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Posted: Apr 28, 2017 @ 2:40pm
Updated: Apr 28, 2017 @ 2:45pm

Usually I finish game first and write review later. But this game is special. Ingame counter tells me that I have completed 42% of game and I just have to describe my last mission. As a warning.
There is tl:dr part after story - you can skip it if you value your time.

You choose part of the city where you will respawn, then car (marked with red flag which means that there is availible mission for it). So far so good.
Voice in radio tells about kidnapped bus. Voice acting is terrible but I don't mind - they don't talk too much. Story is garbage - realy. We know that blue bus was kidnapped... And this is our only info - so we chase nearest red dot on the map. Bus driver acts like he was crazy. Drives on wrong lane/in the middle of the road. He's speeding and make turns that would seriously harm people inside. I think it's the one... and nope. Apparently this is how bus is supposed to behave on road. Whatever - after 10 minutes I have found the right one. Kidnappers took only one passenger and drived away already. Luckilly (no spoilers - but story is really bad - just more driving and bad voice acting). Now I collect money (?) chase my kidnapped partner (and kidnapped girl) and switch cars with bandit (did I said that story is bad?). There is bomb inside new car so I have to travel 1,5 km fast (some plot garbage).

Now is CHECKPOINT. I wrote it with big letters because I had to go back to it way too many times. You have to speed up to 170 km/h and jump on the building (because you want to stop the chopper), oh noes! I jumped on that roof too late (actually I hit the chopper but apperently it's car-proof) so now I have to jump from the roof and drive really fast to the place where it's going to finish its flight (apparently gps have some king of built-in nostradamus inside because it knows where our bad guy is going). Evildoer is changing helicopter to fast car and is trying to escape this way - and meets me - I crash him, he lands upside down and has car destroyed in 52%. I won I think... But I'm wrong. To finish mission it must be destroyed in 100%. Also game don't like cheaters who turns cars upside down so he respawns behind me, driving in opposite direction in full speed...
Before I could turn around he riched right distance and I saw "mission failed" message.
And now back to the checkpoint (many, many times).
It's nice when game is challenging. And it's terrible when you loose because programers were lazy and didn't polished their work - leaving a lot of bugs behind. It's even worse when game-breaking mechanics are part of the game and nobody noticed how they ruin all fun.

OK - I have wasted enough of my time (and your time if you are reading this)! Time for tl:dr part.

Good things:
- idea of the game (hur dur "I am the law" and I will wreck your law-braking ass with my 500HP),

- visual side (as for game from 2009 it's quite ok I guess),

Bad things:
- driving,
- stupid missions,
- terrible voice acting and even worse story,
- criminals in this game are idiots,
- police in this game is even more stupid than criminals,
- navigation is more stupid than criminals and police combined (instead of leading you to your target with fastest route - It will chose way that contain a lot of jumping and breaking fences),

I will probably finish this game anyway (because I'm masochist). But there is no reason for you to buy this garbage.
Feel warned!

DO NOT BUY IT. Even if discounted. There are better ways to spend 1E (for example throwing it into river).
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