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Hey folks! Viewer mail time again! Oh here's one from Sallyh14, "dear pig, aren't you interrupting the story at the most suspenseful part?" Well the answer is yes, Sally, yes I am. Keep those cards and letters coming!

Welcome to my profile, you cockroach.
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Hello, and sorry to bother but i noticed you are still in TK Nations old CityRP Steam group, If you are interested the creators of CityRP have made a new community known as TDPGaming, Feel free to delete this comment/Block me/ or whatever. But if you are interested add me or head to tdpgaming . com
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H-Hehe, hello~

I'm a very shy, little, femboy foxy. I-I'm veeery kinky and I can almost guarantee that I have no limits~

I'm looking for a quite dominant person to be able to u-use me for whatever they may wish. I hope for the person to be understanding and gentle when they need be, though.

I have a l-love of being embarrassed, humiliated, degraded, and stuff like that. I'm quite into bondage and BDSM, and also all dressed up cute or skimpy. I-I love people who can find creative uses for their "goods". I'm also up for gender transformation should anyone not like my gender~ I'm into any gender too~ >///<

O-Oh, and I love being seen as/called a girl~ It makes me feel all pretty~ >//u//<

I'd reeealy appreciate if you added me t-to have some fun taking advantage of m-my offer~