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discord: thebladee
WaffleWithNoToppings Feb 24 @ 8:31pm 
this guy takes being fruity to the EXTREME
Jerry_X_Seinfeld Feb 24 @ 4:31pm 
popped my rage boner
popped my rage boner
Uberallesxd Feb 11 @ 12:47am 
nails adadadwdwadfwafwaf Feb 8 @ 1:58pm 
this mf leftme on read after i caught him cheating with my baby momma but guess what your ♥♥♥♥ wasnt even that good it was small!!! dont eva talk to me again we done fo real!
nails adadadwdwadfwafwaf Jan 13 @ 2:46am 
Comment below is so real
WaffleWithNoToppings Jan 10 @ 7:15pm 
+rep oh great another anime pfp using breakcore listening autistic pyro main not like we already have 1000000000 of these smh :steamfacepalm: