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Posted: Jan 8, 2021 @ 1:59pm
Product received for free

I had been regretting my purchase of this game a while back because It had gotten pretty boring, but when I learned they made it into a VR game I just had to check it out and oh boy now I believe every penny was well spent. Before playing make sure you download the HF and special patch for uncensored version and additional stuff. It is important to go through the steps to get the HF patch because if you download different girls online using this link https://illusioncards.booru.org/index.php many might not port correctly due to the vanilla version of the game not having many of the clothing and other important files. The selling point of this game is if there is a girl from an anime you want to bone this is as realistic as it gets. You can choose different locations which gives you different options and within each map even there are different areas you can choose which adds a lot of different positions and acts adding a lot of variety, Hopefully they can add a story mode to the VR version, but tbh I am content with what is available. The only down side is you can't use the controls to move your head up and down or at least I haven't figured that out yet, but you can move your head left and right. Reason this is a downside is if you are laying down playing it is hard to have to look physically down during certain scenes. If you ever wanted to BE in a hentai well the future is now with Koikatsu Party VR.

Updates I would like to see:
Harem Mode
Being able to move where you see with the joystick
Story mode added
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