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the sadist (black shaq) Nov 2 @ 6:46pm 
Second grade survival guide:

• second grade gets HARD. Stay on top of all your homework.

• in sexond grade you learn the hard $hit. Multiplication is no joke. may b get a tutor

• grammer and speling will kill you so practiece a lot

• dronk water

• study 40 hours a day

• dating gets real. this is the grade to get a serious boy/girlfriend. this isn’t 1st grade anymore. cooties aren’t a thing anymore.

• if u get a bad grade punch ur teacher in their crotch!

• 99.99% of people lose their virginity in 2nd grade. don’t get left behind

• girls: no more shopping at justice or baby gap anymore. shop at the real stores now. Like Victoria secret and brandy Melville

• guys: wear heelies to get all the hoes

• you should defiantly know where you wanna go to college at this point

• take all ap classes

• $hit your pants on the first day of school to assert your dominance
Nerkec Oct 4 @ 4:00pm 
best asian awesomaeanuts player
IamMuted Sep 24 @ 12:45am 
garbage -rep
kapten Jul 15 @ 8:20am 
dude i dont remember how the ♥♥♥♥ you got in my group but i enjoy spongebobs nguggaballs
Rhys Apr 5 @ 10:21pm 
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Bennu Apr 5 @ 11:53am