Crystalline Refractions
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I thought this was a really good otome game. I just loved it! I especially appreciated that they didn't shy away from making the female protagonist have her own unique personality, talents, and arc: rather than making her a total blank slate like other visual novels I've read. I also found her to be quite likeable - a calm, respectful, contemplative, and kind sort of person. I recommend leaving her with her default name 'Aureve' when playing, as then it will be included in the spoken dialogue.

The characters are all very interesting and well-written, and the more time spent on them the more dynamic you realize they are. This is the first release and only two of the love interests are romanceable for this entry - The Nightmare Prince and Victor. But happily I read that Chronicles II and III are confirmed to complete the series and provide romantic routes for the other characters as well. The writing was interesting and kept me engaged. The content was very wholesome, and the voice acting was nice, clear, and easy to listen to.

Some of my favorite interactions between characters actually weren't even within a romantic context, but during the comic relief portions where Aureve interacted with characters like Diego and Zaffre in a platonic way. There were some really nice scenes where they were just being good, supportive friends to Aureve in-between acts. Doctor Klaus was also an intriguing character, who I would describe as a cerebral yet somewhat scatterbrained sage.

I also appreciated that the romantic interests' storylines are clearly labeled at an early relevant choice: so that you know which romantic interest the focus is on by choosing that route before you're into the thick of things. That way, unlike other dating sims I've played, you wont be trying for one character's route only to get derailed by accidentally attracting the interest of a different love interest altogether mid-game. Each romantic interest has a good, neutral, and bad ending - which you will get depending on your choices as you play.

I really look forward to getting to know these characters better in the DLC releases. I'd say this is now one of my very favorite otomes! I will do my best to wait patiently for more.