Just some average scrub
I'm a heavy main,
Nobody else is a heavy main,
It is a pain. (Look below for good new tf2 sites)

Good site selling fabs and kits
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Stux Oct 27, 2023 @ 9:42am 
-rep stupid spamer
👉TF2.BET (Owner) Dec 19, 2022 @ 8:33pm 
come to us instead
💧medic_girl🎭💧 Dec 8, 2021 @ 5:15am 
hey bro, add me pls
DrunkDog Aug 26, 2021 @ 2:50am 

Friendly Guy ❤️ 
We can be friends  for future games 😁

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✅+Rep Friendly guy! ✅
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✅+REP Nice profile ! ✅
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Lukas Alexian Aug 14, 2021 @ 1:39pm 
Look man i know we don't know each other at all but i really feel like i need to step in on this one, So like In the "Bee Movie", when Barry B. Benson is commanding the ATFH team to take out what appears to be Winnie the Pooh (in order to take back the honey), the scope on the ATFH team member's M16A2 appears to be 19 degrees off proper perpendicularity to the barrel. The laser-sight atop the scope falls directly on Winnie's honey jar. Given that the initial distance between the laser sight and the gun barrel is roughly 17.2cm (6 inches), this would follow that, assuming a distance of only 10 metres (to account for Pooh Bear being able to hear the c ocking of the gun), the bullet would go about 3.6 metres off the intended target at the assumed distance. So like CAN U BELIEVE THAT?
OHMYGOD man, It's all a big part of the conspiracy theory that my great grandad told me before he died out of masturbating too much to shrek pr0n ...
Lukas Alexian Aug 14, 2021 @ 3:20am 
Why is your profile public bro?
to get them youtube hoes?