the save you’re currently on. Probably not often-used, as the Cloud automatically saves if your save is a higher R and gem count than its on-hand save, so you won’t have much reason to overwrite unless it’s not saving for some odd reason. You can see when the last time it saved is directly above it, and it tells you the R count and Gem count on that save.
  • Restore: This restores your last-saved Cloud save.

  • Save: This performs a local save for your game.
  • Export: This exports a file of your last local save.
  • Import: This allows you to import a save file – you need to click into the box, and then paste it.

  • Hard Reset: This allows you to completely Hard Reset your game, deleting all of your files (except Cloud), stats, trophies, buildings, gems, R’s, EVERYTHING (except the Cloud save, you’ll need to Overwrite if you want to get rid of that, too).

  • a.x.b.y: These random numbers in the lower-right are the Game Version you’re currently playing. If you click on it, it will open up the Patch Notes, where you can view all of the patches in the game. The first number (a) represents the Game Version itself. We’re currently on Version 2. The second number (x) represents the Expansion (where major content updates are). The third number (b) represents the minor update version (where minor content updates are). The final number (y) is the hotfix number, where small patches to fix bugs and other small errors are done.
The Very Beginning!
You start off with a message from the Tutorial Adviser, and should start with "Clouded" popping up as well. If not, check to see if Cloud is synced when you get a chance. If not, just shoot a message over in the Bugs thread.

Anyway, read her message, click out of her message, then click out of the next one. The adviser's telling you to click anywhere on the realmscape (the in-game name for the background), so go ahead and do that...only to have her attack you with another message.

At this point, I recommend going into Settings using the cogwheel in the lower-right corner of the game, going to the left-hand column of options, and turning of the Tutorial. You can keep it on if you want, or turn it back on later, but we'll be covering everything she gives you at this stage of the game and not turning her off can cause some slight hiccups.

Now that you've disabled that, open up the Upgrades tab through the button on the left panel. You'll see two upgrades there: [Proof of Good Deed] and [Proof of Evil Deed]. They each cost 25,000 Coins, and you can't afford them yet – but we'll get there soon!

Click a few more times on the Realmscape, up until you have 10 Coins and can buy a Farm. Keep clicking and generating Coins until you can buy 5 Farms in total. Once you have 5 Farms, open up the Upgrades Panel and find an upgrade there to boost your farms: it's free, so buy it!

You'll notice when you buy it that it gives 1 Assistant as well. The first two Building Upgrades in each series for each Building except for Hall of Legends will give one. As for the Building Upgrades themselves, they become available at set amounts of the Building itself.

There are some easy Trophies you can earn right now, so we'll grab those before moving on.

The first of those is [glho kohhl snod]. All you need is to type or copy those words (without the brackets) into the Import box in Settings, then Import it. The Upgrade it gives increases Clicking production by 50%, which is more useful than it sounds as the base production of Assistants is 5% of your Clicking Production.

The next two are [Adviser Insight] and [Assistant Squasher]. All they require doing is clicking on their respective icons 100 times each. The Assistants icon isn't the one on the bottom bar, but the one next to the empty space in the middle of the screen. The Adviser icon is her face in the lower-right of the screen.

There's another easy one you can get at the moment for opening up the Changelog and keeping it open for three minutes. You don't have to do it now, but if you do, I recommend buying up to 10 Farms and 5 Inns at the minimum first. The Trophy is called [Suggestion Master], and you can buy its Upgrade immediately.

Once you've gotten the Trophies, move on to the next section.
Your First Alignment and First Faction
Collect Coins and Buildings until you have 25,000 Coins saved up. This should actually happen rather fast, and you'll meet it for certain while getting [Suggestion Master] as long as you have 10 Farms and 5 Inns. If you don't go for that, then make sure to not cast any Spells – you'll want your Mana shortly.

Once you have 25,000 Coins, purchase the [Proof of Good Deed]. The moment you do, you'll find yourself with eight new Buildings you can buy. You'll also notice three new Upgrades in the Allegiance Upgrades category: Fairies, Elven, and Angels Trade Treaties. Each of them costs 20 of their respective Faction Coins, and you can probably buy one of them at the moment.

I recommend buying Angels Trade Treaty at the moment, despite the Fairies Trade Treaty being free. As soon as you do, a new Upgrade feature shows up: Royal Exchanges. Open up the Royal Exchanges button and buy all of the Royal Exchanges you can do except for the Angel Royal Exchanges.

Royal Exchanges boost your production by 10% each at the base, with the Royal Exchanges adding up together before multiplying your production. They cost Faction Coins, and the cost increases with each purchase of that specific Faction's Royal Exchange. You'll need more Angel Coins, so don't buy theirs.

Each of the three stages of upgrades for a Faction here cost Faction Coins and unlocks three upgrades. The first one cost 20 Faction Coins, the second costs 100, and the third will cost 500. It always costs that Faction's Faction Coins to buy.

Now, let's continue playing. If you're playing as Angels, as I suggested you do, and it's a Sunday, you can unlock a Trophy called "God's Rest", which is done by casting God's Hand on a Sunday. It grants an upgrade which, when cast, causes God's Hand to grant Faction Coins based on your Mana Regen.

If you're not playing on a Sunday, that's fine – you can unlock it the next time Sunday hits. This unlock is based on your computer's time, so don't worry about having to make sure it's on some other schedule. Unlocks based on time will always be based on your computer's time.

Now that we're Angels, buy Buildings up, then cast a spell. Each one has a different effect here, and God's Hand is technically the best at the moment. Once you've cast it, just continue buying Buildings. While your Mana recovers, you'll also earn [Mana Droplet], a Trophy that comes with an upgrade. Make sure to buy that – it increases your Mana Regen by 0.5 Mana/second.

Our goal right now is saving up 50M Coins, but this is done a little bit easier buy buying Buildings still, so do that for a bit. Wait until you're earning at least 300,000 Coins/second (you can wait until you're earning more, but wait no longer than 1,000,000 Coins/second, and I'd say 500,000 Coins/second is better than that), stop buying Buildings and wait until you can buy the first Angel Upgrade.

While waiting, you might be able to buy the second Angel Faction Coin Upgrade, so go ahead and do that. Don't forget to also buy the non-Angel Royal Exchanges you can do. You can cast Tax Collection once or twice during this, it's fine to do that.

Once you can buy the first upgrade, do so. Your Mana Regen will shoot up, and you'll quickly recover the rest of your Mana. Wait until your Mana reaches full, then cast God's Hand again. At this point, you can do two things: wait until you have enough Mana to cast Call to Arms, or cast a couple of Tax Collections. The choice is yours here.

Here, just keep waiting until your Mana reaches full, then cast God's Hand, then Call to Arms when you can, and then Tax Collection as long as God's Hand is still active. To make this faster, you can use the spell's hotkeys, which start at 1 for Tax Collection and go down the list.

The fifth Angel Upgrade reduces the Mana Cost of spells by 50%, which means you can combo all of your spells and still get Tax Collections in. Holy Light only lasts for 10 seconds, so you can wait a few seconds before casting it if you want, to be able to cast more Tax Collections during it. I'd say to wait until you have ten seconds left on the other two spells, unless your Mana hits full first. If so, then cast it then instead.

This will also allow you to unlock [Spellfury], a Secret Trophy for casting Tax Collection with three other spells active. Its upgrade increases your Mana Regen, which is quite useful.

The seventh Angel Upgrade increases your Maximum Mana. At this point, cast all three duration spells from the start, then spam Tax Collection until you're out of Mana. Wait until Holy Light finishes, then cast it again and spam Tax Collection until the spells stop running.

Rinse and repeat spell castings for now. Make sure to continue buying Buildings when you can, and after you've bought all of the Angel Upgrades, you'll unlock Angel Heritage.

You'll unlock Automatic Casting during this run as long as you're casting your spells – its requirement is 60,000 Mana generated. Make sure to buy the Upgrade to unlock the Achievement. It allows you to cast spells on their own, though it will always cast the cheapest spell set first, so if you set Tax Collection to Autocast, that's all that will be cast. Later Autocast upgrades will allow you to customize this a bit better.

Heritages for the six Vanilla Factions (Fairies, Elves, Angels, Goblins, Undead, and Demons) cost 5,000 Faction Coins each. Right now, you can save up for them, or you can skip them, they're entirely up to you, but make sure to unlock it before ending this run. Once you've unlocked a Heritage Upgrade, you can buy it on all future runs no matter what your Faction is. I'd recommend skipping buying it in favor of getting more Royal Exchanges.

Your focus for now is generating Gems. You'll see them underneath "Abdication", the blue button at the top of the Upgrades panel. Ignore the other button for now, you'll unlock it later.

Your Abdication Treasury is how many Gems you'll earn when you Abdicate, which you can see by looking at the amount on your Abdication button. You'll want to hit at least 3,000 Gems in your Abdication Treasure before Abdicating. While you can go for more, it's recommended to Abdicate as soon as your Gem gains starts slowing down. Make sure you unlock Angel Heritage first, too.

Once you're ready to Abdicate, move on to the next section – but don't Abdicate yet!
A Bunch of Trophies!
This section is where grinding begins to happen and things begin to slow down. We'll first obtain a few Secret Trophies that are easy to obtain. The accompanying Upgrades will help speed things up a little as well.

Ready to continue?

Abdicate ten times in a row. Don't buy anything, don't click the Realmscape, just Abdicate ten times in a row. Once you do, you'll acquire [Rule 'dis]. It requires Abdicating 10 times in 3 minutes.

Next up, Abdicate one more time and do absolutely nothing in the game for 5 minutes. As long as you do nothing – not even click anywhere – for five minutes, you'll earn [Need a Head Start?]. It's a waiting Trophy, and that's it.

Now let's get ready for the real challenge.

Speed Run.

This is a Secret Trophy awarded for generating 1M Coins within the first 5 minutes of a run without Gem Power, and the upgrade, which costs 10 Coins, increases base Clicking Reward by +1M Coins.

There are some things to know before you start it.

  • Do not buy Mana Regeneration Upgrades or Gem Power Upgrade.
  • Have "Need a Head Start?"
  • You cannot use "Buy All". This is now available thanks to having at least 1K Gems in the Gem Bank.
  • You can do this without clicking very much, but it's recommended to click a fair bit – but no need to mash your mouse. I've done it quite a few times with just barely clicking after the first thirty seconds or so. Clicking reward kind of become obsolete during the run, anyway.

Okay, on to the run but read all through the following list before you start it.

  • Abdicate.
  • Buy Need a Head Start?
  • Buy 1 Farm.
  • Click and build Buildings, but focus on building Buildings. You can either switch to focusing only on the next Building after you have 10 of one, or you can stop at 30 Farms, 20 Inns, but DO NOT go past them. You really shouldn't go past 10 of each.
  • Once you reach around 500 Coins/second or so, stop buying Buildings entirely and focus on generating Coins.
  • Go Evil as soon as you can.
  • Buy only Evil Buildings at this point.
  • At around 4.5 minutes into the run, combo CtA and Blood Frenzy – just hit 2 and 3 on your keyboard at the same time.
  • Okay, here, you click like crazy. Before they're up, you should have it.

If you didn't get it, you were probably off by a second or two – but not if you cast it around 4.5 minutes in. Set a timer if you need to.

Don't stick around – Abdicate. You can return to playing as Evil later, there are more easy Trophies to earn.

[Leet] requires having exactly 1,337 Coins. To achieve this, don't buy any buildings, nor any upgrades other than [Sturdy Treasure], which adds +4 to the base clicking reward. However, only buy [Sturdy Treasure] when your current amount of Coins ends in a 2 or a 7. After that, just click, click, click. Stop rapidly clicking once you reach ~1,300 Coins, then click individually to ensure you don't overshoot 1,337. Once you hit exactly that much and wait. It shouldn't take more than a second to proc.

The next one is even easier: buy [Speed Run] and click once. [Building Hater] requires earning 100,000 Coins without buying a single Building, and Speed Run makes that happen pretty much instantly.

Now, let's run Angels some more. Just run it like you did the first time, buying Buildings, Upgrades, and Royal Exchanges, and doing Spell combos. This time, you have Buy All to make things easier – it will buy all Upgrades you can afford.

You can also run Elves for this part of the guide, as they generate Faction Coins faster, but I'd recommend Angels instead. If you do run Elves, you can get their Spell Trophy, [Sun Blessing], by casting their Faction Spell, [Moon Blessing], between 6AM and 1PM your computer's time.

Things will be quite a bit faster to set up with [Speed Run], too, thanks to being able to get those Assistants faster – and therefore, your Faction Coins.

For this point, perform each run until your gains in Gems slows down, then Abdicate. Rinse and repeat until you have around 500K-1M Gems. You can actually do this in only one or two runs, three at the most. Once we're there, it will be time for more Trophies.

Abdicate and continue on with this guide.

We're going to play each Faction once and unlock its Heritage. Remember, this is done by buying all of the Faction's normal upgrades, and as soon as you see the Heritage, you have it permanently unlocked. Go in whatever order you want; I'll typically go Demons, Fairies, Goblins, Elves, and then Undead.

The next few paragraphs give some information about the other Factions. Getting their Spell Trophies is not required, but I'm going to list what each of them is here.

Demons' Spell Trophy, [Hell Rush] requires that you cast [Hellfire Blast] within 60 seconds of the start of a new run. It's fairly easy at this stage of the game (1M+ Gems), though becomes quite easy later on. Just click a bit to get the 20 Demon Coins needed, how fast it goes depends on if you get lucky with them or not.

Fairies' Spell Trophy, [Fairy Choir] is unlocked by casting Fairy Chanting with at least 45 Assistants, and the Upgrade for it triples the number of Assistants you have during Fairy Chanting. You will obtain this during your run here thanks to the last Fairy Upgrade, so long as you cast Fairy Chanting after buying it.

You can use this run as Fairies to build up some more Gems as well, as you'll gain a fair few from a combo. Rather than doing Fairy Chanting + Call to Arms, cast Call to Arms, then wait until there are 10-11 seconds left, then cast Fairy Chanting, as long as you have the Mana Regen to do this. You'll soon be able to get a Tax Collection out of this as well.

To build up Faction Coins more quickly so you can buy the Heritages you've unlocked and more Royal Exchanges, leave [Fairy Chanting] on autocast after unlocking the Heritage and buying [Fairy Choir]. This will help you out quite a lot.

Goblins' Spell Trophy, [Greed Drive], is earned by casting their Faction Spell, Goblin's Greed, 100 times in a row without casting any other spell. This means you cannot cast any spell other than Goblin's Greed until after you've obtained that Trophy if you want to try to unlock it. This requirement is per-run, so if you screw up, you can Abdicate and try again. The free Tax Collection that comes with casting spells through one of the Goblin upgrades does not affect this, so you can still buy that upgrade.

Elves' Spell Trophy, [Sun Blessing], has already been mentioned, but it can be obtained by casting [Moon Blessing] between 6AM and 1PM your computer's time. While playing Elves, the combo to do is [Call to Arms], then [Moon Blessing].

Undead are arguably the worst Faction possible to pick at this stage of the game, which is why I do it last. Obtain its Heritage and get out. Its Spell Trophy is unlocked by casting its Faction Spell, [Night Time], between 11PM and 6AM your computer's time.

As soon as you have allied with all six of them at least once, you'll obtain [Grand Diplomat], a Secret Trophy earned by affiliating with each of the six Vanilla Factions. Its Upgrades grants +2% Faction Coin find chance, which can be useful this early in the game.

On your next run, buy exactly 1 of each Building (make sure to pick Good or Evil; I recommend Good). You'll unlock [Unitary], another Secret Trophy. After that, you're ready to move on to the next section.
Grinding to 1T-105 (1e12-1e13) Gems and Unlocking Neutrals:
Now that you've gotten most or all of those Trophies, it's time to generate some Gems again. It's best to do this as either Fairies or Angels, though Elves are also viable if you have Sun Blessing. Just combo your spells and make sure to buy everything. I had better production with Fairies here while without [God's Rest].

At this stage, you'll want to save up your Faction Coins for Faction Heritages. This is more viable for Fairies and Elves than Angels, though easily doable as Angels if you have [God's Rest]. The first time you buy all six of them in a run, you'll earn another Secret Trophy, too.

If running as Fairies, make sure to remember to set [Fairy Chanting] to Autocast to build up Faction Coins after buying all of the Fairy Upgrades; you do need to have Fairy Choir purchased to make this viable.

If running as Angels, you'll probably want to buy at least 20-30 of each Exchange before saving up for Faction Heritages unless you have [God's Rest]. If you have [God's Rest], then buy the Faction Heritages first.

After you Abdicate once you've earned 1B (e9) Gems, you'll unlock Excavations. You have to buy the Archaeology upgrade, so go ahead and do that. A new tab will appear for Excavations, but don't touch it for now, just continue generating Gems until you reach 1T-10T (1e12-1e13) Gems.

Once you're at 1T-10T (1e12-1e13) Gems, Abdicate and go to Goblins. Set [Goblin's Greed] to Autocast, and after buying all of the Goblin Upgrades and all of the Heritages, wait for one more [Goblin's Greed] cast, then buy all Royal Exchanges that you can. After that, keep running the game until you hit 300 Hall of Legends.

Keep [Goblin's Greed] on Autocast, you'll need the Faction Coins. Do not buy Royal Exchanges except for Fairy and Undead unless you have more than 36 hours played at this point. If you do, then don't buy any Royal Exchanges after the first batch. You can also do this as Elves, especially if you have [Sun Blessing].

Remember the Excavations tab? Time to go use it. Dig to to 30 Excavations. You can dig down to 50 if you want, but no more than that. We need to get to 30, though. At 50 Excavations, you'll uncover a free Ruby – they pop up after you pass set Excavation thresholds for the first time only. Excavations do not reset when you Abdicate, they only reset if you manually tell them to (which you can't right now unless you spend a Ruby).

If you go down to 30 Excavations, you'll uncover a total of six Quest Artifacts. Two [Ancient Stoneslab]s, two [Fossilized Piece of Bark]s, and two [Bone Fragment]s. These are how we unlock the next set of Factions: Neutral Factions.

You need to have both of a set to be able to unlock the Faction. Each Neutral Faction has a specific unlock requirement, and for two of them, you must meet it in that run. All three of them cost 1 No (1e30) Coins and 25,000 each of two Faction Coins.

The first pair, the [Ancient Stoneslab]s, are to unlock Titans. You need to have 300 Hall of Legends after uncovering them in order to get the unlock Upgrade, which must be bought in the same run. It costs 25,000 Angel Coins and 25,000 Goblin Coins. If you don't buy it in that run, you can buy it again in any future run with 300 Hall of Legends or more.

The second pair, the [Fossilized Piece of Bark]s, are to unlock Druids. You need to have earned 1,000,000 (1M, 1e6) Faction Coins total in that run. It costs 25,000 Elf Coins and 25,000 Demon Coins. If you don't buy the upgrade in that run, you can buy it again in any future run that has earned 1,000,000 Faction Coins.

The third pair, the [Bone Fragment]s, are to unlock Faceless. All you need for this one is 36 hours played total – this isn't in a single run, this is total. Don't worry about waiting around to unlock it, you'll get the chance to just playing normally. The Upgrade to unlock Faceless costs 25,000 Fairy Coins and 25,000 Undead Coins.

Unlock both Titans and Druids, and remember – do not go past 50 Excavations. You want to save them for something coming up.

Once you've unlocked both Titans and Druids (the Adviser will pop up to tell you that you have unlocked them once you buy the Upgrade for them), Abdicate and move on to the next section.
1T-10T (1e12-1e13) Gems – Playing Neutrals
With even one Neutral Faction unlocked, you can now pick Neutral Alignment. The difference here is that doing so will grant you access to the Neutral-specific Buildings and Hall of Legends, as well as allow you to take on a Neutral Faction.

[Proof of Neutrality] costs 10 Qa (1e16) Coins to buy. At 1T+ (1e12+) Gems, this becomes fairly easy. By this point of the game, I'm only ever buying Buildings in 100s, too. I buy [Need a Head Start?], then [Speed Run], click once, Buy All, then click until I have enough Coins for 100 Farms. After that, you'll be able to buy the others pretty fast, and within seconds you'll have enough to pick Neutrals.

Now that we're here, we have eight new Buildings to buy, so go ahead and do that. You'll earn a lot of Trophies for it, and they're production-makers, anyway.

The Trade Treaties cost 250 Faction Coins of each of the two required for that Faction, so 250 Angel Coins and 250 Goblin Coins for Titans, 250 Elf Coins and 250 Demon Coins for Druids, and 250 Fairy Coins and 250 Undead Coins for Faceless. It'll take a few minutes to get that, but that's fine.

We're going to play Titans first. The Neutral Factions' Friendship Pacts (the second Faction Coins Upgrade) costs 2,500 of each Faction Coin for that Faction and their Alliance Upgrades (the third Faction Coins Upgrade) costs 10,000 of each Faction Coin for that Faction, so we'll spend a few minutes getting that using [Lightning Strike]. Do not use Excavations for it, that's a waste and we want them for Druids.

Right now, set [Lightning Strike] to Autocast and let it run until you've bought them all. Neutral Heritages cost 25,000 of that Faction's Faction Coins, so it's up to you whether you save up the Angel and Goblin Coins for that or not. Whatever you do, make sure to buy Royal Exchanges once you're done getting Upgrades that cost those Faction Coins.

After going through the Tier 2 Titan Upgrades, make sure to keep an eye on the forecast on [Lightning Strike]'s tooltip. It tells you the next three Buildings the spell will target. When it's going to hit Monastery, Hall of Legends, or Deep Mines, combo the spell with Call to Arms for a large boost to production.

Once you've bought the Alliance Upgrade, wait until your Mana is full, then combo [Lightning Strike] and Call to Arms. If that seems counter to what I just said in the last paragraph, that's because it is. You're doing this one to three times to get more Buildings built. Specifically, we want to get Iron Strongholds up another 100 for that added boost, as how many of them you have affects the strength of [Lightning Strike]'s production bonus.

After that, only combo when [Lightning Strike] hits the most productive Building in the list. Right now, that should be Monastery, Hall of Legends, and Deep Mines. After a little bit, you'll want to only combo if [Lightning Strike] hits a building that's at least 25%-30% of your production at the minimum. Once your Mana Regen is high enough, you can squeeze out a [Tax Collection] during this if you cast [Call to Arms], wait ten seconds, then cast [Lightning Strike]. Make sure to always buy all Royal Exchanges you can before doing a combo if you've bought all Heritages already.

If you're running Titans for production, make sure to buy all Heritages, including Titan Heritage and the other Neutral Heritages if you've unlocked them. To run it idle, set [Lightning Strike] to Autocast and that's it.

If you're not running Titans for production, Abdicate and move on. You should do this anyway after unlocking the Heritage, as Druids can be more productive, and their Heritage is quite useful for playing Titans for production.

For our next run, we're going Druids. However, do not buy any Hall of Legends this time. The reason for this is because the Druid Faction Spell, [Grand Balance], can target zero-count Buildings and their Spell Trophy, [Halls of Balance], require having [Grand Balance] hit Hall of Legends. The Upgrade that goes with it is part of what makes Druids viable as a production Faction.

Do know that if you [Grand Balance] will change targets if the current target's production before the boost from the spell stops being the lowest value. So if you buy Hall of Legends while it's active, it will change targets. This is fine for the Spell Trophy, but later on when you have to do something similar, you'll want to let it run its course before buying them.

Now, getting Faction Coins will be a bit of a grind here, but there's a way to speed it up: Excavations. This is why we were saving them. You'll probably have a small grind to get enough Coins for that for the first run or two of Druids, but that's fine.

When buying Excavations to kick-start Druids, only buy enough to get what you need. Don't go excessive because you'll want more for the Faction Coins in future runs as well.

How we'll run Druids here depends on several factors.

If you don't have the fourth Druid Upgrade, which increases your Maximum Mana, just cast [Grand Balance] until you get the fourth Druid Upgrade.

If you have the fourth Druid Upgrade, cast [Grand Balance] and [Gem Grinder] at the same time. You should also be able to cast [Call To Arm]s after a few seconds, so do so, and squeeze out any [Tax Collection]s that you can.

At this point, and with only about 10 Royal Exchanges of each type, my Gems production was vastly superior to Titans.

Finally, if you have [Halls of Balance] purchased, cast [Grand Balance], wait four seconds, then cast [Call to Arms] and [Gem Grinder], then squeeze out any [Tax Collection]s that you can.

At this point, you're just going to grind out Gems until you have about 10-25 Qi (1e19-2.5-19) Gems. Run Druids or Titans with this.

If running Druids, use the strategy presented here. If running Titans, make sure to buy [Druid Heritage] for that extra Max Mana, so that you can get more [Tax Collection]s during your production combos. Some people will praise Titans' production to no end, but even when I have several productive combos in a row, they come out inferior to Druids for me.

The final Neutral Faction, Faceless, is probably something you won't unlock for now. Don't worry about waiting out the 36 hours as you'll get it naturally. If you do happen to be able to unlock Faceless, though, do so and get their Heritage immediately, then go back to grinding Gems.

Once you reach 100 Excavations, you'll notice that you can unlock more Artifacts after buying a certain Upgrade. Don't worry about grinding them out, they're not too important right now. The Upgrade is permanent – once you buy it, it's permanently unlocked.

Also, if using Excavations to kick-start Druids, don't go above 200. If you reach 200 Excavations before reaching 10-25 Qi (1e19-2.5e19) Gems, don't go after the Quests yet. That's the next section.

If you're going to spend your Ruby (or two Rubies), do Gem Power, then Royal Exchanges. When you get more, keep the bonuses spread evenly for now. You can reset them for free at any time, so it's not too much of an issue if you need to rearrange them later on in the game.

Keep grinding up to 10-25 Qi (1e19-2.5e19) Gems. At this point, I would wait until I had x10 to x100 my current Gems as my amount in my Abdication Treasury. There is no reason to spend more than an hour in a run here, though, and you can do x10 in about 25 minutes.

Once you're at 10-25 Qi (1e19-2.5-19) Gems, move on to the next section.
10-25 Qi (1-2.5e19) Gems - Unlocking Dwarfs!
We're now in the last section of the guide for the beginning of the game: unlocking Vanilla Prestige Factions. There are two of them, Dwarf and Drow.

First, perform another Druid run and get up to 200 Excavations if you aren't already there. To unlock Vanilla Prestige Factions, we have to complete a couple of Quests. The reason we want to be Druids here is because the Quest costs 50Qid (5e49) Coins, which won't be too easy as the other Factions yet, and it can be done as any Faction.

Once you've bought that Quest, either Abdicate or get some more Gems, then Abdicate. Next up: we're going back to Fairies.

The way Prestige Factions work is that you must first pick a base Faction, buy that Faction's third Faction Coin upgrade (the Alliance Upgrade), and then you can access the Prestige Faction. Each Prestige Faction also relates to specific base factions. Dwarf is for Fairies, Elves, and Angels while Drow is for Goblins, Undead, and Demons.

Dwarf and Drow also have Faction Coins of their own, unlike Neutrals, which borrow from the base Factions. In order to be able to generate Dwarf Coins and Drow Coins, you need to buy the Upgrade [Underworld Diplomacy] that run. However, this stops once you reach Reincarnation 3. We're currently in Reincarnation 0, and will soon be unlocking Reincarnations, so more on that in a bit.

The reason I said to go Fairies now is because we're unlocking Dwarfs, and their Quest must be completed as a Good Faction. Likewise, the Drow Quest must be completed as an Evil Faction. Each Quest costs 10 Qad (1e46) Coins and 10K of each of its Alignment's Faction Coins. They also have three requirements which must be met as well.

Sturdy Bearded Man's Quest requires 7K+ Buildings built in that run, 800+ Inns built that run, and 10,000 total Clicks, with the last one being across all runs rather than in that run.

Cloaked Shady Figure's Quest requires 325 total Trophies, 650+ Dark Temples this run, and 10,000+ total spells cast, with the last one being across all runs rather than in that run.

Cloaked Shady Figure's Quest requires 325 total Trophies, 650 or more Dark Temples this run, and 10,000 or more total Spells cast. For some reason, 'total' seems to miss people on this one, and they think they have to do 10K Spells that game.

Fairies, with its cost reduction to Farms, Inns, and Blacksmiths makes the Building requirements trivial. They also possess strong synergy with Dwarfs, making them quite powerful for this stage of the game. In fact, you won't need to play anything else to get to Reincarnations after unlocking Dwarfs.

To build up and get all of the Fairy stuff, just put [Fairy Chanting] on autocast until you have it all.

Remember to combo your spells properly. Cast [Call to Arms], then wait 10 seconds, then cast [Fairy Chanting], and cast any Tax Collections you can before it expires.

At this point, you can buy your Heritages here. If you really want to speed this up, set [Fairy Chanting] on Autocast again and just let it roll until you have the necessary Faction Coins, once you've slowed down on being able to buy Buildings.

Just like with Druids, we'll be using Excavations to kick-start our runs, when we can afford them. This is mostly for once we have Dwarfs unlocked and Underworld Diplomacy purchased, so that we can get Dwarf Coins. Make sure to not use more Excavations than you need to get the FC generated.

However, you'll want to do a few Excavations once you can afford them in order to get the Faction Coins required to complete the Quest. This is much faster than just waiting it out, so do a few combos to afford them if you need to.

Once you have completed the Quest, buy [Underworld Diplomacy], then do a few more Excavations – enough to buy the three Dwarf treaties. Buy all Heritages and all Royal Exchanges except for Dwarf Royal Exchanges. You'll want to save your Dwarf Coins for the Dwarf Heritage.

The first combo or two you want to do is the normal Fairy one.

After you've got your Max Mana up to 2,000+, you're going to change the combo. This shouldn't take long thanks to the second Dwarf Upgrade reducing the cost multiplier for all Buildings, allowing you to build up more Max Mana with your Good Buildings (and Mana Regen with more Blacksmiths).

The new combo is [Call to Arm]s, wait 8 seconds, [Diamond Pickaxe], wait 2 seconds, [Fairy Chanting], and then any Tax Collections you can do before the spells run out. The first time or two, you might have to wait on [Fairy Chanting] until you have enough Mana, but once you have the fourth Dwarf Upgrade, this won't matter.

Once you're able to do so, another combination is [Call to Arms], wait 8 seconds, [Diamond Pickaxe], wait 2 seconds, [Fairy Chanting], and then [Holy Light] as soon as possible. You need to be able to cast at least 1 Tax Collection with all four of them active, or it's better to ignore [Holy Light].

One thing to note about [Dwarven Pickaxe] is that the Faction Coins Found by it refers to those found by clicking. So when going for its Spell Trophy, you'll have to click. You can do this as Elves with [Sun Blessing], but the Spell Trophy isn't necessary right now.

At this point, now all you're doing is generating Gems. Two or three more runs at the most should bring you up to 1 Oc (1e27) Gems, and once you Abdicate with them, you'll unlock Reincarnation, which is that button beside Abdication.

Reincarnation resets most of your stuff, but you retain all Trophies and unlocks you've done, and you obtain [Reincarnation Power], which provides bonuses as well. Reincarnating is essential to continuing the game and unlocking more content as well, so go ahead and do it! The next section will give a few things that are good to get before doing so.
Trophies to Obtain Before Reincarnating
This is the list of Trophies I recommend you have before Reincarnating, some of which you probably already have.

  • Mathematician, obtained by having 1 HoL, and doubling the number of Buildings going up, ending with 1,024 Farms. Doable as Fairy Dwarfs at the end.
  • Premeditation, obtained by having 850 Dark Temples before affiliating with the Drow in a run (not any run, just in a run, you're never permanently locked out of a Trophy). You can do this the same run you unlock Drow, before affiliating with them. Unlocking them isn't absolutely necessary right now, you'll be able to get the 10K spells faster in a later Reincarnation. It's a good idea to do it now if you can, though, as its Upgrade is pretty useful when you can afford it.
  • Coin Pillage, obtained by casting 150 [Tax Collection]s within 5 seconds. Doable as Angel Dwarfs.
  • Hell Rush, obtained by casting [Hellfire Blast] within 60 seconds of a new run.
  • Any easy Trophies you can obtain here, such as Building Trophies for Good, Evil, and Neutral.
Vereor Nox7 Mar 21 @ 4:07am 
you should edit tax collection part at the end i followed the guide and I need 7 thousand more mana...
The Astroman Mar 10 @ 6:45am 
Thanks a ton! This helped a lot and I finally reincarnated!! I think either I missed something (extremely possible) or the area talking about unlocking dwarfs shouldn’t be in the 10-25 QI gem range. It took me an extremely long time to get up to the coin cost for the underworld diplomacy with that few gems, even with using the suggested combo. I ended up having to abdicate half way through about a day of active play (a couple hours offline) and getting to about 30/40 QI gems and even then it took another couple hours for the last 4/5 levels of Inns.

Thanks again though it was a great guide!
RogueFireWolf  [author] Nov 13, 2023 @ 5:48am 
Go to the in-game settings menu via the cogwheel in the lower-right, then click on the game's version number in there.
Death threat collector Nov 12, 2023 @ 12:50pm 
I can't find the changelog, how do I open that for the trophy?
RogueFireWolf  [author] Oct 18, 2023 @ 6:13am 
I don't have any further guides for the game, just this one. No continuations.
312564897651 Oct 17, 2023 @ 9:29am 
Hello, mister RFW! It's amazing that you are still answering people's questions after such a long time! I have followed the guide step by step and I can already reincarnate 3 days in! Is there a continuation to this guide anywhere so I can continue with the grind? Thank you for everything!
RogueFireWolf  [author] Oct 7, 2023 @ 7:10pm 
The names given in the guide are correct. I discuss the QUEST artifacts here, the ones needed to unlock the factions. They are still [Ancient Stoneslab], [Fossilized Piece of Bark], and [Bone Fragment].

[Translucent Goo] and [Octopus-Shaped Helmet] are Lore Artifacts for Faceless, which I don't discuss.

[Huge Titan Statue] (description mentions that it's missing a foot) and [Titan Shield] are Lore Artifacts for Titans, which I don't discuss.

[Glyph Table] and [Stone of Balance] are Lore Artifacts for Druid, which I don't discuss.

What I got wrong here was whether it was Quest or Lore Artifacts you're uncovering and said Lore instead of Quest by mistake. I would imagine the context here would've made it clear pretty fast once you did the part that mentions them what the actual mistake is. It's been fixed now.
Astrylan Oct 7, 2023 @ 6:10pm 
The name of the Faceless Artifact is currently something like "Octopus spine" or something similar.
The Titans one is now some foot or something, and idr the Druid one off the top of my head.
RogueFireWolf  [author] Oct 7, 2023 @ 5:56am 
Yes, it's still usable. The guide is up-to-date for the current build.

1) What names are 'completely different'? Chances are, you're looking at something completely different.

2) The Neutrals are never stated as having their own coins. In fact, the section regarding playing as them, fourth paragraph, lists what coins are needed for each.
Astrylan Oct 6, 2023 @ 9:42pm 
is this even still... usable? Some of the names you used are completely different, and the Neutral factions don't HAVE their own coins.