I will only ask for people who traded with me to leave +rep :)

If you set your profile to private I will not add you as my friend.
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Jodor Apr 20 @ 10:25am 
+rep Lovely guy!
76561199410764162 Mar 7 @ 8:28am 
ty for game
Gholbirdin Mar 3 @ 9:15am 
ty for game
Curran Apr 9, 2017 @ 10:36pm 
Godbe Apr 14, 2016 @ 6:31pm 
Its not up to me to kick you or not. Its up to the team. You need all votes from the team to kick you off. So... whats ur point?
jacktheripperx99 Apr 14, 2016 @ 6:01pm 
-rep troller deranker call it what you want kick for no reasons