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Gmod Safezones Systems - Resources Only
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Jun 11, 2021 @ 1:13am
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Gmod Safezones Systems - Resources Only

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Gmod Safezones Systems - Resources Only

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"The SafeZone is a dynamic and customizable system that is real-time and persistent, modify its zone of action, block the use of weapons in the zone OR remove them from the user's inventory when they enter it OR disable the damage if you wish"

🚀 Presentation

Dynamic and customizable safe zone system. When you are inside, you cannot be killed by another player, and you cannot use your weapons. A message appears on your HUD with a logo to indicate that you are in the safe zone, when you leave the safe zone, the logo turns red and indicates that you are outside and your protection disappears after 5 seconds, the SafeZone icon then disappears.

Set a timer (default 5 seconds) to receive the effects of the zone protection. This has been used to combat abuse and camps on the edge of safezones.
The time is configurable from the configuration file.

You can also use this system to remove Npcs that enter the safezone. Also compatible with Nextbot since update 3.1 (February 2021)

You have the ability to activate a Weapon Suppression Zone. Players who enter the zone will have their weapons removed, so enable or disable the weapon whitelist. To avoid accidental removal of weapons or npcs you don't want, you can even choose by class name in the configuration file.

You don't need any skills to know how to use this script. This script is DRM-free to work. Install it and it works.

The Safezone system contains two shapes, a cubic safezone system that you can set its size by manipulating two angles and a spherical system that passes through walls that you can enlarge by setting the radius size from its interface.

Every effort has been made to make it intuitive.
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Norda Scripts  [author] May 25 @ 2:05am 
Because it's the fruit of my labor. I guarantee support and support is time to give. It's also a month's work to create it. And it's my time that I can't spend on another client. I meet the requirements. What do people do with my scripts? They make money with their VIPs. They make professional projects possible. Just like GMod is an HL2 mod. Which made possible the creation of jobs for Gmod devs.

And of course like my other scripts I keep it up to date. :)

I hope you understand.
madkirk74 May 24 @ 3:11pm 
why do you upload your mods to a website instead of the workshop