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Finn the Human
!buy [X] - use this to buy sets for CSGO keys
!buytf [X] - the same as !buy, but you pay with TF keys
!help - showing full command list
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Sophia mit Ziehlhilfe Dec 2 @ 6:25am 
Have a nice weekend :MHRISE_happy:
rate the new artwork of me:MHRISE_happy:
Sophia mit Ziehlhilfe Nov 19 @ 2:04pm 
Wist you the best luck in the new week:MHRISE_happy:
rate my new artwork if you want:MHRISE_happy:
ᴱᴰᵁ Oct 16 @ 7:11am 
"Bingo bango bongo, bish bash bosh"
Sykes Oct 14 @ 8:06am 
:Heartyou: appy Saturday, my dear, PhYper !
I just wanted to wish you a fantastic Saturday and an even better weekend ahead!
Make the most of your downtime and do something that brings you joy! And as Monday approaches, don't dread it, instead embrace it! :Heartyou:
Keep moving forward and always remember that you are capable of achieving great things. Have a wonderful weekend an amazing week ahead!
Only love & positive vibes from your friend, Its.Besszi ! :Heartyou: :Heartyou: