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This game has a english translation patch being worked on, Find it below:

After putting in hundreds of hour on the translation project, I suppose is only fitting I finally give this game a review. First and foremost, I certainly believe it to be worth all the effort put in to TL the game and make it available to none-chinese speakers.

The key gameplay of this game is reminiscent of the Persona series, where the player arrange their daily schedules to train in martial arts, socialize, attend tasks and missions etc... This is in of itself quite unique and enjoyable, and does add considerable replay value interms of trying to do different builds or pursue different tasks. (However, major story event are pre-set, though there are signficant choices to make in them).

The combat and RPG aspect is resembles most tile based CRPG/JRPG, this part of the game is good enough to be challenging and enjoyable, especially combined with the time management and character development aprt of the game. That said, in of itself it doesnt stand out particularly from comparable titles.

The strongest part of the game is without doubt the excellent job it did in world building a wuxia world that is approachable even to non-wuxia fans. You have a large cast of interesting characters, mostly well written to be interesting and believable. The idea of a martial arts school also makes the premise a bit more approachable compared to more traditional martial arts worlds. In a way, this game does take a lighter approach to the setting, and does it in a way that can make both wuxia fan and general RPG fan enjoy the game world.

That said, the story in of itself is not light, and the conflicts and dilemmas the game throws at you are certainly someone of the toughest I have seen. The fact that the Chinese community endlessly argues over a couple decision in year alone goes to show this. They are not all perfect and a few choices and development does feel a bit forced, but overall I think it is very well done.

The plot, together with the choices are enjoyble through out, and the side mission and events also really help to add life to the game as well. Therefore If you are someone who enjoy a good story plot with meaningful choices, the game is worth getting on this premise alone.

UPDATE again: As of Dec/2022, this game has 3 years of content with roughly 30-40hr of gameplay for me. The English TL for Year 1 is complete(barring few later added scenes), The English TL for Year 2 main plot is complete, and about 75% done for the side quests/minor events. TL for Year 3 main plot is about 50% complete with most side quest/minor events being MTL still. TL is still being worked on :)

All gameplay element of the game is now fully tl'ed, there maybe some typos/reversion to chinese caused by patches but overall the gameplay aspect should be fully playable without barrier.

Having gone through the three years of the game, and seeing the game is at a stage that it is unlikely to have further significant change short of a DLC/FLC (which have not been concretely announced), I will revisit and revise some comment I had when I initially created this review.

I can say that the high quality of plot and world building I've praised above have carried over and reached its peak in year 2, which is overall very well made. Though by year 3 it does seem to slide down a bit, I will refrain from going into spoilers and the plot in year 3 isn't terrible, though admitted there are plot points that could have a better resolution, especially given that a lot of interesting character are introduced, but given relatively limited screentime to be developed.

You will also see the impact of your choices over the game, though for each choice that left a mark there is usually also another that didn't matter at all, though given the scope of the game I am happy with what I got.

Over the patches, combat balance have been improved, while game is on the easier end in lower difficulties combat and character development is certainly fun, if not the main selling point of the game. The overall gameplay loop of character development is also improved to give the player more stuff to do while waiting between main plot quests, there is now a healthy amount of side quests that should keep you more occupied, though there is no open world section of this game. (A few events takes you to a map where you can roam and interact with ppl in classic JRPG style, but I wouldnt call it open world by any stretch).

Other system that I have previously noted as being heavily WIP, such as crafting and relationship with non-party members have mostly been left as is. Crafting is just another name for the item shop and relationship with other people will only affect a few plot points (though in one case it does have a major effect). I can see why these parts are dropped given the issue Heluo had with delivering the core content, though I think its worth mentioning at least.

Anyways, I will still recommend this game after all this time if you are a wuxia fan or enjoy a game with pretty solid plot and enjoyable if not amazing gameplay to go along with it. While Heluo does have a habit of revisting and updating content of old games, I would not bet on it. As is, while the game is very much still enjoyable, you do also get a slight sense of pity that it could've been much more.
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