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[ORC]DEVGRU Gear &Equipment pack
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Mod Type: Character, Equipment
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Sep 18 @ 11:18pm
Sep 21 @ 2:51am
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[ORC]DEVGRU Gear &Equipment pack

Old Rascals Club persents
hi everyone,I'm so happy to show u our project in this pack.that was our Alpha version in workshop,hope guys will be like it.please link and like andBTW:the patch's flag if u want to edit ,just unpack and open data/flag/flagXX_co.paa to change.we made 1side empty .
this version still have some problem and some bug for real version ,if u think they need rework and fix.please feedback us on workshop page
item list
fast maritime (6camo 2size in game ps:the helmet version is kill osama benlade's use)
future plan
other versions of helmet(ranger、different variations)
CRYE G3(different camo/variations)
some vest(maybe)
some backpack (maybe)
各位国内的玩家们大家好,我是ORC的主要负责人毛子。我们的头盔从开始做到正式发布已经经过了将近三个月的时间,期间经过了无数次大修调整。当然,很多时间都只是浪费在确定头盔版型上。像很多后续工作比如添加新迷彩,确定材质、确定样式啥的基本上都是只用了几天时间(因为看起来很简单的事比如添加新迷彩我一直懒得学然后到了冲刺阶段只用了30分钟就会了23333333)当然了,本次发布对于我们组内来讲还是比较兴奋的。很遗憾,我们并没有去贴吧与大伙分享这一值得高兴的事情。因为单方面来讲我个人觉得真正的好东西不是靠说几句话就能带来高收益的,我不喜欢多 但我喜欢精。如果我们的东西真的会让大家喜欢的话,是不会缺好的伯乐来发现的。我们希望更多能理解我们的想法和本意的人加入我们并持续提供反馈和宝贵的建议,订阅量和星级评价不是我们想要的。我们真正想要的是能在遇到更多同好的同时,让更多人来了解这个圈子并且还能增长知识。ORC就是建立在这样的一个基础上的,最后希望大家能有很好的游戏体验。如果你发现了什么问题请在留言区反馈,我们会在下次更新时修复(人手不够233)
制作成员名单/Member list
贴图渲染/texure maker:@rabbit
建模修整/model maker:@695663269
迷彩提供/take camo:@Eladorn
外部宣传/outside marketing:@斜funny眼、@Memura、@大湿胸
fast maritime (四种迷彩 两种尺寸 样式根据电影刺杀本拉登时海豹使用的版本配置为参照)
CRYE G3战斗服(多款式)

最后 欢迎大家的到来 如果喜欢请订阅和点赞

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Rabbit.G Nov 5 @ 10:40pm 
Good job :)
Divulci Oct 26 @ 1:05pm 
Nice mod. What's the progress on the rest of the gear? Could you give us an ETA?
zh_233  [author] Oct 16 @ 11:34am 
@4AF 我们会尽力做到通用性的,但就目前来讲我们主要是先奔着DG的方向来试水233333
4AF Oct 15 @ 5:57am 
zh_233  [author] Sep 28 @ 12:33am 
@axel.temere I m sorry for that dude,I don't think that when i upload before .but dude, if I don't wirte this maybe somebody was say another things like "u don't have any future plan? "or "can u make this Xxx on game? " we want to tell someperson of have the sames we likes body:we make or working on this things to the future,hope u understand.but I need to tell U:the workshops pic's gear is other guys work,U can download it on they workshop page,if u don't know what 's the name or search tag,I will tell U.Thx :)
Memura  [author] Sep 28 @ 12:26am 
hey man be patience ok?now we are working on NVG and uniforms models,when it done we will release some pics,helmet just frist step of this pack.
axel.temere Sep 26 @ 12:06pm 
If you're just going to show off just the helmets then you might want to keep the focus on the helmet and say so in the description, it's a waste of time to say so about the uniforms if they're not included, that can lead to false advertisement unless you actually plan on adding it into the package.
214ShiKi Sep 25 @ 2:25am 
niu bi
brooklynkid186 Sep 24 @ 7:56pm 
@zh_233 I would be interested in learning how to work on the camo to make it look similar to the pictures on the right.
MrGalaxy Sep 24 @ 6:18pm 
ill try it but prob wont be able to do that. thanks lol