=)   Kazakhstan

Launch Options
-tickrate 128 -freq 360 -novid +cl_forcepreload 1 -console

alias "+jumpaction" "+jump;"
alias "+throwaction" "-attack; -attack2"
alias "-jumpaction" "-jump"
bind n "+jumpaction;+throwaction;"

alias "+runthrow" "+forward;+jump;"
alias "-runthrow" "-jump;-forward"
bind j "+runthrow;+throwaction"

bind l "use weapon_knife;use weapon_flashbang;drop;use weapon_knife;use weapon_molotov;drop;use weapon_knife;use weapon_incgrenade;drop;use weapon_knife;use weapon_smokegrenade;drop;use weapon_knife;use weapon_hegrenade;drop;"

Currently Online
gencobra 10 hours ago 
I saw your request in the skins discord; I can supply you if you're still looking
ShiNoBiwOw-✔️󠀡 Apr 19 @ 2:24am 
Hi brother can you please sign my profile 😊
1111 Apr 14 @ 5:34pm 
Sign pls <3
yerbug Apr 13 @ 1:06pm 
coolest ak in the game sheesh, sick lurks. big fan
TASHKENT Apr 13 @ 6:05am 
Сэр да сэр Apr 11 @ 7:39am 
-rep -mother -cadian