I has no cluie
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SNX Jun 21 @ 8:10am 
ya aint got no cluie louis
Pika Tenshi Jun 20 @ 11:32am 
salty survivor -rep :/
No-Cluie-Louis Jun 20 @ 7:42am 
About the comment below, don't think i;ve ever been an anti teammate as i only use perks to help teammates like bond and borrowed time. Dunno what i did to annoy you but it sounds like you're just salty
Devil Jun 17 @ 7:43am 
-rep anti teammate survivor
No-Cluie-Louis Jun 12 @ 10:20am 
dexrer Morgan i dont lagswitch and i dont know how but my connection is occasionaly buggy and has lag spikes
Dexter Morgan Jun 12 @ 10:02am 
+rep lagswitcher