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Sometimes I will be kind of MIA... I tend to withdraw myself and not really socialize with others when I'm feeling bad for longer periods. Please don't take it personally when this happens. It's just been my coping mechanism since as long as I can remember... Hopefully you'll also see the other side of me who is actually really cheerful and caring

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Continuation of my trade list:


Solar Struggle
Gunspell: Steam Edition
Shadows of War
Ocean City Racing
Cold Contract
The Legend of Candlewind: Nights & Candles
Crimzon Clover WORLD IGNITION Deluxe Edition (game + soundtrack)
Legends Of Persia
Machines At War 3
World War One Centennial Edition (no longer sold through Steam, but still playable)
(game information from Gamersgate) []
Avencast: Rise of the Mage
Shin Samurai Jazz
SanctuaryRPG: Black Edition
Danmaku Unlimited 2
Luxuria Superbia
iBomber Defense Pacific
ACE Founder Pack DLC (you need to download free to play ACE - Arena: Cyber Evolution for this DLC to work)
Bet on Soldier
But to Paint a Universe
Dark Matter
Escape Machines
Siege of Turtle Enclave
Burning Cars
Pretentious Game
Siege of Inaolia
Zombie Solitaire
Space Station Alpha
Time Gentlemen, Please! and Ben There, Dan That! Special Edition Double Pack
Litil Divil
Shadows on the Vatican Act I: Greed
500 Years Act 1
Sickbrick (x2)
SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance
Astro Emporia
18 Wheels of Steel: Extreme Trucker
Racer 8
Frozen Hearth
Mechanic Escape
Depths of Peril
Commando Jack
Radical ROACH Deluxe Edition


Anything on my wishlist Of course you can always offer a game that's not on my wishlist. My favourite type of games are RPG's, Visual Novels, Point & Clicks and... well surprise me

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Hello ^-^
If you see any game you'd like, leave me a message and perhaps we can arrange a trade. I have a Steam Key for every game on my list, they are from bundles and sales.
If you have a Groupees account and would like to trade with me via their trading service, you'll find me here: NinjaKitty28 []
Take care~

[H] Newly added games will be at the top of following list

Divine Slice of Life
Beach Bounce
Caveman Craig
dUpLicity - Beyond the Lies
Cafe 0 - The Drowned Mermaid Deluxe (voiced version) (x2)
8-Bit Adventures: The Forgotten Journey Remastered
Zafehouse: Diaries
Once Bitten, Twice Dead!
East Tower - Takashi
East Tower - Akio (x2)
Bionic Heart 2
Sword of Asumi - Deluxe Edition (x2)
War of the Human Tanks
Vanguard Princess (plus Hilda Rize + Lilith DLC) (x2)
Paranautical Activity: Deluxe Atonement Edition
The Joylancer: Legendary Motor Knight
Anoxemia (x2)
Steel Storm: Burning Retribution + DLC packs
bit Dungeon II
Etherlords I & II
Rune Classic
100% Orange Juice
Train of Afterlife
Alpha Kimori: Great Doubt - Episode 1
Final Dusk
Sparkle 2 Evo
Sparkle 3 Genesis
16bit Trader
Bionic Dues
Global Ops: Commando Libya (x2)
Speed Kills
Postal (x2)
Shadowgate (2014)
Moebius: Empire Rising
Project Green Beat
The Lost City of Malathedra
Cargo 3
Predator Simulator
Build 'n Bump
Gravity Error
Moonbase 332
Hello Kitty and Sanrio Friends Racing
Vox Populi Vox Dei 2
Woof Blaster
Wondercat Adventures
Airport Madness: Time Machine
Airport Madness 4
Pilot Crusader
Pulut Adventure
Spirit Run - Fire vs. Ice
Pixel Star
Ant War: Domination
Clandestinity of Elsie
Arcane Sorcery
Incitement 3
Redemption: Eternal Quest
Super Mega Bob
Ancients of Fasaria Chess Club
Big Journey to Home
Angels That Kill
Gun Rocket
Proto Raider
Project Druid - 2D Labyrinth Explorer
Wild Island Quest
Industry Transporters
Project Tarvotan
Super Slam Dunk Touchdown
Toilet Tycoon
PING 1.5+
One Ship Two Ship Redshift Blueshift
The Apotheosis Project
Blood of Old
Humanity Asset
Tomb Raider I
Tomb Raider II
Tomb Raider III
Murdered: Soul Suspect
Hatoful Boyfriend
Loren The Amazon Princess - Deluxe Edition
Sakura Spirit
The Royal Trap: The Confines Of The Crown
Rogue Legacy
Neverending Nightmares
Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians
Monster Loves You!
Secret of the Magic Crystals Complete
Doodle God
Star Trek
Ace Combat Assault Horizon - Enhanced Edition
Ridge Racer Unbounded Bundle
Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition
99 Spirits: Special Edition
NEO AQUARIUM - The King of Crustaceans
Beware Planet Earth
Earth 2150 - The Moon Project
Earth 2150 - Lost Souls
Commander - Conquest of the Americas
Cult of the Wind
Enemy Mind
Atonement: Scourge of Time
Sirius Online
Yargis - Space Melee
Gem Wars: Attack of the Jiblets
Super Chain Crusher Horizon
Project Root
Blue Rose
Go! Go! Nippon! ~My First Trip to Japan~ (x2)
Back to Bed
Probably Archery
Tuk Ruk
The Language Game
Lilly Looking Through
Vertical Drop Heroes HD (x2)
Rooks Keep
Frozen Synapse Prime Double Pack (Adds one extra copy of the game to your Steam Item Inventory to give to a friend!)
Starlaxis Supernova Edition
ThreadSpace: Hyperbol
Alien Breed Trilogy (contains Alien Breed 1 , 2 , and 3 )
Incognito (x2)
Project Night
Battleplan : American Civil War
Dark Shadows - Army of Evil
Wooden Floor (x3)
FATE: Hero Bundle (contains FATE , and FATE: Undiscovered Realms ) (x2)
Isaac the Adventurer
Ionball 2: Ionstorm
99 levels to Hell
Residue: Final Cut
Fairy Bloom Freesia Soundtrack
Silent Service 2
Space Hack

List is too long for this box , please see the rest of this list in my profile info box, thank you~
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Hey... I know you haven't been active here for quite some time. I am wishing you the best, and hoping that nothing bad has happened. I really hope you're alright and that whatever's going on is going fine.
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Write me when you are back in active gaming
The Outsider Jan 25, 2016 @ 10:28pm 
Hi, It's been a while I didn't log in after I posted the extra key for Princess Isabella. So I read your comment a little late! For that game I wish I had an extra key for it to give it to you but anyway. If you're interested in other games that I have I can give you the list to check if there is something interesting to you.
Pardon me writing so much,,
Take care, wish you great day ^-^
XX /// ☯ // Jan 7, 2016 @ 4:11am 
thank you so much for the gifts. i really, really appreciate the thought a lot and it was a pleasant surprise! i'm hoping you'll have a better time with everything as well right now! hugs~
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Thanks for the donation!