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Tf2 is love tf2 is life ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) :miyu: :machiko::2015holly: :yo::narumi: :maeko: :fengxi::haiyin:

best video to help you learn tf2 basics
gibus is love gibus is life

Henners is my brah

red dead redemption is op XD

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well boys i did it i beat tf2
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joe Jul 26 @ 2:32pm 
nICE paN bRO
patera Jul 6 @ 8:35am 
added for your loose cannon
patera Jul 5 @ 12:12pm 
added for a trade
MasoguiPlay | #TF2L Jun 29 @ 7:55pm 
+REP Good trader!
If you want to sell more things to B / O, I pay more than the other bots!:abckey:
❤Reggie The Rat❤ Jun 23 @ 8:34pm 
Teamed with a Medic Pocketing Pyro with the Phlog Tsk Tsk
Mustache Mann Jun 5 @ 7:14pm 
great gamer, thanks for playing mvm with us <3