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Bryan   Tubod, Lanao del Norte, Philippines
Welcome to my Profile Everybody First of all I like trading,gambling like spycrabbing and ofcourse playing games in steam but now the most favorite thing that i do is Trading because i need to gain profit ,trading makes me want to trade more ,I realize that trading with Players is just like a bussiness and guys i would like to remind you that i don't like Scammers in trading because last year was the most unlucky trade ever in my history i got scam by scammers i didn't realize that he is already scamming me and the most unluckiest is it's my first unusual that got snatch :( that's why i am saying this to you guys so please respect me so i will respect you too thank you for understading have a good day and also don't forget to subscribe to my channel in youtube ,I didn't make videos yet but soon i will make videos just wait patiently #IceyMicey.Tell me the reason why you added me,THX.
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I am Selling this for pure or itemoverpay if u want to negotiate just chat me or add me By the way I am buying Fabricators speciallized or professional just Send me an offer and i will Confirm it as soon as possible.Thank you :D Have a nice day.My youtube Channel
CSpicer337 11 hours ago 
Was a bit slow to get to the offer, but +rep for being less than a day and being easy to trade with
CSpicer337 Aug 24 @ 8:06am 
Sent trade offer for the Upgrade to Premium
Officer Spooky Jun 18 @ 6:25am 
I am Nicky gambino
Kayly May 9 @ 1:24pm 
Our site is moving to a new Blockchain D2GO platform.
For this, TF2 items are no longer needed, and we decided to make an automatic handing out of items.. Using the random method of generating Steam ID, and we congratulate you, your Steam ID was chosen !!!
You can choose one Unusual Head Prize" or Unusual Corona Australis ,if you don’t like this item, you can choose another Team Fortress 2 item instead.
To use this feature, use this code. Code ->U12W9_S14<- - will be active only for this account
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Teo Mar 29 @ 5:43am 
And comment in my profile so ik
Teo Mar 29 @ 5:43am 
Sup if u need a medic add me