milan "im jumpin in 2" DIES
oh ya also ❤ Shady :)   Sinaloa, Mexico
Aurora : excellent choice shady
Aurora : if u dont play bball i dont wanna be friends with you
Aurora : to be honest
Aurora : excellent
Aurora : i am enjoying my teammate
Aurora : luv ya!
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nt Oct 23 @ 11:27pm 
-rep too handsome and tall for this world
Pete Oct 10 @ 10:02pm 
Hey man, I sent you a friend request so I can hopefully discuss an item you’ve got that I would really love to have, ik you’re less of a trader and more of a fragger and I would put myself in the same boat so this would just be a one time thing dawg :) big fan btw
spooky cat Aug 7 @ 10:33pm 
pretty good sniper :>
phantom Aug 2 @ 6:01pm 
hi, you did not mention what you wanted your new name to be, please add me or comment on my profile what you want it changed to
Vayu Jul 8 @ 6:01pm 
kinda drippin tho?
maxeytheman May 31 @ 8:43pm 
Excessive toxicity in RGL scrims.
Yikes bro. Thought u were better than this.... Was gonna add you so we can play Fornite together but, no you're a toxic níïgå that needs to be put down.
Do not ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. Don't. If i meet you at LAN I would end you.