Seal Darklight
Lauri   Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
Used to be a glub player (though I still playtest on their servers) but nowadays I wonder around slender fortress servers just to have some experience.

Also one of the users in ironhide community as well mainly as a Beta tester for the ironhide games (mainly kr) and as an active discord user. :krskull:

I try nowadays new things to make me stand out from the other players (whenever good or bad).
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Introducing myself
When the night sky rises, I will rise from the grave and terrorize the weak and pathetic people who dare to oppose me. I will pillage and decapitate their pathetic heads and have a collection of their heads.

I raid, pillage and murder your village, steal your gold and your women and burn your house to the ground. I also insult you as a insult to injury.

I am Seal Darklight, the most evil and terrifying person you can think of and I love being evil for the sake of evil. And I love fools and idiots that I can exploit and use.

Beware of me as I am brutal and violent. I scare kids away and I scare you away. I'll be as unapologetic as possible.

About me

I'm Seal Darklight and i am usually (or noticeable) famous player Slender fortress and also famous as one of the Beta testers of the Kingdom Rush series of games. I usually make videos, draw, get new concepts and ideas and i can be judgemental in certain things.

I'm mostly antisocial and don't speak much (unless it's necessary) and I mostly speak in discord servers usually for appeasements or personal reasons.

It's usually understandable that many don't like me but I generally behave like that normally and also because I held few things about me (because you know? Internet?). I prefer having a decent ground with me and others as possible so tolerate me as much as possible.

I do like friend requests but keep in mind that I care more on your safety than my safety. Anything bad can happen with me as I don't want to send people that I care to hell, it's my responsibility and I carry myself to hell as possible. I however do not tolerate backstabbers, terrible, hypocrites and traitors so they can be in hell with me.

However there's few things about me that if you wanna add me as a friend, there's few criteria to know about me before adding me:

-I add anyone on friends list who i know about or is familiar, i dont add strangers that i dont know about like strangers, bots, marketers or unfamiliars. I'd add someone who I played with or is familiar with their game library.

-I add others for friend list usually if I like it, need to have private talk or chat if their Discord account doesn't work or just support importance. I nowadays don't add friends usually fork risk reasons.

-I want to avoid drama as possible or too much trouble. It's usually since I do not want to ruin servers entirely and I'm not trying to have a beef with anyone. I don't mind jerks but I certainly have no intention to hurt others.

-Even though I'm known for troll and grief others, i do have standards and avoid over doing harms to them so i do try and give equal respect them to do to me. Sometimes it ain't easy but try to talk with me if it bothers you.

-I dont speak much but i do respect people who speak to me directly (or privately). I'm suffering mentally at times and having some comfort would help me out. I could help you out with it as well.

-I'm incredibly rude, inappropriate and offensive at times so if you're bothered with things like Casual (not discriminating manner but rude in nature) racist, rude, edgy, dark or downright mean sarcastic humor at times then maybe I'm not the best partner at times. But Im also 100% honest about my *real self* so I'm not trying to lie.

-I give little ♥♥♥♥ who you are as long as you aren't a degenerate, pedo (or other very taboo fetishist), someone from an actual hate group or a downright radicalist (especially a woke or a neo nazi). I wouldn't mind discriminating the first two ones, the other last two I wouldn't take you super seriously or assosiate. Just make sure to not be a full blown lolcow or a mindless "politics side first" screamer.

-I don't trust hypocrites, liars, cloutdoers, narcissists or people who make fame or money out of peoples tragedies. I also don't trust people with envy issues either.

-I love music, usually my favorites are nightcores, remixes and such. Sometimes heavy metal.

-I sometimes call people with random names since I'm master of naming things. Usually it's either how you behave or look.

-I do stupid crap sometimes online and I love to act like an idiot. It shouldn't work but sometimes I just get lucky.

All this things is something you should know and if you want to add me or know your reasons. I'm pretty sure a sensitive, pain intolerables or safe space people wouldn't find me comforable but hey? What did you expect from me?
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This game is horendously so bad its actually good. It deserves an oscar for the best worst game ever made by a human being like seriously. I enjoyed every assets of this game of how bad its made. It has a plot that sounds just like Metal Gear 5 plot, assets that are basically off from Half Life universe, Unbalanced enemy placements that make you wanna cheat, Big hallways, long hallways, bad driving sections, dead end corridors with nothing in it, Invicible walls, Cringeworthy voice acting (Especially the Youtubers like IHE, PYROCYNICAL and KEEMSTAR who get to cast) and best of all this game costs 20 dollars. Its so bad in every direction that its basically hilarious and this game is the VIDEO GAME EQUIVALENT OF THE ROOM. I recomend this game for someone who doesnt even take this game so seriously and want to see how bad it is. I cant say anything other than it was a fun experience for a terrible fan game.
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Seal Darklight May 26 @ 12:42am 
Thanks :whiteward:
BowserandKingBoo #FixTF2 May 25 @ 6:47pm 
Happy birthday Seal hope you have a good one
Seal Darklight May 26, 2022 @ 3:14am 
Thanks. Also I liked when you appeared in a new batman movie. :riddler:
solarvoid May 25, 2022 @ 7:09pm 
haha im gonna be the first

happy birthday aquatic mammal lightn't darkn't
.๖ۣۣۜCħąǿşì .pdr's Feb 11, 2022 @ 12:58pm 
𝓗𝓪𝓿𝓮 𝓪 𝓵𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓵𝔂 𝓓𝓪𝔂 :2lamp:
.๖ۣۣۜCħąǿşì .pdr's Feb 9, 2022 @ 7:01am 
   :sleengster8::sleengster8::sleengster8:   :sleengster8::sleengster8::sleengster8:
:sleengster8::sleengster7:      :sleengster7:      :sleengster7::sleengster8:
:sleengster8::sleengster7:               :sleengster7::sleengster8:
   :sleengster8::sleengster7:         :sleengster7::sleengster8:
      :sleengster8::sleengster7:   :sleengster7::sleengster8:
𝓗𝓪𝓿𝓮 𝓪 𝓵𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓵𝔂 𝓓𝓪𝔂 :)