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Gmod Skins Dealer Manager
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Gmod Skins Dealer Manager

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Description of Gmod Skins Dealer Manager[] :

📘 Gmod Skins Dealer Manager[] description

Gmod Skins Dealer Manager[] will allow you, as the administrator of your Garry's Mod server, to place multiple skins dealers with different dialogs, appropriate response choices and a customisable skins shop, both in content and appearance.

You will be able to restrict your users' access to the skin shop, for example by limiting access by level, job, job category, rank and vip.
Add playermodels of your choice per merchant.
Allow or disallow the user to modify the playermodel's bodygroup, skin and colour.
Configure the price of each model in money or credit.

On the user side, Gmod Skins Dealer Manager[] will allow your users to buy playermodels with their money, or with their credits. In order to change their appearance in-game without having to die and respawn, their playermodel will be configured (colour, bodygroup and skins) as you have predefined it.
You will be able to choose if they can change these variables (colour, bodygroup and skins) of their new appearance in the skin shop before proceeding to purchase, or if they will only be able to purchase the playermodel as you present it without being able to change the Bodygroup, Skin, colour.

And finally you will have the possibility of restricting the access to a playermodel, to the public, by imposing conditions, steamid64, vip, staff, ect. For example, only VIPs will be able to buy a new skin.

The change of appearance is immediate after the purchase.