Amoni Corty
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                                                                       :ns_pink: Hello everybody :ns_pink:
                                                      :ns_pink:I am exchanging all my inventory:ns_pink:
                            :ns_pink: If you are interested in my items, expect a trade offer from you. :ns_pink:
            :ns_pink: Send me a TRADE OFFER, I will try to consider any kind of offer (IF it is FAIR to me) :ns_pink:
                                                        :retro_diamonds: GOOD LUCK TRADING WITH ME :retro_diamonds:
                                                            :ns_pink: Orienting by buff.163 prices :ns_pink:
                                                       :Diamond_big: I accept trade with a little overpay :Diamond_big:
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Counter-Strike 2
BadPig11 May 12 @ 6:57am 
+rep for trade
Knyp3k May 11 @ 1:58pm 
thx for trade <3
mikEZ May 11 @ 11:23am 
+rep:steamhappy::steamthis:. Very nice treader with mind):steamthumbsup:
Noct Apr 25 @ 12:35am 
+rep good trade
SIGH#? Apr 17 @ 4:35am 
+rep nice guy
eLVieN Mar 31 @ 9:29am 
:Krotchy::Krotchy::Krotchy:+rep very nice man:AdaRE4::ada::yennefer: