Gavin   Pennsylvania, United States
I do everything in honor of Brother Bear.
we shall honor his legacy.

Brother Bear brought peace into this world.
Brother Bear Was indeed, gone too soon.

For with my Bear, my spirit lives on
For all the shoulders that were wept on

brother bear said hello, he said it nice
brother bear said goodbye, he said it twice.
I said, "don't jump, it's not worth it"-

His dad told me one night.

"He tried a rope, He tried a Knife, Brother bear is done with life!"
I thought, this can't be true, but as i wept. my mood turned blue.

so indeed, you know, he will be missed
but as we know, legends never die,
only change
and change is our fear, our enemy,
but- brother bear will guide the way,
throw skipping stones across the bay,
he's the shining sun that bring's us day,
and I am jealous.
jealous that he's so cool.
out of this world
skipping years of school.

but brother bear,
i miss you too.
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