Wonder Woman
Bobbi (nick for Roberta)   Ohio, United States
Hello you! Whoever you are looking at this right now. Female gamer here from way back. Still reading? Then you are very cool. Anyway, lets see..I'm actually an LPN ghost hunter who loves to travel and play games.This is what I do on my free time. It keeps me busy when I have nothing else to do. Please add me as your friend if you want. I hope to get more games soon. And I certainly hope to get more friends soon too (insert sad face here). I am very shy and it's putting a toll on my gaming experience because I want to play multiplayer and RP style games and I have but it's so hard for me, so bare with me please. I tried to upload my own pic of myself but for some reason Steam will not allow me so I have that one...looks kind of like me in the morning. Add me, I really need friends. I'm usually on here at least 3-5 times a week,mainly at night EST. Oh and I have played more games than I have on Steam btw.
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johnson Oct 8, 2014 @ 2:32pm