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How to use Grizzly Card⇆

Add me as a friend and message me with the commands below to trade! Remember to keep your inventory public, ensure the items you have are tradable, and have no trade bans from Steam!
There will always be the !help command if you ever get confused!

!Commands!help - Useful links

• !help - Useful information.
• !owner - display my owners steam profile, if you have any major issues you can contact my owner!
• !bots - display our full list of available bots.

• !stats - show how much gems available the bot have.
• !prices <currency> - show our current rates.

• !sellcheck <currency> - shows how many available cards/foils/packs you have that I can buy.
• !sellall <currency> - sell everything you have available, following bot rates.

• !sellcards <currency> - sell your regular cards, following bot rates.
• !sellfoils <currency> - sell your foil cards, following bot rates.
• !sellpacks <currency> - sell your booster packs, following bot rates.

============> <currency> is one of: TF2, GEMS <============