I play videogames hmu if you wanna play I accept basically all friend requests unless ur a toxic jerk from csgo.:tobdog:
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Csgo Wishlist (Aka items i never will have) :
Literally any Gamma Doppler (Those knifes non-emerald are still sick) / Marble Fade knife
Awp Boom
M4a4 Bullet Rain
Ak47 Red Laminate
Marble Fade gloves
Famas Roll cage
Galil Firefight

Also any of the X-ray collection would be lit epic gamer.
For those wondering "just buy the skins lol" I don't put money into csgo other than operations anymore.

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【 A Z A L E A 】 Feb 19 @ 11:06am 
+rep a very fun hillbilly to go against <3
WolfMang Feb 10 @ 10:18am 
very friend person
Sarah Paulson Feb 7 @ 8:30pm 
+rep likes men :3
Bruke58™ Feb 7 @ 12:21pm 
You bet i do my friend
Ziploc Feb 7 @ 12:16pm 
-rep likes men
Sarah Paulson Feb 5 @ 11:55am 
+rep killed me as zaddy myers uwu