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Posted: Mar 12, 2017 @ 6:35am

One fine day a baby Lynx cub was wondering the meadows alone, he collects flowers, swims in the rivers and takes a relaxing nap by the enchanting waterfalls, he is soon woken by the howling of another animal, he glances around only to spot a pair of older Lynxes upon the horizon.
He pushes himself to his feet and lets out a little howl of his own to try and attract their attention, fearing he has not been heard he decides to take a walk in their direction to see what all the noise was about.

The two older stronger animals were not alone, there was also a Frog a Deer and a Rabbit present.
They appeared to be paying a lot of attention to a huge rock which was stood before them, as the baby Lynx approached, the rock shattered leaving some shiny objects before them, which seemed to please the other animals as they proudly smiled, howled and jumped for joy.

The cub gave a shy look at them all as the Frog urged him to follow them, the little Lynx did so, throughout the day, the animals wandered everywhere breaking rocks, collecting flowers, even playing football together.
Soon the night began to fall and the animals slowly started showing sad tearful faces as they faded away.
The little Lynx cub howled, his cheeks wet with tears too as the land became seemingly more empty.

He soon heard a rustling somewhere close by, looking around he spied a pair of badgers coming towards him, an Eagle flew just above them in the sky, like he was guiding them.

The little Lynx cub smiled to himself, filled with a sense of well-being and safety, he flipped onto his back to watch the stars, the other animals gave him a smile as they passed by.

He had realised he had found a land where animals can run free from danger, the Meadow felt like home, he didn't know how he had got there, but he knew this was a land with a place for all, it was a place for love where there was everlasting peace................

Well that was a day in the Meadow now for the review, if you haven't already guessed I'm very much a fan of all the shelter games, I admit I was a little sceptical about this one when it first appeared but that didn't last long!! I honestly have very few complaints about this game, its relaxing, beautiful scenery and atmosphere are just what you need in your life!
Perhaps that statement says more about my life than I want it to... lol.

There is quite a range of animals to play as, some are mentioned above, I do have to say the worse choice is the Eagle, I find it relatively slow, you can't land or pick things up, I believe it's been deliberately made that way as a guiding animal though which to be fair is a great idea, although it would be nice to at least be able to land and have a walk about.
(The dark Eagle plus a few of the other animals can be unlocked from the start by possessing the whole shelter collection including soundtracks and books BUT all can be unlocked by simply playing and searching)

I highly recommend you try this game! What you waiting for! go get it! ;-)
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great story that sounds like a description of me i always play as a lynx cub! :)
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Aww thanks :steamhappy:
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nice story