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Asked LIU Jin and LING Xiao out on a same movie date.


Unlocked the ending "Yin-ming".

Gusu Memories.

Gave the oil paper umbrella to LIU Jin.

Bosom Friend.

Got all pieces of evidence while inqurying XIAO Yi.


Found out the faker of the "Hearse in the Gas Station" video clip.

Data Structure

Solved the Huffman code puzzle in 3 minutes.


Unlocked all the expressions of all the chatacters via camera function.

Brute Force Hacker

Deciphered the password to a certain web photo album in 5 minutes.

Hard Boiled

Control XIAO Yi subdued the villain.


Unlocked the ending "Goodbye, Winter".

Unethical Love

Unlocked the ending "Unethical Love".

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