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:crate: Trading tf2 items .If i add you , you have something i want . :crate:
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:csgostar: Hello , i 'm buying tf2 items (Prof kits , and fabricators , basic kits etc.) , if i ' added you , you got something i want. :csgostar:
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:Heart_m: When u accept my invite , and we make a deal. :Heart_m:
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:spy: When you adding me , and telling me that you want me to promote your gambilng website , or askin me to vote for your competettive team , or that my items need verifycation by steam admin or something else 💩 . :spy:
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Created by - Diamond jozu and CutePyro0
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This guide cover the common scam techniques that are used in steam to steal people’s item and accounts use the information contained to make sure you don’t fall for the same tricks that a scammer might pull
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first time in my hand
Zhapka 10 hours ago 
+rep gl with trading
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+rep cool guy
VoiardVR May 24 @ 1:52pm 
+rep fair trade straight forward
The Mann In The Pipes May 19 @ 2:03pm 
+rep patient, kind, and straight to the point with trades. thanks bro
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good dude
Have great day <3 🌸
lIBerserk May 16 @ 10:20am 
+rep good trader