KEN   Peoria, Arizona, United States
56 YEARS OLD...AVID GAMER AND HAVE BEEN FOR SOME TIME...USED TO EXCEL AT fps GAMES...THEN I LOST USE OF MY LEFT HAND (and leg, and left side of my face and my right eye) I played EVE for several years, but after my stroke I kept falling asleep while playing and I kept losing my primary games are : all Batte Academy games and expansions, Total war :Medieval, Order of Battle
Any questions, dont hesitate to ask
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byteframe's cat Mar 15, 2020 @ 10:55am 
☀ ...
🐛 ✿ or
💙💛 ღ were
💄📒🐊 ¤ you
👹🍧⚡🌸 ♫ driving
⛳🍆🎄🎫🐠 ❋ the
👳🚕🏀🔋🚘🎈 ♥ PONTIAC
🎍🥞📘📕📀🥗🚘 ♡ that
🎽👽👑🚗💎👃🍖🥒 ♀ HONKED
💚🏓💛🐳🎁💃⛳🎫🍇 ★ at me in MIAMI last Tuesday?
[22-ACR♞] Rioden Mar 16, 2018 @ 3:58am 
If you use to enjoy playing Star Fleet battles, you might want to try Tabletop simulator. They have a very good version of it there. Lots of other games as well.