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Posted: Jul 20, 2020 @ 3:30pm
Updated: Aug 4, 2022 @ 7:16pm

A fascinating game of discovery in a finely-crafted, tiny solar system trapped in a time loop.

It's a space exploration game that starts in a forest next to a campfire. The first thing you can do is toast a marshmallow. (You can do the same at campsites on all the planets.)

You explore the other planets in your tiny solar system using a ship made of plywood and sheet metal, with duct-tape repairs. You need to figure out why the system is stuck in the time loop, and what happened to the ancient aliens who visited the system eons ago and died out, leaving only ruins.

Each planet is wildly different. One's a hollow shell around a small black hole. Another is an ocean world with constant storms. There's a rocky world with a deep equatorial canyon that shares an orbit with a world covered in sand...that flows between planets as the loop goes on. Another has been shattered into pieces by a giant space-growing bramble. Events during the loop change the environments too, blocking some areas and revealing others.

In theory you could finish the game in 22 minutes...but the fun is the hours of exploration in which you uncover the story and figure out *how* to finish the game. The ending, once you get to it, is a perfect, bittersweet coda to that story.
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