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garrett victor uriah   Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Hi guys welcome to my page :3 this account is shared between me and my skin princess. Sometimes you play with garrett, sometimes you play with eleanor my skincess (skin princess). Say whats up ^_^ everybody welcome in our land of love. My ex wife treated me poorly which made us go through a divorce, pls be nice to my skincess if you encounter her, she means the world to me.

Nobody really understands me. Just looking to have fun on some games during these gloomy days. Hope the world brings me some good someday but theres not much left for me, 62 years still going strong! Only thing keeping me straight is toking on that za, hope yall feel me on that. Nothing clears my mind like a toke off the old bong. Tell me your favorite strain and ill rate it 1-10 #BlazeUpNoFazeUp babyyyyy. Check out my youtube for all reviews @GareBearBlazes

RIP X RIP Juice RIP Peep

Legends never die ~ Garrett

alias "+jumpthrow" "+jump;-attack"; alias "-jumpthrow" "-jump"; bind 0 "+jumpthrow"
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Legends never die
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